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A Brief History of Havasupai Formal Political Organization.
Essay on the political history of the Native American Indians of Havasu Canyon, Arizona.

A Brief History of Oklahoma
A series of articles dealing with all aspects of the state's history, including the prehistoric native tribes, as well as those who were compelled to migrate and settle the Indian Territory.

A Brief History of The Pequot War
John Mason's 1736 account of this colonial conflict, which involved the Narragansett.

A Collection of Yukon River Indian Legends
Small e-text collection of tales.

A Conversation with Russell Means
The activist discusses American Indian issues, "total immersion" education and the future of the Libertarian party. (March 23, 2000)

A Deeper Look Inside - Native Art
Ojibwa artist LauraLee K. Harris presents a unique work of acrylic paintings on wood, along with poetry.

A Glimpse of Mary Jemison
Biography of the white child adopted into the Seneca tribe. With pictures and links.

A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
Overview of the Sioux from a South Dakota tour group.

A History of the Sioux
History, culture and traditions of the Lakhota (Sioux) Nation

A Line in the Sand
Series of essays devoted to issues of cultural property and Native Americans. Also with links.

A Season of Brilliance
Biography of Sockalexis, the first Native American baseball player.

A Tribute to the Native People
A collection of short articles on American history from a native perspective. Includes historical photographs, art and artifacts.

A U.S. Senator Who Shoots From The Hip
Article analyzing Ben Nighthorse Campbell's appearance in Banana Republic clothing ads and career as a postmodernist politician.

A Warrior in Two Worlds
The life of Seneca sachem Ely Parker and the price he paid for success.

Aadizookaanag -- Traditional Stories, Legends and Myths
Essay on Indian legends as cultural property, with links to authentic sources of folktales.

Tribal history of the Abenaki and Penobscot from Lee Sultzman's First Nations Histories.

Abenaki Ethnography
Paper on the tribe's ethnohistory.

ABENAKI Genealogy Mailing List
Mailing list for the discussion of genealogy and history of the Abenaki.

Abenaki Indian Genealogy
Links, mailing lists, and general information for tracing Abenaki heritage.

Abenaki Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy. With a kids' section.

Photographs and tribal history from Lee Sultzman's First Nations Histories.

Aboriginal Connections: United States of America
Features a searchable web directory and discussion forum devoted to Indigenous peoples worldwide.

Aboriginal Culture and Heritage in Quebec
Directory of links on the history and culture of First Nations in Quebec.

Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan - Tantoo Cardinal
Biography of the mixed-blood Cree actress.

Aboriginal Law and Legislation
Canadian as well as international links.

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
This Canadian broadcaster provides aboriginal indian content.

Aboriginal Peoples: The Innu
Historical and cultural information about the Innu people of Labrador.

Aboriginal Student Association (ASA)
Canadian organization for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit university students. With news, workshops, community notices, membership information, and resources.

Weekly articles of interest to native Canadians from the independent publication AboriginalTimes.

Acacia Artisans: Stories and Facts
Penobscot legends and miscellaneous Indian oral history.

Acadia First Nation
Information on this Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, Indian band.

Accohannock Tribe
Page of this Maryland tribe, once of the Powhatan confederacy, profiles their living villiage and provides history, event schedule, directions, and a printable donation form.

Acjachamen Creation Myth
A student paper exploring Juaneno creation mythology.

Afognak Native Village
Official website of the Alaska village includes history, enrollment information, and archaeological resources.

African-Native American Genealogy Forum
Messageboard on the Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes.

Against The Wind: American Indian Running Traditions
Offers a look at the proud history of running from its use as transportation, hunting, trade networks and messengers, and in games. Presented by the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University.

Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
Official website of this California band, with tribal council information, history, and a legend.

AIM Motivational Training Seminars
Adult and youth seminars, workshops and retreats for Native American Indian organizations.

AISES Colorado Professional Society

Ak-Chin Indian Community
Background information on the creation of the community, statistical data, and description of the area.

Alaska Indian Arts, Inc
Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to the art of the Tlingit. Workshops in carving; totem poles on commission. Home of the Chilkat Dancers and a gallery of local artists in the Valley of the Eagles.

Alaska Native Arts Resource Directory
Resource Directory of Alaskan Native artists and arts organizations, Alaska Native carvers, weavers, jewelry artists, basketry artists, dance regalia makers, as well as musicians and dancers, and a listing of arts materials suppliers and organizations.

Alaska Native Cultural Resources: Aleut/Alutiiq
Articles and links about the Alutiiq people, history, and culture.

Alaska Native Languages: Haida
Discusses the status of the few Haida living on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska.

Alaska Native Online
Alaska native online discussion community.

Alaska on Madison
A historic collection of Inuit and Northwest Coast ceremonial artifacts. In addition, we are offering a private collection of early classical Inuit sculptures.

Alaskan Native basketry and weavings by Teri Rofkar
Alaska Native weaver Teri Rofkar features her Tlingit spruce root basketry, and Raven's tail wool weavings. Museum quality baskets, and robes, as well as exhibits and show information are listed.

Alberta Sweetgrass
The aboriginal newspaper of Alberta.

Alderville First Nation
Committed to the continued nurturing of a unified balanced way of life through Traditional Anishinabek Values.

Alderville First Nation Learning Centre
Provides community and area services including: education, employment resources, workshops, on-site training and counselling.

Aleutians of the Pribilof Islands
Dorothy Knee Jones' A Century of Servitude: Pribilof Aleuts Under U.S. Rule. 1980 publication adapted as an e-book.

Alexander McGillivray
Essay on the Creek leader's life, with a bibliography.

Alexander McGillivray
Life and times of the extraordinary Creek statesman.

Tribal history of the Algonkin people from First Nations Histories.

Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council
Political coalition of six Algonquin bands offers cultural and historical information about the Anishinabeg.

Algonquin Language and the Algonquin Indian Culture
Covers language, culture, history and genealogy. With a kids' section.

Algonquin Nation Tribal Council
Coalition of three Algonquin First Nations in Quebec and Ontario.

All Oglala Lakota
Info on Oglala Lakota Nation, life, traditions, stories, land and extras.

All Things Cherokee
Genealogical resource with a bulletin board and culture, history, and language links.

Alutiiq Natives of Kodiak
Overview of Alutiiq culture and historical interaction with Russian settlers.

Personal homepage with links to Native American sites, Nissan products, and Christian ministry.

Amanda and Roy Isaac
Personal page of a Six Nations woman features hobbies, interests, friends and family.

Amazon Indian Native Tribe Photo | Video
Native Amazon Indian Tribes from the South American Amazon River Basin. This website represents an educational resource for information and geographical maps of the native indigenous tribes of the Amazon Rainforest, and includes numerous photographs and videos.

Amazon Tribes - Indigenous People of the Rainforest
Educational resource for photos, videos, and information on Amazonian Tribes and natives from the Amazon River Basin of South America.

America Meredith's Portfolio
Artwork by Red Paint Clan Cherokee painter America Meredith. Also beadwork, drawings, and prints.

American Cherokee Confederacy
Website of the American Cherokee Confederacy is pretty small but contains information on events taking place within the confederacy.

American Friends Service Committee Wabanaki Program
Leadership, self esteem, and cultural reclaiming for Wabanaki peoples youth in Maine, USA, and parts of Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Program summary and contact information.

American Indian Alcoholism's Dark Past & Uncertain Future
Essay about alcoholism in the American Indian community.

American Indian Archive
Bring together all educational sites on American Indian historical, cultural, language, government, politics, activism. Form to join and list of member sites.

American Indian artist F. Mitch Battese.
Paintings of Prairie Band Potawatomi artist F. Mitch Battese seeking to portray an underlying spiritual quality.

American Indian Environmental Office
US Environmental Protection Agency list of Native American interest sites.

American Indian Health Central
Based in Los Angeles, California. Dedicated to providing health information, education, referral and outreach services to both American Indians and non-Indians. Forum, chat, links.

American Indian Heritage and World View Essays
James Q. Jacobs' selected writings from an Integrated Studies class at Mesa Community College.

American Indian Heritage Foundation
Relief, motivation, and resources for Native Americans. Programs, tribal directory, activism, indigenous literature. Fundraiser support and donations welcome.

American Indian Heritage Month
Links and articles from InfoPlease.

American Indian Higher Education Consortium
Association of tribal colleges. Listing of institutions, research downloads, policies, news, links.

American Indian Kids
Historical look at Native Americans for kids, ages 6-10. Emphasizes Indian family and community life.

American Indian Poetry
A compilation of Native American poetry on a single page.

American Indian Policy Center
Provides government leaders, policy makers, and the public with accurate information about the legal and political history of American Indian nations, and the contemporary situation for American Indians.

American Indian Program Council
The AIPC is dedicated to increasing the recruitment, retention & visibility of American Indians in the Federal workforce. Includes job announcements, links to agencies and some non-federal sites, student opportunities, reports on training and items of interest to Native Americans.

American Indian Quarterly
Journal deals primarily with the Indians of the Southwest. Sample issue online.

American Indian Radio on Satellite Home Page
National distribution system for Native programming to Tribal communities and general audiences via radio and the internet. Streaming audio from RealMedia and video on WebTV.

American Indian Resources
Index of academic, cultural, and historical sites.

American Indian Review
Quarterly magazine containing articles and stories, both traditional and contemporary issues primarily written by American Indian authors.

American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation
Foundation for the return of sacred objects to Indian tribes.

American Indian Sports Team Mascots
A complete source of solid information on the widespread use of Native American Indian related sports team nicknames, mascots, logos, symbols, and associated practices.

American Indian Studies
Interdisciplinary approach to the variety of beliefs and practices within American Indian communities, Living (current vitality and continuous development) and historic. University College at Denver seeks American Indian instructors.

American Indian Studies Programs
University of Arizona

American Indian Tribal Directory
U.S. Federally Recognized Tribes.

American Indian Tribal/Nation Home Pages
The University of Oklahoma Law Center lists sites on Indian Tribal affairs with annotated links to Native American home pages.

American Indian Tribe
Portal site intended to aid web users in research on the historical background of many Native American tribes.

American Indian Web Ring
Sites with strictly American Indian content. Form to join and list of member sites.

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Digital Collection
Extensive collection of more than 2,300 photographs and 3,800 pages of text on the lives of Native Americans in the Northwest.

American Mystery - PBS
Companion site for the movies of Tony Hillerman's Navajo police novels: Skinwalkers, Coyote Waits, and A Thief of Time. Includes a section about the Navajo nation and its lands as well as Hillerman's commentaries about them and the characters he created.

American Truths
Dramatic audio presentations quoting historic documents that contrast the values, beliefs, and behaviors of indigenous and immigrant cultures, and reveal the roots of today's controversies.

Amon Olorin Flutes
Contemporary Native American flutes by Ken Light, and flute workshops with R. Carlos Nakai. Flutes are handcrafted from western red cedar. PF Series, instrument grade ABS-resin flutes available. Catalog, tips and facts.

An Alutiiq Dance
Ethnographic description of an Alutiiq dance.

An 'Unvanished' Story
The National Park Service's article on the 5,500 year history of San Francisco Bay, including the Costanoans, Ohlone, and other native Californians.

Anado McLauchlin
San Miguel de Allende artist.

Anasazi Diaspora
The fate of the ancient Anasazi as told by Dine artist Shonto Begay.

Ancient American
Archeology of the Americas Before Columbus. Magazine dedicated to prehistory artifacts and petrogliphs of the American Continent. A public forum for certified experts and nonprofessionals alike.

Ancient Artways Studio
Specializing in custom quillwork, beadwork, leatherwork, restoration and museum reproductions of Native American art, artworks and artifacts.

Ancient Vision Flutes
Handcrafted Native American flutes made from western red cedar, with other woods available. Made for the serious flute collector.

Andrea Wilbur Sigo, Northwest Coast Salish artist
A gallery of fine art by Northwest Coast Salish artist Andrea Wilbur-Sigo, including bentwood boxes, masks and prints. A history of the artist and Squaxin Island and Skokomish Tribes.

Andrews Pueblo Pottery
Traditional Native American art: katsinas, pots, Zuni fetish carvings, baskets, beadwork, paintings and sculpture.

Ani Gasaguali
Founded by Cherokee with intertribal membership. Southeastern tribes pow wow announcement, Cherokee and Choctaw language lessons, history and culture, links.

Animal Spirit Carvings
Mary Lou BigCanoe's bone and antler carvings.

Animals and Native Americans Web Ring
For sites featuring Native Americans and wolves, eagles, buffalo, or other related history and culture themes. Form to join and list of member sites.

Anishinabek Educational Institute
Offers culturally relevant education to First Nations members. Site gives eligibility information, admission requirements, campus locations and facilities. Includes Community College articulation agreements information.

Anishinabek Nation
Anishinabek Nation homepage, with news and social services for the First Nations of Ontario.

Anishnabe Future Leaders
Information on the Chippewa, Ottawa, and Potawatomi tribes of Michigan.

Anna Lee Walters
Profile of the Pawnee/Otoe-Missouria author with links to her work.

Anna Mae Aquash
Biography of the slain activist.

Anna Mae Pictou Aquash
Center of information about the murdered activist, with book ordering and links.

Annette Arkeketa
Profile of the Missouria-Otoe/Muscogee poet with links to her work.

Anukasa Mota
Oglala Lakota author focusing on historical novels from the Native American point of view.

Apache Creation Legend
Traditional tribal myth.

Apache Indian Photo Gallery
Photos of the Apache Indian as they were, and as they are today.

Apache Women
Describes some of the prominent Apache women in the 1800's.

Aragon Native Sculpture
Site contains pictures and information concerning Native American sculpture of Arnold Aragon, Crow/Laguna Sculptor.

Location, history, daily life, modern life.

Cultural and historical information.

Arapaho Business Council
Contact information, and links to the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders council site, and council members' sites.

Arapaho Lands
Arapaho creation myth, history, culture, and links.

Arapaho Language and the Arapaho Indian Tribe
Arapaho language information and the culture, history and genealogy of the Arapaho Indians.

Arapaho Moccasins
Description of and instructions for making Arapaho Moccasins, from the Museum and Research Center of the American Mountain Men.

Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: Aleut
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: Chinook
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: Chipewyan
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: Cree
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: Haida
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: Kutchin
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: Kwakiutl
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: Tlingit
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Arctic Athabaskan Council
Promoting Arctic Athabaskan heritage and representing the interests of Athabaskan peoples at the international forum of the Arctic Council.

Ardoch Algonquin First Nation
Anishnabek community located in the Madawaska, Mississippi and Rideau watersheds of Ontario. Site includes history, newsletter, contacts and a FAQ.

Arikara Literature
Stories about the culture of the Arikara.

Arizona Tribal Collectors
High end Pueblo pottery, Hopi kachinas and Navajo rugs and weavings. Members of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association.

Armando Lopez
Tarasco native artist in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Mixed media sculptures including altars, angels, santos, retablos. Gallery, exhibit information.

Aroostook Band of Micmacs
Official site of the Maine band includes history, culture, and administrative information.

Art by Knicki
Western Canadian stone carving, printmaking and wood carving.

Art By Old Bear Grinning
This site holds the wonderful work of Metis Artist, Old Bear Grinning. Traditionaly hand carved in wood, Old Bear uses this medium to express his interpretation of the Spirits and Lore of Aboriginal Peoples.

Arte Para El Alma: Paintings, Santos, Retablos, Altars, and Angels
Armando Lopez, a Tarascan Indian folk-artist, living in Abiquiu, New Mexico, creates Paintings, Altars, Santos, Retablos, Deities, and Angels, using egg tempera, 22k gold leaf, precious stones, and other natural materials.

Artwork by John Reuben
A self taught Cree artist from Moosonee, Ontario, who has established himself as an artist of recognition.

Arviat Artists and Carvers
Arviat's Inuit artists are producers of soapstone carvings and sculptures, shaman dolls, paintings, wall hangings, beadwork and weaving.

Arvol Looking Horse: Keeper of the Lakota Sacred Pipe
History of Wounded Knee, BigFoot Riders, and other important Lakota historical events.

As Long As Waters Flow
Native American images, thoughts, prayers and favorites from a Cherokee mixed-blood.

Assateague Peoples of Virginia
Schedule of PowWows, history of the people, current events and pictures.

Association of American Indian Physicians
Health programs, services and resources for Native Americans.

Atikamek Language and the Attikamekw Indian Culture
Language, culture, history and genealogy information.

Atikamewk from Manawan on the Move
Interviews with two Atikamekw people about indigenous protests against logging on their lands.

Austin Texas Pow Wow
Updates on the Austin Texas Pow Wow and Native American Heritage Festival. Schedule and featured artists.

Bamboo Winds Flutes
Custom and limited edition Native American style bamboo flutes for the amature and professional player.

Barbera, Marie
Figurative bronze sculptures, depicting Native American women, warriors, children, horses, and wildlife.

Barona Band of Mission Indians
Informational and historic resource site pertaining to San Diego's Barona Band of Mission Indians.

Baseball Hall of Fame: Chief Bender
Photo and stats for the Chippewa pitcher.

Basin and California Tribes: Bannock/Shoshone
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Basin and California Tribes: Chumash
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Basin and California Tribes: Hoopa
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Basin and California Tribes: Konkow
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Basin and California Tribes: Maidu
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Basin and California Tribes: Miwok
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Basin and California Tribes: Paiute
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Basin and California Tribes: Ute
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Basin and California Tribes: Yokuts
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Battlefords Tribal Council
Providing professional and technical, advisory services to the Little Pine, Lucky Man Cree, Mosquito, Sweetgrass, Moosomin, Poundmaker Cree and Red Pheasant First Nations.

Baxoje Ukiche (Ioway Nation) Literature
A traditional story and a poem partially in the Ioway language.

Baxoje Ukich'e: Ioway Cultural Institute
Information on history, culture, language, and genealogy, as well as contemporary situation. Includes both the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska and the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres
Umbrella association for many Aboriginal Friendship Centres throughout British Columbia. Mandate is to aid Urban Aboriginals by offering a wide variety of programs.

BC Native Artist Bill Helin Designs
BC Tsimshian native artist Bill Helin designs gold and palladium jewelry such as wedding bands,love rings and pendants. Bills designs include Columbia Space Shuttle Crew Patch worn by the astronauts of the Columbia Mission,and Gold pendants for NASA.

BC Treaty Commission
Information on current treaty negotiations as well as treaty related resources for British Columbia Indian Bands.

Bear Paw Flutes and Ocarinas
Designed and manufactured from recycled plastic to be ultra-durable. Beginners and advanced flute players. Also for use in the classroom and music specialty programs. Featuring an audio tape version of a lesson book, recorded with a Bear Paw Flute.

Bear Paw Gallery - Mary Anne Caibaiosai - Ojibway Artist
Ojibway Art by Mary Anne Caibaiosai. Native American Art. Aboriginal Art gallery. Portraits, drawings, paintings, watercolors, of elders and historical figures. Indigenous peoples links.

Native American art reproductions. Beadwork, quillwork and other media.

Beausoleil First Nation
Community events, administration, services, and information about the tribal radio station.

Becky Olvera Schultz's Powwow Power
Powwow history, meaning, etiquette and other related resources for natives and non-natives.

Ben Oofana
Alternative medicine healing practice based on Native American medicine.

Ben Three Eagles
Cherokee artist creating with mixed media: acrylic, charcoal, pen and ink, and pencil.

Big East Native Social Network
Enter the Big East... The virtual tribute to the enormous eastern woodlands. Meet First Nations / Native American Indian singles and friends, in an Indigenous oriented, and diverse online enviroment. It's free to join and post a profile with photos. We welcome all people 18 and over of First Nations / Native American Indian descent as well as other international friends, to be a part of the Big East Native Social Network.

Big Foot
Biography of the Miniconjou Sioux leader whose band was massacred at Wounded Knee.

Big Mountain/Black Mesa History and News
The story of environmental racism in Arizona, where Hopi and Navajo people are to be forcibly relocated to a uranium dump in the year 2002.

The story of Lakota chief Bigfoot and the massacre of Wounded Knee.

Billman, Blaine
Alaskan and Pacific Northwest Coast totem and wildlife art.

Billy Mills, Olympic Legend
Includes an overview of the Lakota athlete's accomplishments along with multi-format audio and video of the 1964 Olympic 10,000 meter race.

Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw of Louisiana
The most accurate history of the Indians of Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes. Bayou Lafourche Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha, Grand Caillou/Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha, Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha, and the Biloxi-Chitimacha Confederation of Muskogees, Inc.

Biography on the Seminole War Chief Osceola
Brief article on the 19th-century Indian leader.

Birch Bark Bitings & Transparencies
First Nation Art of Birch Bark Bitings & Transparencies

Birch Bark Legends of Niagara
Nineteenth-century collection of Six Nations tales.

Black Elk
Biography of the Oglala Lakota holy man, traditional healer, and visionary.

Black Elk: Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux
Quotes, links, and a historic photograph of the Lakota medicine man.

Black Hawk
Portrait and biography of the Sauk war chief, Black Hawk.

Black Hawk
Biography of the Sauk war leader and spokesman.

Black Indians & InterTribal Native American Association
Organization for Indians of mixed ancestry, especially African-American.

Black Kettle
The story of the doomed Cheyenne chief and the massacres of his people.

Black Kettle
Biography of the Southern Cheyenne chief.

Black Mesa Weavers
Navajo-owned cooperative raising churro goats and producing traditional weavings and crafts.

Black Plume's Blackfeet Cultural Presentations
Kainai Blackfeet elder, Black Plume, presents lectures and informational materials regarding traditions, culture and language of the Blackfeet.

Black/Indian Dialogue Transcript
PDF format transcript of a dialogue on the legacy and future of black and Indian relations, hosted by the NCAI and moderated by Wilma Mankiller.

Blackfeet Community College
Located on the reservation in Browning, Montana.

Blackfeet Creation Tale
Origin legend told by a tribal elder.

Blackfeet Indians
History of the tribe, from PBS Online.

Blackfeet Tales
Five Napi (Old Man) legends from the Piegan and Siksika tribes.

Blackfoot (Blackfeet) Language and the Blackfoot Indian Nation
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Blackfoot Nation
Culture, spirituality, and politics of the Blackfoot people based in Montana and Alberta.

Blackhawk's Path
Biography, thoughts, and writing from an Apache-Aztec-Hispanic man.

Bladder-Head Boy
A Kaska legend recalling the now-extinct woolly mammoth.

Blue Feather Flutes
Flutes with carvings and highly figured woods. Choose from a variety of totems, styles and keys.

Blue Panther
Vacation pictures, prayer requests, and journal of a Cherokee man.

Blue Rain Gallery
Native American artists representing their culture through pottery, painting and sculpture.

Bockley Gallery
Native American artists, including Frank Big Bear, Glen Hanson, and Star Wallowing Bull.

Boycott Native American Mascots
Editorial against racist sports mascots.

Bravearrow's Mohican Page
Information about the Stockbridge Munsee Tribe of Mohican Indians, with information about the Stockbridge Mohicans, the Munsee, and the Mahican language.

Bring Lost Bird Home
Biography of the infant survivor of the Wounded Knee massacre and her family's quest to reclaim her body.

Bristol Bay Native Association
Network of Alaskan Native Councils throughout the Bristol Bay region. Directory and fact sheets of members, business listings, housing and social services, administrative contacts, links.

Broken Claw
Biography, genealogy, indigenous and sporting information from an Otoe-Missouria man and his wife.

Brothertown Indian Nation
History and culture from Michigan descendents of the Mohegan and Pequot people.

Bruce Becker Flutes
Plains Indian style flutes, Native American hardwood flutes, and cases. Offers lessons.

Buffalo Rescue Group
Read about the plight of these, our relatives, and see how you can help!

Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca: The Yaqui Fight in Bear Valley
Chronicles the clash between an American Cavalry detachment and a band of Yaqui Indians, which is reported to be the last fight between the US Army and Native Americans. Includes photos.

Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig School
Ojibwe K-12 school in Cass Lake, Minnesota, offering employment opportunities, and information on the parent advisory and school boards.

Bunky Echo-Hawk
Bunky Echo-Hawk's art, depicting the current state of Native America.

Butch Hall Flutes
Native American flutes, CD's, books and accessories. Online catalog of flutes available with photos.

Button Blanket Robes by Northwest Coast artist Clarissa Hudson
Tlingit Indian, Alaskan Native artist and weaver Clarissa Hudson creates button blankets, Chilkat blankets, teaches weaving and art, is also a painter and works in collage, fabric, beads, and woodcarving.
"For the best in Indian Jewelry please visit"

Buying Native American Art
Articles about art collectors' dos and don'ts and how to determine if a piece is authentic.

Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Cahuilla Inter-Tribal Repatriation Committee (CITRC)
Native Cahuilla Indian tribes seeking repatriation of cultural objects, artifacts, burial sites and human remains. Provides resources and information for museums and other tribes.

California Nations Indian Gaming Association
Organization governing Indian casinos in California.

California's Indian News
Native American newspaper from California with news articles, job listings, events calendar, and an extensive California and US powwow directory.

California's Indian News
Native American newspaper from California with news articles, job listings, events calendar, and an extensive California and US powwow directory.

CAMP JUSTICE Official Home Page
When the bodies of two more Lakota men were found on June 8th, 1999 and the law enforcement of Sheridan County Nebraska seemed to either not care, or were possibly covering up for one of their own, the people of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation demanded justice.

Campfire Stories with George Catlin
Online exhibit from the Smithsonian Institute featuring paintings, historical documents, and commentary from contemporary experts on American Indian life.

Campgaw Flutes
Handcrafted Native American style flutes with free shipping available.

Camping With the Sioux
Folktales and corrupted Iktomi myths from the 1881 fieldwork diary of Alice Cunningham Fletcher.

Canada-Indian Treaties
National Atlas Information service maps of treaty areas in Canada.

Canadian Aboriginal Aids Network
Provides leadership, support and advocacy for Aboriginal people living with and affected by HIV or AIDS.

Canadian Aboriginal First Nations Entertainers
Booking native entertainment, stand-up comedy, and musical comedy.

Canadian History, a distinct viewpoint
A look at Canadian history from a native perspective.

Canadian Indian Treaties
University of Alberta's directory of information on Canadian treaties.

Cankdeska Cikana Community College
Cankdeska Cikana Community College (aka Little Hoop Community College) is the home college of the Spirit Lake Tribe in Fort Totten, ND

Cankpe Opi: Wounded Knee Massacre
Comprehensive historical accounts, Congressional testimony, and editorial comments on the December, 1890, massacre in South Dakota.

Canku Ota (Many Paths)
A bi-weekly newsletter for youth that celebrates Native America, it's traditions and cultures. Includes archives, coloring book, activities, and guest writers.

Canku Ota: Stories Index
Archive of native legends and folktales published in this Indian cultural newsletter.

Canoe Creek Band
Information on people and history. This band in located in a semi remote area southwest of Williams Lake in two locations, Dog Creek which is where the administration office is located and Canoe Creek.

Cante Waste - Good Hearts free web design
Cante Waste is a Designing Firm made only to assist American Indian, Aboriginal & First Nation people start their own online identity. We assist, from creating your site, to creating Logos, Seo, Helping you put your content together and in guiding you to the right places and people. We also have volunteers who write press releases & can assist in promoting your website. For more information or to apply for a free Web site or Identity kit, please contact us through our website.

Canyon Creation
Joy Stickney-Markgraf, artist, writer, illustrator and photographer.

Capucine's Native Resources
A comprehensive and growing selection of information, data, research, resources and links relating to Native, Aboriginal and First Nations topics.

Carcross Tagish First Nation
CTFN people, history, heritage, pictures and maps, and government.

Carlisle Indian Industrial School
Respectfully honors those students and their descendants who lived the experiment, celebrates with those who prospered from it, and grieves with those whose lives were diminished by it.

Carolyne's Genealogy Helper
Native American genealogical resource including how-to articles that address the nuances and pitfalls commonly found in this complicated branch of genealogical research. Histories, maps and keys to census records are here, too.

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council
British Columbia Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs official listing. Contact information and fact sheet for each of the eight Sekani bands in BC.

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council
Official homepage of the Sekani First Nations includes history, genealogy, activism, information on fisheries and the Yinka Déné language, and links.

Casinos: Is Gaming the 'New Buffalo'?
Some call casinos the New Buffalo. Controversial, sometimes profitable (the first such businesses in Indian Country): about them, what tribes do with the income, how to find, legal developments, traditional gambling songs.

Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Catawba Cultural Preservation Project
Native crafts store with online ordering form, archaeology classes and volunteer opportunities, and links.

Article on the history and culture of the tribe from the Iroquois Indian museum.

Cayuga Nation
Overview of the tribe from the Six Nations Reserve.

Cayuga Nation
History and line art image from the Gayogoho:no, or People of the Great Swamps of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

Cedar Mountain Drums
Carrier of drums, rattles, flutes and various instruments. Also, drum-making workshops and weekly sessions. Special events planned monthly. On-line catalog.

Cedar Song Flutes
Native American flutes and drums. Also offers Wampum jewelry, cedar wood art and an e-book on how to make flutes.

Cedar Spirit Flutes
Hand-crafted Native American flutes with unique personalized totems. All custom work, online ordering.

Cedar Wind Flutes
Featuring 5 hole Native American style flutes. Handcrafted mostly from cedar in different shapes, sizes and keys. Includes a lesson packet with cd.

1861 Census of Persons on Mohegan Reservation
Name, age and information on the persons residing on or connected with the Mohegan tribe, as of June 1861.

Center For Indigenous Sovereignty
To facilitate, foster, promote, and encourage the social, economic and cultural sovereignty of Indigenous nations.

Center for Native American Studies
Department page at the Northern Michigan University includes faculty, course, and cultural information.

Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska
Tribal government representing over 24,000 Tlingit and Haida Indians worldwide. Information, news, and links.

Centralia Fur and Hide Indian Traders
Hand drums, powwow drums, and frames supplies.

CFWE-FM Radio - The Native Perspective
A division of AMMSA - Canada's leading Aboriginal communications provider.

Changing UTC's Racist Mascot
The story of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's 1996 sports mascot change as told in the local media.

Chapel Island
Official homepage of this Canadian First Nation, with cultural,political, and historical information.

Char-Koosta News
Excerpts from the official newspaper of the Flathead Indian Reservation.

Char-Koosta News Online
Official newspaper of the Flathead Indian Reservation.

Charlene Teters
Personal homepage of the well-known Spokane Indian artist/activist. Includes Teters' bio, speaking schedule and related information, and links.

Charles Eastman
Biography of the Dakota Sioux doctor, government employee, writer, and reformer.

Charles Frizzell Visionary Art
Paintings of Native Americans and animals by a non-native artist.

Charles Lummis: Indian Rights Crusader
Article about a New Mexico reporter's struggle to protect Indian families from the destructive boarding school policies of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Cherokee - Native American WebRing
For Cherokee Nation cottage industry entrepreneurs. Form to join and list of member sites.

Cherokee & Proud
Personal homepage of Victoria Hunt, with bio and family information.

Cherokee Bob
Family genealogy, ideas and links about Christian, native, and New Age spirituality.

Cherokee by Blood
Tennessee GenWeb site for people searching for their Cherokee roots.

Cherokee Heritage
Personal homepage with some Cherokee cultural and historical information.

Cherokee Heritage
Personal family ancestry. Links to other Native interest sites.

Cherokee Heritage Center
Features Cherokee history, culture and arts.

Cherokee History
Overview of Cherokee tribal history.

Cherokee Images
Gallery of fine pottery by Cherokee artist Ken Masters.

Cherokee Indians of Georgia
Official Tribal Website of the Cherokee Indians of Georgia based in Albany, Georgia led by Principle Chief James Reynolds. Website has a variety of interesting information on topics as diverse as tribal history and the tribe's warrior honor society.

Cherokee Jewelry
Handcrafted jewelry by silversmith Jimmie Warnell.

Cherokee Language and the Cherokee Indian Tribe
Information and links regarding language, culture, history and genealogy.

Cherokee Legend
The story of how Opossum got his bare tail.

Cherokee Legends
Traditional stories retold by Eastern Cherokee children.

Cherokee Moon
American Indian arts, predominantly Cherokee. Traditional and contemporary paintings, drawings, prints and artifacts.

Cherokee Myths And Legends
Essay discussing the tribe's oral tradition.

Cherokee Nation
Official homepage. Features news, cultural and historical articles, events calendar and links.

Cherokee Nation And Indian Art
This Store offers kids clothing, t-shirts, drums, native american pipes, furs and hides, and it also offers native americam music, and much more...

Cherokee Nation Indian Indian Art
this is a ecommerce store that offers indian art, indian pipes, hides and furs, indian music, kids clothing, t-shirts, and much more

Cherokee Nation of Mexico
Historical, cultural, and religious articles as well as free Cherokee language lessons and music downloads.

Cherokee National Historical Society
A private non-profit corporation designed to preserve the history and culture of the Cherokee people - past, present, and future.

Cherokee National Holiday
Pictures and descriptions of this event.

Cherokee National Party
Website of the Cherokee National Party founded by John Ross. Dedicated to the belief that all Cherokees are one nation under God. To demand sovereign status, the right to govern ourselves and the right to be recognized as an independent nation.

Cherokee of Southeast Alabama
Website of the Alabama Indian Affairs Commission that contains a profile of the Cherokees of Southeast Alabama. Contact information for the tribe is also available via the site.

Cherokee Reference Material
Cherokee links page from a descendant of Sequoyah's family.

Cherokee Removal Forts
Information and links about removal forts in Georgia.

Cherokee River Indian Community
A community of descendants of the original Cherokees of the Tennessee River and its headwaters in Lawrence County, Alabama.

Cherokee Stip Museum: Otoe-Missouria
History and culture of the tribe, as told by tribal elders in various publications. Includes vintage photographs and a resource bibliography.

Cherokee Stories
Archive of legends and traditional tales from an Indian cultural organization.

Cherokee Women
The legend of the Cherokee Rose, and links to sites for, by or about Cherokee women.

Cherokees of California
Federally unrecognized band based in Maryville, California offers numerous articles on Cherokee language, culture, and history, as well as information about the band and links.

Cheyenne and Arapaho Nation
A picture of the flag and information on it.

Cheyenne Indian
A website covering the history and culture of the Cheyenne people. The site also features a discussion board.

Cheyenne Lands
Historical overview of the Northern and Southern Cheyenne.

Cheyenne Language and the Cheyenne Indian Culture
Language, culture, history, and genealogy.

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota
The webpage of the Cheyenne River Tribe. Tribal information, statistics, government, and historical information.

Chickamauga Indian Confedereracy
History, genealogy, and membership information from this Cherokee group.

Chickasaw Historical Research Page
Copies of letters, documents, treaties, and marriage records.

Chickasaw Nation
News, events and reports, and articles on history, arts, and culture from the official website of this Indian nation.

Chief Bender
Biography of the Ojibwa professional baseball player and coach.

Chief Dan George
Biographical site on Salish Chief Dan George and his movie and writing careers.

Chief Dull Knife College
Programs, degrees and certificates, financial aid, catalog online, faculty. Located in Lame Deer, Montana.

Chief Gall
Historic photograph and overview of the Lakota leader.

Chief Gall
Short fact sheet on the Hunkpapa chief who led the Lakota in a long war against the United States.

Chief George Manuel
Chief of Shuswap Nation, Co-Founder of the Center For World Indigenous Studies.

Chief Joseph
Biographical sketch and quotations of the Nez Perce chief.

Chief Joseph
Several essays and remembrances of the great Nez Perce leader.

Chief Joseph Brant -- Mohawk, Loyalist, and Freemason
Biography of the Mohawk chief from a Freemason perspective.

Chief Joseph Speaks
Collection of the Nez Percé chief's speeches.

Chief Osceola: A Brief Account and Evaluation of His Life
Biography of the early 19th-century leader by a Seminole descendent.

Chief Ouray
Revered today as one of the Ute's greatest leaders, Chief Ouray led the Southern Ute Tribe during the mid 1800s.

Chief Ouray of the Uncompagre Utes
Essay on the Ute leader's life.

Chief Sealth
1887 newspaper article by Dr. Henry A. Smith including a biographical sketch of the Suquamish leader and a reported translation of his 1854 treaty speech.

Chief Seattle
Biography of the Suquamish leader, with information about his family, tribe, and orations.

Chief Seattle and Chief Joseph: From Indians to Icons
Essay on the two leaders with historical photos, bibliography and study questions.

Chief Seattle and Chief Joseph: From Indians to Icons
Essay on the two leaders by biographer David M. Buerge, with historical photos, bibliography and study questions.

Chief Seattle's Thoughts
Two versions of the Salish chief's disputed 1854 speech, made in response to a land treaty with the United States.

Chief Sitting Bull
Quotes from the great Sioux leader, and essays about his life from several different sources.

Chief Tecumseh
Quotes from the Shawnee leader, and links to related topics.

Chief Wapasha c. 1620 - 1706
Biography of the Mdewankton Dakota chief who served as a British general in the American Revolutionary War.

Chiefs of Ontario
A co-ordinating body for 134 First Nation communities located within the boundaries of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Chinook Indian - Enigmatic Tribe of the Columbia River
Master traders and fishermen, who are now almost gone from the face of the earth, once enjoyed a peaceful existence along the banks of the Columbia River.

Chippewa Indian Online Records
Dozens of pages of census and roll information, an obituary archive, maps, and a query forum. For descendants of US Chippewa/Ojibway tribes only.

Chiricahua and Mescalero Apache Texts
1938 collection of legends and traditional songs in Apache and English.

Essay overviewing Chitimacha tribal history.

Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana
Information on the reservation, way of life, schools, and tribal news.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Official site of this Indian nation features news, history, transcribed interviews from the 19th century, job listings, events schedule, social services, language, and cultural programs.

Choctaw Prize
David Joe, Choctaw Indian, shares photographs and thoughts about his people. With links to favorites.

Choctaw Tribal School District
Elementary through high school. Located in central Mississippi. Operated as a division of the Choctaw Indians. Program information, calendar, and job announcements.

Chris ti Coom Flutes
Makers of Native American wooden flutes, penny whistles, shakers, and other musical instruments which are found worldwide. Custom work available.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Chumash Bison Company
Our bison are raised on local natural vegetation such as cattle are not able to eat. This is a factor that is in keeping with sustainable land management practices. They are vaccinated for bursitis but are otherwise left to tend to themselves without aggressive human intervention. When one of these magnificent beings, gifts its body to us we are mindful with regard to how the body is dressed and distributed. Our primary purpose is to promote the nutritional values of bison meat and the environmental value of raising bison rather than other food products.

Chumash Indian
Articles on the heritage and culture of the Chumash people. With a message board and links.

Chumash Indian Council of San Luis Obispo County
Information and contacts for the governing board of this Southern California native people.

Chumash Interpretive Center
Website of a California museum dedicated to portraying the Chumash people both historically and culturally through a visual, verbal and hands-on experience.

CIAC - Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture
A non-profit research and educational foundation established to foster, develop, and contribute to the support and understanding of authentic Native American Indian arts, crafts, customs, traditions, and cultures.

Circle Of Dreams
Poetry and photos of handmade jewelry.

Circle of Stories
Uses documentary film, photography, artwork and music to honor and explore Native American storytelling.

Circles of Care Evaluation Technical Assistance Center
We provide technical assistance to Native American grantees who are establishing a system of care for SED children.

Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Official site of this Oklahoma tribe includes news, links, and information on language, art, and culture.

CKRZ Radio
Six Nations' first and only radio station. With programming, background and contact information.

Clark, Geronimo
Artist of The Salt People Clan, Navajo Nation

Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes
Membership and photo gallery for the Clatsop, Nehalem and Tillmook tribes in Oregon.

Clay Sculptress
Works in clay by Native Artist Joyce Sisneros. Female, Grandfather, Grandmother, and animal storytellers.

Clayzeness Whistleworks
Transverse flutes individually designed from porcelain with tablature and blowing instructions included. True interpretations of the Native style flute.

CloudWalker Flutes
Offering a wide variety of custom designs, includes information on the design process.

Coast Salish Bibliography
400 annotated, scholarly links to these early British Columbian cultures of the coast.

Excerpts from speeches by the Apache leader.

Biography of the Chiricahua Apache war chief and leader.

Cochise and the Bascom Affair
Essay about the Apache leader and the strategic errors made by an American lieutenant dealing with him.

Cocopah Indian Tribe
Tribal seal, contact and employment information.

Cocopah Tribal Tribe
Tribal background, council members, local attractions, amenities, and events.

Coeur d'Alene
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Coeur d'Alene Tribe History
Tribal history and links.

Coghlan Art Studio and Gallery
Gallery of northwest coast native art

College of Menominee Nation
Official site for the College of Menominee Nation, located in Keshena, WI.

College of Menominee Nation Home
Homepage of the Menominee College, with links to other sites.

Colville Tribes
Article on the tribes' history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Comanche Indian Artist and Sculptor - Gordon Tonips
Homepage for Gordon Tonips, a Comanche and Kiowa indian artist and sculptor. He specializes in sandstone rock sculptures modeled after ancient Anasazi rock dwellings.

Comanche Indian: Fierce Warriors of the Southern Plains
List of native radio and television outlets, and general interest links. Also referral for Numic language course at the University of Oklahoma.

Community Profile
Prepared by the Arizona Department of Commerce, and featuring population and economic statistics. File format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat.

Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq
An organization that was formed in 1986 by the band councils of six mainland Nova Scotia First Nations.

Confederated Tribes Of Siletz Indians
Official homepage includes history and culture, powwow information, tribal employment, and links.

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Tribes in Oregon. Features news, culture and history, and government information.

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Tribes in Oregon.

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla Tribes in Oregon. With history, culture, news, links, and a calendar of events.

Connecting with All My Relations
Medium to assist native children and families that have been removed from each other.

Constitution of the Otoe-Missouria
Transcript of the tribal constitution, ratified on 4 February, 1984, provided by the University of Oklahoma Law Center.

Contemporary Native American photographer Tom Fields
Welcome to our web gallery of fine arts. You will find various mediums from clay sculpture, to painting, to photography.

Contemporary Northwest Coast Art
Traditional and contemporary Northwest Coastal art by James Bender. Includes architectural decorations, totem poles, jewelry, transformation masks, and boxes.

Corps of Discovery: Private Pierre Cruzatte
Profile of the French-Omaha explorer.

Costume of the Northern New England Tribes
Sketches of traditional Abenaki and Penobscot dress.

Costumes of the Great Lakes Region
Sketches of the traditional costumes of the Kickapoo and some of their early neighbors.

Couer d'Alene Profile
Brief article about these Spokane River Indians.

Council of the Haida Nation
Brief political profile of this Indian Nation by the government of British Columbia, including contact information.

Courting Flutes by Jim Taylor
Hand crafted Native American courting flutes, also known as love flutes or siyo tanka. Made from hard woods, like burl walnut, oak, or mahogany, and others are made from cedar, or pine.

Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People
News, history, language, culture, and links about the Abenaki and Pennacook of Massachusetts.

Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People
News, history, language, culture, and lots of links from this American Indian band.

Cowlitz Indian Tribe
Official homepage. Offers information on history, culture, and modern developments.

Cowlitz Tribe
Includes history and lists books on the Cowlitz.

Coyote Oldman Flutes
Four styles of the Native American flutes offered. Carved traditional designs, a backpacking flute, and music is available.

Crazy Crow's Worldwide Native American Powwow Listing
World-wide listing of Native American Indian powwows & related events by month. Use our online form to add your event.

Crazy Horse
Passages from two biographies of Tashunkewitko.

Crazy Horse
Timeline of the Lakota visionary's life.

Crazy Horse
Biography of the Lakota leader, also known as Tashunca-uitco.

Crazy Horse
Biography of the legendary Oglala leader by a Lakota author.

Crazy Horse Malt Liquor Protest
Argument against the use of the Lakota visionary Crazy Horse's name to sell malt liquor.

Crazy Horse Memorial
Project to construct an immense statue in the Black Hills honoring the Lakota leader.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Cree Indian Tánisi
History and language of the Cree. Books, links, and forum.

Cree Language and the Cree Indian Culture
Language, culture, history, and genealogy.

Cree Nation Magazine
Magazine published by the James Bay Cree for the benefit of First Nations readers.

Cree Nation of Wemindji
One of nine Cree communities located in remote northern Quebec along the east coast of James Bay.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Creek Indian
Explore the history and culture of the Creek Indians and discuss current issues and genealogy in a forum.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Crow Country
Brief overview of the Crow Tribe of Indians, including Crowfair and associated events.

Crow Creek Tribal School
Operated by the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe in central South Dakota along the Missouri River. Educates students in grades K-12.

Crow Literature
Profiles of four Crow authors, with links.

Crowcraft Art Studio
Native american pottery, sculptures, and mythology by Missourian artist, Jim Phillips

Crownpoint Institute of Technology
Provides educational opportunities to native American Navajo individuals. Located in Crownpoint, New Mexico. Includes overview and requirements of degrees and certificates offered.

Crystal Ann Locklear
Personal page of a Lumbee-Armenian woman with photos and a few links.

CTA - San Carlos Apache
Web site maintained for the San Carlos Apache Call To Action group.

Cultural Resource Management Technician
Online cultural resource management technician program from South Puget Sound Community College, aimed at Native American and non-native students.

Cultural Theft
Article discussing many of the issues surrounding wannabes, twinkies, and cultural appropriation.

Culture Areas and the Locations of Tribes with Illustrated Clothing
Sketches of traditional clothing for various tribes of North America, particularly the eastern United States.

Cumberland House Cree Nation
Features businesses, schools, events, and links.

Curtis Collection Index of the North American Indian
Comprehensive 20-volume work of fact sheets and images for 80 Native American tribes collected by Edward Sherrif Curtis from 1890 to 1930.

Curtright & Son Tribal Art
Contemporary and antique Northwest Coast American Indian tribes.

Curve Lake First Nation
Curve Lake First Nation, home of the Mississauga Ojibway, is located in Ontario. The site lists many of the services available, including powwow and tourism.

Cyndi's List Native American Genealogy
Lists of resources, message boards, family trees and rolls. Information by tribe, surname, or state.

Cynthia Ann Parker, Comanche
Biography of the white girl adopted by the Comanches.

Cynthia Ann Parker--A Texas Legend
Photograph and biography of the mother of Quanah.

Dahcotah, or, Life and Legends of the Sioux around Fort Snelling
Scanned-in text of the 1818 collection of Dakota tradition.

Dahcotah: Life and Legends of the Sioux Around Fort Snelling
Mary Eastman's seminal ethnography of the Dakota people, originally published in 1849. Searchable page images. Each page also in Adobe Acrobat format for download.

Dakota Bones
Horse hair, buffalo hair and pheasant feather pottery, carved antler necklaces.

Dakota Lakota Nakota Human Rights Advocacy Coalition
A traditional grassroots Oyate movement for the protection of our Red Nations' treaties and human rights.

Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council
Council of Chiefs from Dakota Sioux and Ojibway communities, generally located in Southwestern Manitoba. Includes treaty and non-treaty signatory communities.

Dan Shaule Personal Web Page
Information about the Williams Treaty and other interests.

Dancing Leaves
Native American and grief support poetry. Audio loop of Eric Clapton's "You Look Wonderful Tonight" at load.

Darlene Gait Native Canadian Artist
Original works of Art and limited edition prints.

Dawn Oman Art Gallery
Yellowknife Metis artist's gallery of original paintings, art cards, silk scarves, and stained glass.

De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre
Aboriginal Health Centre located in Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario. Our Mission: To improve the wellness of Aboriginal individuals and of the Aboriginal community by providing services which respect people as individuals with a distinctive cultural identity and distinctive values and beliefs.

Deer Tracks Native Perspectives
Personal page with news and discussion of Native prisoners and Native rights. Links.

Deer With Horns
Lakota family's website includes information about Sioux culture, American Indian history, and South Dakota, also with poems, stories, recipes, and links.

De-Ka-Nah-Wi-Da and Hiawatha
Legends surrounding the historic Indian leaders Hiawatha and Dekanawida.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Delaware Indian
Lenni-Lenape, Delaware Indian resource site with discussion board, with list of bands, and FAQ.

Delaware Indians
Information and links related to the Delawares in northeastern America.

Delgamuukw National Process
Designed to support and assist First Nations in their efforts to breathe life into the Delgamuukw judgement.

Dene Cultural Institute
Non-profit organization dedicated to working with the people of the Dene Nation and with other organizations to preserve, protect and promote their culture, languages, spirituality, heritage, traditions and customs.

Dene Suline/Soline (Chipewyan) Literature
Chipewyan legend of a girl whose new husband is not what he seems.

Denise's Creations
Native American Art, dreamcatchers, Mandalas, Beaded Jewelry, Made In Alaska certified

Dennis Banks
Biography, news, and schedule of appearances for the Leech Lake Ojibwe activist.

Desana Indian Culture from the South American Amazon
Some rudimentary information about the Desana and their artwork from an online seller of Amazon Indian art.

Descendants of Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes
Non-profit in Oklahoma with mission to end discrimination against people of mixed Indian African descent, including Seminole Freedmen.

Deschutes Gallery
Northwest coast Indian art masks, copper bowls, totem poles. Susan Point, Larry Rosso, Carl Stromquist, Alvin Adkins, Richard Hunt and other featured artists.

Destiny Heart's Paradise
Poetry, photos, and links to friends' personal pages.

Dibaudjimoh Nawash
The Chippewas of Nawash First Nation.

Dibaudjimoh Nawash
News and opinion direct from the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation.

Dieguenos Literature
Legends including a creation story, "Impiety of Frog", and "Fly at the Council".

Discover Art! Paintings by Vincent James Richardson
Works and paintings by Vincent James Richardson, with underlying spirituality and Mayan influence, done in pumice and acrylic colors.

Diversity's Dakota Chiefs Documentary
Illustrated description of a documentary project concerning the Minnesota-area Dakota band led by the Wapasha dynasty.

Dncng_Spirit's Powwow Site
Listen to World Champion singers and see photos of Champion dancers. Powwow calendar and family photos are included.

Don Chase, Canadian Native Artist
Canadian Native artist; three dimensional imagery, explosive colours and flowing contours.

Don McLeay, West Coast Native Art
Original West Coast style Native American carvings, totem poles, three dimensional masks and panels, and custom carved furniture. All unique and carved by Don McLeay.

Donna Brinkworth's Woodlands Art
Woodlands and oriental style paintings and other artwork by Ojibway artist.

Dorla's Beadwork
Beaded jewelry by a Red Lake Ojibwe artist.

Douglas Reynolds Gallery
Offers a wide selection of works by leading native artists, specializing in Northwest Coast art.

Dr. Charles A. Eastman, Ohiyesa
Biography of the Wahpeton Dakota author-activist, and a bibliography of his works.

Dr. CROW's Ani Yunwiya Home Page
Personal page with Cherokee links.

Dragging Canoe
Biography of the Cherokee leader and text of his most famous speech.

Dragging Canoe, Cherokee War Chief
Biography and picture of the chief who fought settlers in the Tennessee area during the late 1700's.

Dream Catchers
History of the dreamcatcher, instructions on how to make one, and links to artist sites.

DreamCatchers Incorporated
DreamCatchers is a non-profit, charitable organization fostering the creation of Native American feature films, documentaries and other events to promote cross cultural communications.

Dreaming Spirit's Homepage
Quotes from famous Native Americans, poems, and links.

Dreamwind Flutes
Offering handmade Native American style flutes in single chamber or drone. Specializing in custom orders.

Eagle Dancer Gallery
Texas retailer of Native American and native-themed art and jewelry.

Eagle Song Flutes
Native American flutes and flute kits. Redwood and cedar woods with sound wavs. Online scales and fingering charts, books, history and Native American music. Flute makers links.

Earl Biss
Paintings by Earl Biss, of Indians leaving the land crossing to the spiritual side.

Early History of Omaha
Seven chapters from a book originally printed in 1876, discussing the history of the Omaha and Pawnee from a 19th century white perspective.

Earth Made
Tucson retailer of Southwestern Native American jewelry, pottery, and kachinas, ristras (chili strings) and Southwestern crafts.

Earth Spirit Partnership
Gourd rattles and drums, including containers and flute stands. These are organically grown and crafted.

Earth Tone Flutes
Native American flutes using primarily Eastern Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Redwood. Tuned to traditional minor scales, and a major scale flute is available. Sound samples to listen to.

Judy Bullard's traditional crafts (hoop drums, rattles, baskets and symbolic shields) from all-natural materials.

EarthSong Web Ring
Native American flute makers, flute circles, flute players, and related sites. Form to join and list of member sites.

Eastern Band of Cherokee
Gives information, news, and events from this federally recognized North Carolina tribe.

Eastern North American Web Ring
For sites with quality information on Eastern North American Native American tribes. Form to join and list of member sites.

Eastern Woodland Indian
A mixed-race native artist offers thoughts, photos, favorites, and pictures of her art.

Echoes Past, the Art of Lee LaCroix
Handcrafted Native American flutes from exotic hardwoods. Commissioned custom work and crafting of one-of-a-kind flutes. A video on how to construct a personal flute, books and CDs.

Edward Curtis: Selling the North American Indian
The ethnographic photography, film, and writings of Edward Curtis.

Eldrbarry's Raven Tales
Collection of Indian legends from the Pacific Northwest.

Elliott Jordan Studio Gallery
We offer a wide variety of fine art original paintings and graphic prints, African Artifacts and commissioned portraits.

Ely S. Parker
Biography of the Seneca sachem, military secretary to General Ulysses S. Grant, and Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

For and about Eric Schweig, actor and artist, focusing primarily on his Inuit mask carvings.

EMuseum - Miami
The history of the Miami. Features descriptions on location, lifestyle, and language.

Enchanted Eagle Gallery
Native American Arts, crafts. Pulitzer prize winning photographer's images.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Abenaki
Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Akimel O'odham (Pima)
Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Aleut
Article on the history and culture of the Alutiiq people, from a Sugpiaq author.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Arapaho
Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Assiniboine
Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Blackfoot
Article by a Blackfoot author on the history and culture of his tribe.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Eastern Apache
Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Lipan Apache
Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Passamaquoddy and Penobscot
Essay on the two tribes' history from ancient times until 1985.

Encyclopedia of North American Indians: Western Apache
Article on the history and culture of the tribe.

Endangered Languages: Revival and Revitalization
Essay on the struggle to save dying American Indian languages.

En'owkin Centre
Outlines the programs available at this Indigenous Okanagan cultural, educational, ecological and creative arts organization.

Environment Division - St. Regis Mohawk Tribe
Addresses environmental matters on the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation in New York State, which is situated next to a Superfund site highly contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Eric C. Keast
Ojibway Ahnishnahbeh painter and sculptor.

Tribal history of the Erie Indians.

Article on the tribe's culture and history from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Escherokee's Native American Web Ring
To help further the education of the young, and to promote a better understanding of the culture. Form to join and list of member sites.

Ethnic Groups of New Bedford
Information about the Wampanoag of New Bedford.

European Home of Authentic Native American Art
Native American art. Members of IACA Indian Arts & Crafts Association.

Excavation at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park
University of Florida archeological excavation shows blend of European and American Indian architecture at 19th-century Seminole Indian site.

Explore The Navajo Nation
History, language and tourism information from the Navajo Nation Hospitality Enterprise.

Exploring Florida Movies: Seminole Indians
Six QuickTime movies with Dr. Brent Weisman explaining artifacts from Seminole history and the Seminole wars.

Fallen Branch Flutes and Crafts
Native style flutes, branch flutes, art and crafts.

Fallen Timbers: Tecumseh
Profile of the Shawnee leader who commanded a confederation of Native American tribes.

Famous Native Women
Biographies of American Indian and Inuit women of Alaska, also with information about native Alaskan women in general.

Feather Poetry
Original poems and links to friends.

Federation of Newfoundland Indians
Cultural, historical, and bureaucratic information from the organization representing the Micmac people of Newfoundland.

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations
Representing 72 Saskatchewan First Nations. Searchable site includes treaty development and enforcement, disability clearing house, and leaders' information.

Fernandeno Tataviam Tribe
Homepage of this band of "Mission Indians" of Northern Los Angeles County features history and links.

Field School Explores Site
Penn State anthropology students spent eight weeks exploring an unexcavated Susquehannock village in Lancaster County.

Fire Race
A Karuk tribal tale about the importance of the natural world.

First American Forefathers
Biographies, pictures and quotations from Native American leaders. Also has a message board and a selection of quizzes and puzzles.

First Americans in the Arts
Past and present American Indian performers. With searchable event listings, merchandise, mediography, readers' poll and links.

First Americans in the Arts
Non-profit organization created to recognize, honor and promote American Indian participation in the arts and entertainment industry.

First Nations Commission On Civil Rights
Foundation providing free legal information concerning the legal and civil rights of First Nations People throughout the Americas.

First Nations Drum
News from Canada's Native communities.

First Nations Environmental Network
A circle of Canadian First Nations people working to protect and restore the balance of all life through traditional Indigenous values and the path of our ancestors.

First Nations Histories
An ongoing web project that aims to provide extensive histories of all major tribes of Native Americans.

First Nations Orphans Association
Assists those individuals seeking to reunite with their native families. Includes list of objectives, director's brief biography, and information about upcoming events.

First Nations Protocol
Information for environmentalists who wish to relate to and understand Canadian Indigenous People's needs and positions.

First Nations: Issues of Consequence
Extensive collection of articles and fact sheets on Native American history and individual tribes, from the perspective of the oppressed.

First People Legends
Online collection of more than 1300 tales from the United States, Canada and Mexico.

First People's Fund
Founded in 1995, First People's Fund is committed to supporting the creative work of American Indian artists.

First People's Language Resources
Extensive list of sites regarding teaching, study and preservation of indigenous North American tongues.

Flags of the Native American Peoples of the United States
Index to images and historical backgrounds.

Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States
Images and information on Native American tribal flags.

Flaming Arrow's Native Club
American Indian and mixed-blood information, music, and links.

Flathead/Salish Literature
Legends about Coyote and a creation myth.

A selection of handcrafted Native American style flutes, and flute music.

FNTI's Aboriginal Media Program
This post-secondary program leads to a provincially recognized two year Print Journalism Diploma from Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology, in Belleville, Ontario. It also leads to a certificate in Aboriginal Media Studies from First Nations Technical Institute.

Forgotten Native American History
Neglected historical facts based on the book "Lies My Teacher Told Me".

Fort Apache
Photos and history of Fort Apache Historic Park and the reservation. Fort Belknap College
Provides educational opportunities for the residents of the Fort Belknap Reservation and surrounding communities. Located in Harlem, Montana. Includes catalog with program overview, financial aid, scholarship and grant information.

Fort Berthold Community College
Tribal college of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara.

Four Bands Community Fund
Home page of a nonprofit founded to assist entrepreneurs of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation (Lakota) at Eagle Butte, South Dakota.

Four Winds Cherokee
Four Winds Cherokee Tribe recognized by the State of Louisiana and headed by tribal Chairman Willis. Website contains a varitey of information on this band.

Four Winds Foundation International
International indigenous/multicultural foundation dedicated to cultural preservation and sustainability.

Four Winds Gallery
In the Sydney suburb of Double Bay. Traditional and contemporary North American Indian jewellery, pottery, sculptures, graphics and rugs.

Four Winds Intertribal Society
Fosters historical cultural awareness among native peoples of Fort Hood and throughout Texas. Members meet to learn dancing and dance regalia, beadwork and jewelry arts, cooking. Pow wow announcment and links.

Four Winds Pow Wow
Information on the annual Swiss Four Winds Pow Wow, organized in Lausanne by The Four Winds Association.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Frances Slocum
Story of a Quaker girl raised by Miami Indians, and the genealogy of her descendants.

Frank Bush Memorial "Walk in the Spirit" Pow Wow
Traditional pow wow held annually in September at the Anishnabe homecoming grounds now known as Charlton Park in Hastings, MI. Photo gallery, trader directory, and upcoming event information.

Frantisek Kodras
Frank Kodras is a professional artist/artisan who has long been involved with the accurate recreation of native arts and crafts.

Fred Stevens, Jr.
Navajo medicine man and sandpainter. Background, biographical information, some artworks.

Fretwell Flutes
One of a kind Native American style flutes made from wood and cane.

Friends of the Lubicon
Toronto-based volunteer non-profit assisting the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation in their land rights struggle. Link to negotiations chronology since 1939.

Friends of Wissatinnewag
Non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and re-vitalization of this sacred Native American site.

Full Moon Prayer Circle
Native American quotes and sayings, plus some powwow listings.

Future Artifacts
Dale Cannon's flintknapping artwork, hand pressure flaked stone knives, handmade chevron beads and the gerzean gallery.

Gabrielino Heritage May Be Proven With DNA Samples
Article about Gabrielino scientific efforts to prove an unearthed burial site contains their ancestors which should be repatriated to them.

Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman's) biographical sketch of the Lakota chief.

Gallery Canada
Inuit art from Canada's Kitikmeot region -"white stone" sculptures, musk ox horn birds and dioramas, stone faced dolls, drum dancers, kayaks.

Gallery Indigena
Represent Inuit, Iroquois, Cree and North West Coast master carvers as well as Inuit print and tapestry artists.

Gallery of the Kanadas
Contemporary Inuit and Canadian Northwest Coast Art.

Garden River First Nation
Garden River First Nation is beautifully located along the St. Mary's River.

Gary Natomagan: Select Language
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan artist combines traditional Native themes to Canada's north, wildlife, spiritual and Native themes.

Gateway to the Pamunkey
Companion site for NA-PAMUNKEY genealogy mailing list hosted by Contains, history, links, photos, etc. for Pamunkey research.

Gathering of Nations
Federally recognized non-profit organization to promote Native American culture and dispel stereotypes. Includes information on 2000 Pow Wow, Miss Indian World, and Indian Traders Market.

Non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the cultural knowledge and identity of Eastern First Nations People and to preserving their traditional homeland and Sacred Places.

Geographical Index to the Tribes of the United States and Canada
Map-based index with Locations and links to websites--if available--for US and Canadian Native Tribes.

George Twok Aden Ahgupuk Native Inupiat Alaskan Artist
Biography and examples of artwork of George Ahgupuk Native Artist from Shishmaref, Alaska

Georgia Natchez Nation
Unrecognized band of Natchez Indians, associated with the Muscogee Creeks. Programs, cultural information, and contacts.

Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee
State recognized tribe in North Georgia, origin of the Trail of Tears. Includes mission, history, news, FAQ, links, and shop.

A tale of magical little beings in Maliseet folklore.

Biography of the Apache hero originally named Goyathlay.

Biography of the Apache leader with photos and quotes.

Geronimo, His Own Story
Online text of the Apache leader's autobiography.

Geronimo's Last Hurrah
The Apache Wars and the surrender of Geronimo.

Gertrude Bonnin, Zitkala Sha
Biography and achievements of the Sioux author.

Ghost Owl Flutes
Hand crafted Native American style wooden flutes of cedar or other specified woods. Flutes made to order. Traditional pentatonic or diatonic tunings.

Gila Crossing Community School
Preschool through eighth grade. Located on Gila Rive Reservation in Laveen, Arizona. Teacher profiles, calendar of events and contact details.

Gila River Indian Community
Residents are comprised of two tribes, the Pima and the Maricopa.

Gila River Indian Community
Residents are comprised of two tribes, the Pima and the Maricopa. The website includes administrative, enrollment, and gambling information.

Gitxsan Chiefs' Office
A First Nations people who have 30,000 sq km of traditional territory in British Columbia. Treaty talks, businesses, events, news.

Going Beyond Words, the Arapaho Immersion Program
Description of how to teach Arapaho.

Grant Dial
Dial Family, makers of fine Wampum and other quality Native American jewelry.

Grant's Indian
Ely Samuel Parker and his friendship with Ulysses Grant.

Great Basin Art Gallery of Nevada Featuring Native American Indian Photographs by Edward Curtis
Historic Native American Indian photographs from a private collection offered for sale in true photograph form, printed from negatives and sepia toned by hand. Large collection of historic photographs by Edward Curtis and others.

Great Chiefs and Leaders
Biographies and period photos for fifty American Indian political, military, and religious leaders.

Great Lakes Intertribal Council
Coalition of 12 Indian tribes of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, with contact and tribal information about each member nation.

Great North Winds Powwow
Vendor and event information for this traditional and spiritual gathering held annually in Manistique, Michigan.

Great Salt Water Veterans' Honor Powwow
Poster, vendor applications, and event information for the annual Jacksonville, NC powwow.

Monument to the Abenaki chief and the story of his life.

Gros Ventre
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Gros Ventre Language and the Gros Ventre Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Gryphon Productions Ltd.
Award-winning video productions aimed at Native American, First Nations communities, organizations, government, schools and hospitals.

Guéganne Galerie Studio
Native geometric paintings and stylized stone sculpture.

Guide to Native American Studies Programs
Offers an annotated list of graduate programs within the United States and Canada. Includes name of participating colleges available and courses offered. Produced by the Association for the Study of American Literatures.

Guthrie Indian Art Studios
Cherokee Indian family of artists working in mixed media. Galleries of upscale fine arts, gifts, dolls. Artists' bios, studio news, art festivals and show information, links.

Gwich'in Tribal Council
An aboriginal land claim organization representing the interests of approximately 2,700 Gwich'in people in the Mackenzie Delta of the Northwest Territories.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Haida Carver, Guujaaw
Biography, list of major accomplishments, and photographs of masks, totem poles, and other wood carvings.

Haida Princess
Haida citizen specializing in First Nations web design and development including digital production.

Haida Princess, Lori Davis, MultiMedia
Haida artist specializes in First Nation web design and development in all mediums including front and back end e-commerce. Want to share my culture with the world.

H-Amindian Media for Native Studies
Scholarly discussion list and forum on a variety of native issues. Moderated by the Arizona State University.

H-AmIndian: New Media for Native Studies
H-Net discussion group dedicated to American Indian history and culture. Features archive, reviews, links to related lists, and subscription information.

Handbook of Texas Online: Black Seminole Indians
Overview of Black Seminole history and culture in 1,600 words.

Handbook of Texas Online: Cynthia Ann Parker
Biography of the Comanche adoptee also known as Nadua.

Handbook of Texas Online: Seminole Indians
Overview of Seminole history from Florida to the west, in 1,500 words.

Harry Whitehorse Art sculptures, paintings, carvings
Ho-Chunk Nation American Indian artist working in sculpture, painting, and carving.

Haskell Indian Nations University
Offers educational opportunities to Native Americans. Located in Lawrence, Kansas. Contains events and academics calendar, athletics department news and university history.

Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force
Dedicated to helping Six Nations people preserve and protect their environment and lands.

Haudenosaunee: People Building a Long House
Official source of news and information from the Haudenosaunee, comprised of the traditional leadership of the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk and Tuscarora Nations.

Havasupai Tribe
Information on this Indian people from the Intertribal Council of Arizona.

Hawk Hurst Flutes
Native American style flutes made of rivercane or bamboo. Also offering CDs and books.

Healing of Nations
Suicide prevention and crisis intervention for Native American youth by Black Bear of the Montana Blackfeet, traditional art therapist and scholar. Essays, mental health brochures, links.

Health Care to Native Americans: Susan La Flesche Picotte
Biographical information about the first Native American female doctor including photos and historical documents.

Health of Native People of North America
Annotated Mediagraphy by Sharon Gray and Edward Starr. Reprinted from the MC Journal. (October 27, 1993)

Heart of Two Nations
Personal site listing information on the history of African and American Indian mixedbloods. Provides a bibliography and links.

Heartsong Flutes
Concert and custom handcrafted Native American flutes, made from a variety of woods, by JP Gomez.

Heiltsuk Nation
Comprised of the descendants of the Heiltsuk Tribal Groups who reside in Waglisla (Bella Bella.)

Heyoka: The Buffalo War
Site opposing the US government's killing of buffalo.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Hidatsa Literature
Hidatsa traditional stories, including the "Corn Ceremony" and the "Sun Dance".

Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust
The untold story of the genocide and exploitation of aboriginal peoples by church and state in Canada.

High Energy Drums
High Energy Drums publishes e-books on how to make Native American Stave Drums, Tongue Drums, Thumb Pianos, and Gourd Drums. Free chapter samples are available.

High Spirits Flutes
Native American flutes handcrafted from cedar. Accessories, books, music, and recordings. Workshops and show schedules. Online catalog.

His AIM is True
Interview with AIM cofounder Dennis Banks.

History of Native American Lacrosse
Information on the development of the indigenous game from the US Lacrosse league.

History of the Cherokee
Collection of historical information and links on the tribe.

History of the Northwest Coast
Significant events and history of the people of the northwest, from 1774 to present day. Includes journal entries from fur traders, Indian prophets, and ethnographers.

Ho-Chunk Nation
Official website of this Indian tribe (also known as Winnebago) offers information on government, tribal traditions, entertainment, and services.

Hon-Dah Resort, Casino, and Conference Center
Casino information, amenities, activities, map, and directions.

Honor Our Neighbors' Origins and Rights (HONOR)
HONOR's Native American Support and Resource Information Center grew out of desire that Native Americans be treated with respect and "Honor" in terms of United States law, treaties, the courts and the constitution.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Hopi Civilization
Map of the Hopi reservation and some sketchy cultural information from a non-Indian enamored of Hopi prophecies.

Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
Outreach program offers information about culture, arts and crafts, HCPO research, issues, and projects.

Hopi Indian Tribe Calendar Of Events
Regularly updated list of events and exhibitions.

Hopi Indians
Non-Indian child's school report on the Hopi.

Hopi Tribe
History, council members, attractions, arts and crafts outlets, and contact information.
Specialized in Native American Hopi pottery and Kachina dolls indigenous to the Three Mesas of Arizona.

Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians
A small community of Maine.

How Dogs Came to the Indians
An Ojibwa legend.

How Native American Indian Women Lost Their Children
Information on coercive adoption from a native adoptee.

How the Worm Pipe Came to the Blackfoot
A Siksika legend.

Howling Point 1
Chatroom for Native Americans and others who have an interest in wolves.

HSU: Native American Studies Program
American Indian students, organizations, and studies program at the University of South Dakota

Hualapai Tribe
History, council members, attractions, and tribal events.

Huichol Art Centro: El Centro De La Rosa
Provides Huichol art.

Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie
Aboriginal (Dine/Seminole/Muscogee) photographer and artist for 30 years, creates political and community artwork specifically for an indigenous audience.

Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group
Coalition of six Coast Salish First Nations on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. With news, treaty information, culture and history, and links.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Huron History
Essay detailing the history of the Hurons from European contact until now.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Huron-Wendat Nation
Travel guide to the Huron-Wendat Nation from the Quebec City Guide.

Icebear Studio
Sculpture, murals and paintings of Ojibway artist Chris Johnson, with a focus on the protection of the earth's environment and its spiritual heritage.

I-Hos Gallery
First Nations owned and operated. Features northwest coast artwork and crafts; masks, prints, jewelry, wood carvings, textiles and clothing.

Iktomi and Coyote
An annotated Dakota legend.

Short summary of the Illinois Indians, their culture and history.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Illinois History
Historical resource on the Illinois Indians by Lee Sultzman; part of Jordan Dill's compact tribal histories.

Illinois Language and the Illinois Indian Tribe (Illini)
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Illinois-Miami Language and the Miami Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

IMAGe Nation Indigenous Media Arts Group
Nonprofit encouraging the promotion, development and dissemination of First Peoples media arts and culture.

Images For A Canadian Heritage
Vancouver gallery with Inuit, northwest coast aboriginal, and British Columbian wildlife sculpture and carving.

Images of Native Americans: The Bancroft Library
An online exhibition presented by the University of California Berkeley.

In Memory of Caribou
Information for native adoptees searching for birth family, as well as adoption and genealogy links.

In Whose Honor?
An educational video documentary about the use of American Indian, or Native American mascots and nicknames in sports.

Index of Native American Genealogy Resources on the Internet
List of possible research sites to find your ancestors. Native American orientation.

Index of Native American Legal Resources on the Internet
Legal programs, centers, and news for indigenous peoples in the Americas.

Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties
Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler, an historically significant, seven volume compilation of U.S. treaties, laws and executive orders pertaining to Native American Indians.

Indian and Indigenous Links
Indexed guide to American Indian websites.

Indian Arts and Crafts Association
A not-for-profit organization established to support the ethical promotion and protection of authentic Native American art and culture.

Indian Burial Grounds Action Group
Dedicated to issues relevant to Indian Burial Grounds and their protection.

Indian Canyon
Native created and managed site about Central California tribes. News, articles, photos and links.

Indian Circle
Web ring for sites of federally recognized Native American tribes. Extensive list of homepages, and publications. Download treaty abstracts in .pdf format. Links.

Indian Country Criminal Jurisdiction
A guide on determination of which sovereign has jurisdiction to prosecute crimes which occur in Indian country. Includes tribal law enforcement links.

Indian Country News
Culture and national pow-wow information recognized for excellence by the Native American Journalists Association

Indian Country Today Newspaper
The world's largest Native American news source, shipped internationally.

Indian Head First Nations
Information and links about the Newfoundland Mi'kmaq and the Indian Head First Nations Band.

Indian Health Service
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services agency providing healthcare to Native American and Alaskan Native peoples. Schlarships and employment, field office directory, programs, public relations. Numerous downloads and links.

Indian History
Gives a chronological listing of events of North America that includes the Ojibwe in a very meaningful way.

Indian Languages of Western Oregon
Fact sheets on the geographic regions for several Athapaskan, Penutian, Salishan, and Hokan languages

Indian Legends
Tribal index of Native American stories. With links and a discussion forum.

Indian Mascots and Logos
Taskforce of the Wisconsin Indian Education Association that seeks innovative legal, educational and political means to eliminate the use of "Indian" mascots, logos and nicknames from all Wisconsin state supported educational facilities.

Indian Nations of Montana: Blackfeet
Information about the current tribe and people.

Indian Occupation of Mother Bedford
History of indigenous peoples of south central Pennsylvania.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Information about the 19 Pueblo Nations and events and facilities at the cultural center.

Indian Story and Song from North America
Nineteenth-century collection of native legends by Alice Fletcher.

Indian Superstitions and Legends
Traditional tales and local stories of the Pokagan Algonquins.

Indian Symbols
Graphical interface for interpreting common symbols used in petroglyphs and other Native American Art.

Indian Territory Gallery
Navajo rugs (circa 1860-1930), historic basketry, early beadwork, Pueblo pottery, and Hopi kachinas.

Indian Territory, Warm Springs
Celebrating the beauty and strength of Native American cultures, with information on tribes, history, treaties, culture, music,activist issues, science, and NASA's first Native American astronaut.

Indian Trader
Newspaper with event and lifestyle information for the indigenous peoples of the United States.

Indian Tribes of North America: Washington and Oregon
Excerpt of Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 145. John R. Swanton's detailed description of contact-era Northwest Native population, locations, and languages.

Indian Uprising Gallery
Art of Northern Plains Indians. Specializing in painted hides, ledger drawings, sculptures, bead/quill works, parfleche.

Indian Why Stories
Frank Linderman's 1915 compilation of various native legends and tales.
Links and articles presenting non-native arguments against Indian tribal sovereignty.

Indians and Colonists
An account of the original Narragansett tribe and some early accounts of Europeans meeting them.
Extensive and up-to-date portal to Native American news, activism, and entertainment information on the internet. Forums, relationship advice, tribe of the week. BIA Changes Mind and Recognizes Connecticut Tribe
Article about the federal government determination that the Schaghticoke meet the criteria for federal tribal status. Includes links to earlier stories on the campaign for recognition. (January 30, 2004)

Indianz.Com: Freedmen Descendants use DNA to show Indian Blood
News story from June 3, 2005, with links to past stories recapping tribal membership dispute in Oklahoma. (June 3, 2005)

Indigenous Environmental Network
Native peoples of the Americas organization for education, coalition building, and action. Announcements and fact sheets on current issues.

Indigenous Nations of North America
Portal to websites for Native Nations of Canada and the United States.

Indigenous People's Languages
Essay and links on American Indian and other indigenous languages.

Indigenous Women's Reproductive Rights
Information and position paper on restoring reproductive control to Native American women--rejecting both coerced sterilization and the denial of family planning services.

Indigenous Networking
Indigenous Networking - First Nations - Native American Indian - Website Link Directory

Tribal history of the Montagnais, the Naskapi, and the Atikamekw, from the First Nations Histories.

Brief cultural and historical overview of the Innu.

Institute for American Indian Studies
This is a museum of American Indian artifacts and crafts. Educational programs and exhibits stress history, crafts, outdoor education and appreciation, and related topics for all ages.

Institute of American Indian and Alaska Native Culture and Arts Development
IAIA is a national Native American fine arts college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is dedicated solely to the study and practice of American Indian and Alaska Native arts and culture.

Interactive Museum of the American Indian explores the great Native American civilizations that existed before the arrival of Europeans. Includes videos, 3D computer reconstructions, and virtual tours of archaeological sites, photo galleries, and more.

Intertribal Council of Arizona
Phoenix-based organization since 1958, comprised of 21 local bands. Board contacts, programs and working groups, map, fact sheets on each member tribe, links.

Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada Network
Directory of tribe fact sheets and programs, language and culture information, publications for sale, links.

Intertribal Deaf Council
Furthering the traditions, languages and cultures of First Nations members who are deaf, deaf-blind, and hard-of-hearing. Conference information and registration form.

Intertribal Wordpath Society
Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the teaching, awareness, use, and status of Oklahoma Indian languages. Board roster, announcements, and links.

Interview with Bill Leaf
Oral history recorded from a Mesquakie man.

Inuit and Cree Broadcasters
Roster of radio and television stations in Nunavik, Arctic Quebec, Canada.

Inuit Art- Eskimo Art Virtual Gallery
Inuit and eskimo art by 400 first nations artists in Canada.

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver
Inuit and Northwest Coast artists of Canada and Alaska

Ioway and Otoe Tribal Genealogy
An overview of Ioway heritage as a rich mixture of Otoe, Omaha, Missouria, and other tribes, originating as moundbuilders of the upper Mississippi Valley.

1700 Ioway Village
One of the Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa, where visitors can observe and experience the agricultural basis of the Indian village.

Iroquois Art and Culture Festival
The Chrisjohn's annual Iroquois Festival, featuring fine art and festivities.

Iroquois Confederacy
Article on the federation's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Iroquois Confederacy Stories
Collection of traditional Haudenosaunee legends.

Iroquois History
This overview of Haudenosaunee history includes historical information about the Mingo.

Extensive site for activists, with essays, news and photos on Pine Ridge and nuclear activism, NAGPRA links and resources, and Native American graphics and themes.

The story of the last Yahi.

Ishi, A Real-Life Last Of The Mohicans
Biography of the last Yahi.

Jacobson House
Native American art center in Norman, Oklahoma. Home of the Kiowa Five.

James Luna
Native American contemporary installation and performance artist. Lusieno Indian, La Jolla Reservation, San Diego, California.

Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe
History, culture, government, tribal enterprises, and links.

Jean Herzel's Nature Spirit Art
Original watercolors, hand painted drums and limited edition prints portraying the deeper relationships between nature, spirit and art. Commissions accepted.

Jemez Pueblo
Tourism brief on the pueblo of the Jemez in New Mexico.

Jemez Trading Company
Paintings, sculpture, Native American pottery, jewelry, rugs and photography

Jesse W. Henderson, Northern Plains Indian Artist
Chippewa-Cree artist whose work in oil paints and prints reflect historical events and cultural characteristics of the Northern Plains people.

Jessie Ghere Feather
Oklahoma artist specializing in Native American art, as well as nature and wildlife.

Jim Eagle : Spiritual Counselor
Spiritual healing using alternative methods and Native American ceremony. Intake questionnaire, description of procedures and Native medicine principles.

Jim Tomeo - Native American Art
Jewelry, Sculpture, Paintings, and Traditional Indian Arts.

Joe Rector Indian Art
Limited edition prints.

John G. Burnett's Story of the Removal of the Cherokees
Account of the Trail of Tears by a US soldier who had escorted the Indians to Oklahoma as a young private.

John Graham Defense Committee
Proclaiming the Yukon native's innocence in the killing of Mi'kmaq activist Anna Mae Aquash.

John Smith's Letter to Queen Anne Regarding Pocahontas
Vouching for the Powhatan woman's integrity and faithfulness, and reporting the life-saving incident.

Biography of Chief Joseph (Heinmot Tooyalakekt) of the Nez Perce.

Joseph Brant
Biography and trivia about the Mohawk chief.

Joseph Brant
Biography of the Mohawk Indian chief.

Joseph Brant
Biography of the Mohawk warrior and diplomat.

Jtpanos' Native American Web Ring
For sites relating to the culture and history of Native Americans of all nations. Form to join and list of member sites.

Just Art Gallery
Pacific Northwest Native carvings, paintings, masks and jewelry.

Kahon:wes's Kanienkehaka Mohawk Links
Topics include history, government, organizations, language, sports, and Kahnawake, Montreal, Canada.

Kahon:wes's Mohawk and Iroquois Index
Readings and resource links to the Iroquois Confederacy tribes.

Kalispel Indians
Some history and background about the Kalispel Indians of Idaho and Montana.

Kamama Spirit Bamboo Flutes
Bamboo Native American flutes, using yellow, black and unique rootend bamboo. All keys available with photos on how flute are made.

Kamayura Indian Culture
Some rudimentary information about the Kamayura and their artwork from an online seller of Amazon Indian art.

Kampa Indian Art
Some rudimentary information about the Kampa and their artwork from an online seller of Amazon Indian art.

Karuk Bibliography
List of books, articles, and other print sources in various languages about this tribe.

Karuk Tribe of California v. Carol McConnell Ammon et al., No. 99-5002
Record of litigation involving reservation land claims.

Katzie First Nation
History of this first nation and its treaty negotiations with Canada and British Columbia.

Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon
Kawaiisu cultural and historical background, information about the Tomo-Kahni and Tejon Indian Reservation, and Kawaiisu art.

Kaxinawa Indians
Brief profile of the Kaxinawa Indians from a company marketing Indian crafts.

Links to Cayuga Nation resources, from the Kahon:wes's Iroquois Confederacy Index.

Links to Cayuga Nation resources, from the Kahon:wes's Iroquois Confederacy Index.

KemoSabe design
American Indian Artist trying to make the visual world a little more pleasing to the eye. Graphic design, Original art work, Indian legend, logos and web design.

Kenneth Johnson, Muscogee/Seminole Metalsmith
The prize-winning jewelry designs of the Oklahoma artist.

Ketchikan Indian Corporation
Tribal government for natives in the Ketchikan, Alaska, USA. Links to health clinic and eagle hatchery.

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (L'Anse Reservation)
Largest federally recognized Indian Tribe in the state of Michigan. News, goals, reservation, people, and history.

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (L'Anse Reservation)
Largest federally recognized Indian Tribe in the state of Michigan. News, goals, reservation, people, and history.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Kickapoo Language and the Kickapoo Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society
The Centre was created to meet the needs of the Native people in the City of Kelowna and surrounding area.

Kindred Trails
Genealogy resources for researching Native American ancestry. Links to records, census and rolls.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Kiowa Art in the Smithsonian
Six .jpg images of anthropological and artistic works on buffalo hide and more recent examples on paper. Suggested reading list.

Kiowa Indians
Printable article from The Handbook of Texas Online. Historical focus.

Kiowa Nation
Small amount of simple information about the tribe.

Kirby Sattler Paintings
Acrylic on canvas portraits of American Indians.

Kirk Brant
Kirk Brant is a Native American (Mohawk) artist using mixed media elements such as paper, crushed stones, porcupine quills and acrylic paints.

Musical instruments, crafts, and cultural information from Chumash artist Michael Phillips.

Kitpu First Nation
Official website of the Mi'kmaq band of the Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada. History, culture, language, and governmental information.

Kitsumkalum First Nation Band
Information and links about this British Columbia band of Tsimshian Indians.

Kiwat Hasinay Foundation
Non-profit foundation dedicated to keeping the Hasinay and Kadohadacho (Caddo) languages alive.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Kokopelli Flutes
Hand crafted Native American flutes, tuned in traditional pentatonic scale. Kiowa love flutes and Apache double flutes in aromatic cedar, and other native woods. Books and music.

Nonviolent activism and background reading on American Indian and other indigenous issues from this international human rights organization.

`Ksan Historical Village and Museum
A cultural interpretive centre dedicated to demonstrating the richness of Gitxsan culture and heritage.

Ktaqamkuk Mi'kmaq Alliance
Information on heritage and contemporary issues from a Mi'kmaq cultural organization.

Ktunaxa Tepee Company
Tepees made by a Kootenay tribal family. Original design maintaining the traditional styles of the Plains.

Kumeyaay Interpretive Center
The City of Poway and the San Pasqual Band of Kumeyaay Indians (Diegueno)are working collaboratively to preserve the Poway, California site.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Kwa-Nulth Gallery
Carvings from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, from the Kwak-Waka'wakw (Kwagiutl) / Nuu-Chah-Nulth ("Nootka")regions.

La Jolla Band of Luiseno Indians
Information about tribe, campgrounds, water park, trading post, and slot arcade.

Lady Hawke
Personal page with links to Native American languages, crafts, music, legends, and bed and breakfasts.

Lakota Culture and Spirituality
Bilingual site (English/Spanish) with information and articles on Lakota culture and language.

Lakota Wolf
Homepage of a man who claims to have been Onondaga and Delaware Indian in a past life.

Lakota Writings
Short stories and poems depicting the life, and often times struggle of the Great Plains People, the Oglala Lakota Sioux, during the later half of the nineteenth century.

Land of the Blackfeet
Online community for Montana Blackfeet descendants. Photos, stories, and links.

Land of the Susquehannock
Historical and archaeological discussion of the Susquehannock in Pennsylvania, and their relationship with other tribes.

Language Geek
Fonts, keyboard mapping, and other orthographical aids for Native North American languages.

LaRose Art
Paintings, drawings, and prints by Lynn LaRose featuring southwest, Indian, and cowboy art.

Latin American Folk and Tribal Art
Huichol and Tepehuano yarn paintings, dance masks and lacquerware from Mexico, indigenous textiles from Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru and crafts from throughout Latin America.

Laughing Crow Flutes
Native American style flutes, direct from the maker. Digitally tuned, created from traditional and exotic woods.

LCC Learning Resource Center: Native American Heritage Month
Resources, activities and events from Lexington Community College.

Learn About Native Americans
A clickable map with information about many Indian tribes, arranged by culture group.

Lechnir Photo
Photos of Colorado Rockies and Wildlife

Lee T'am Laxdii Education Consulting
First Nations culture as a means of success in education. Presented by a Tsimshian man.

Legend of the Big Dipper
An unattributed Haudenosaunee tale.

The Saga of Iyash, in English and Severn Ojibwe (Oji-Cree).

Lenape Language and the Lenape Indian Culture
Information and links on the tribe's language, culture, history and genealogy.

Lenape or Delaware Indians
Article and links on the native people of West Jersey.

Lewis and Clark in Nebraska
Excerpt from Andreas' History of Nebraska, published in 1882, relates the first official contact with the Otoes and other tribes along the Missouri River.

Linguistic ‘Silent Spring’ On Tap
Article about language loss and revival among the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara tribes.

Linguistic Classification of American Indians
Alphabetical list of tribes and languages and four systems of classification.

Linguistic Families of the Native Languages
Article on Canadian Indian language families from the Quebec History Encyclopedia.

Lisa Chavez-Thomas
Authentic Native American wood works and gourds, by Lisa Chavez-Thomas of the Pueblo of Isleta.

Lisa Fifield's Water Color Indian Art
Arctic Raven Art Gallery's profile of the Oneida artist and her portrayals of native people.

Little Big Horn College
A public two year chartered community college located on the Crow Indian Reservation in Crow Agency, Montana. Contains catalog of library books, links to tutoring resources, and an overview of the tribes history.

Little Crow
Life and death of the Dakota Sioux chief.

Little Crow
Biography of the Dakota leader.

Little Crow
Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman's) biographical sketch of the Sioux leader.

Little Feather Indian Interpretive Center
Information about the Center, the Staff, the Pipestone Dakota, and their sacred and secular art. Some art available from the website.

Little Feather Interpretive Center
Native American owned and run Indian Center, where education is our main goal. Features information on the sacred pipestone and a cultural awareness program.

Little Priest Tribal College
Serving the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. News, classes, and scholarship opportunities.

Little Red River Cree Nation
Community websites and a map of local lands.

Little Shell Tribe
Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana.

Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians
Information about tribal programs and offices and a monthly newsletter on tribal affairs.

Little Trees Creations
Little Trees Creations offers quality Native American drums, drum kits, wreaths, and art. All products are handmade by Linda "Little Tree" Silvas.

Living Drums
Hoop drums, ceremonial drums, rattles and beaters handmade and painted by local artists. Custom orders available. Suppliers of drum hoops and rawhide.

Living Traditions: the North American Indigenous Games
History of the games and background information on native lacrosse, boating, archery, and other sports.

Lodgepole Gallery
Contemporary and traditional Northern Plains Indian arts and crafts, especially by local Blackfoot artists.

Logan Fontenelle
Biography of the Omaha leader.

Looking Back
Historical essays on the indigenous people of America, describing their society, culture, and traditions, to honor the past and preserve the future.

Looking Back: The Lenni-Lenape and The Red Record
Article endorsing the authenticity of the controversial Lenape "Red Record" (considered by others to be a hoax).

Looking Back--The Crow
Historical overview of the Gros Ventre people.

Lost Bird of Wounded Knee
Book reviews, critical discussion, and additional information.

Louis Riel
Biography of the Métis leader and founder of Manitoba.

Louis Riel, Canadian Hero
The Metis leader's entry in a series on Canadian heroes.

Lubicon Activism Archives
Record of human rights efforts by the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation of northern Alberta, Canada since 1983. Full text letters and articles.

Lucky Man Cree Nation
Official site of the Lucky Man Cree Nation. Includes information on the chief and council, current initiatives, band history, land claims, and related links.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Luiseno Ethnozoology
Article detailing the Luiseno use of plants and animals.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Lumbee Homestead
Family genealogy of a part-Lumbee southern family, including links and resources on Lumbee genealogy.

Lumbee Language and the Lumbee Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Lumbee Regional Development Association
Cultural and historical information, news and events, and links.

LumbeeTribe of North Carolina
Official tribal page includes news, messageboard, an online poll, and links to other Lumbee resources.

Luna Negro native style crafts
Contemporary craft designs in beadwork and leather emulating the styles of the First Nations Peoples.

Mahekun Art
James Bay artwork from elderly and young Cree artisans.

Mahican History
Comprehensive overview of Mahican history.

Mahican Language and the Mahican Indian People
Language, culture, history, and genealogy. With a special question-and-answer section for kids.

Mahican, Mohican, Mohegan
Explanation of the relationships between the Mohegan and the Mahican, and the confusing term Mohican.

Maidu Tribe
Based in Oroville, California. Contact information, black and white historical photo and letter.

Maine Native American Links
Guide to Maine Indian history and culture on the web.

Major Ridge
Biography of the factional Cherokee leader.

Makah Nation
Official homepage with government and cultural information, also with a special FAQ about whaling.

Make a Native American Style Flute
Step by step flute making instruction on VHS & CD.

Mìkmaq Resources
Links to Mìkmaq related sites.

Malecite and Passamaquoddy Tales
Overview of the oral tradition, the Kluskap cycle, and folktales translated from the original Indian languages.

Maliseet Language and the Maliseet Indian Culture
Language, culture, history and genealogy. With a childrens' section.

Manataka American Indian Council
Non-profit society promoting American Indian history and culture. Stories, poems, weddings, news, events, forum, links.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation
Three affiliated tribes of Fort Berthold Reservation, North Dakota. History, administration and infrastructure, business council contacts and archives, pow wow schedule, and links.

Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation
Locations of the tribes, council members, services offered by the tribes, and public information.

Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Nation
Official website for this nation containing three tribes that have united into one.

Manitoba Aboriginal Sport & Recreation Council
Includes information on events, awards, people, locations, and contacts, along with preparations for the North American Indigenous Games of 2002 and the annual Manitoba Indigenous Summer Games.

Many Feathers
Focusing on Native American brothers and sisters. Form to join and list of member sites.

Martha Berry
Traditional beadwork from a native Cherokee artist.

Martin's Crafts - North American Beadwork and Crafts
Beadwork, leatherwork, and Iroquoian traditional clothing; bead and leather supplies.

Mary Jemison, Captivity Narrative from the 1750s
Excerpts from the Seneca adoptee's narrated autobiography.

MASCOTS - racism in schools
State by state list of k-12 schools using racist mascot names.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe
Official site offers up to date news, events, history and links to services.

Mashteuiatsh Montagnais
Community page for this Quebec band of Innu.

Massachuset History
Thorough tribal history of the Massachuset and their New England neighbors.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness
Based in Boston, Massachusetts. Educational and social services. Comprehensive list of northeastern tribes and organizations. Newsletter and links.

Encarta encyclopedia article about the Wampanoag chief, also known as Ousamequin or Yellow Feather, who signed one of the first treaties with the Pilgrims.

Matis Indians
Some rudimentary information about the Matis and their artwork from an online seller of Amazon Indian art.

Personal home page of a Ute college student features photos, Native American information, and links.

Measuring Blood
Page discussing native thoughts on blood quantums and their destructive effects on Native American Indian culture.

Media Portrayal of Ishi, the Last Yahi
How the media of his time portrayed Ishi with possible reasons for such portrayal.

Medicine Bird
The art and music of Blue Spruce Standing Deer of Taos Pueblo in Northern New Mexico.

Medicine Winds
Thoughts, poetry, resources and links on native herbalism, spirituality, legends, and issues. Join to read the forum.

Membertou Education
Features community profile and information about their Wallace Bernard Memorial Centre.

Mendota sacred site preservation page
Official website for the Mendota struggle to maintain a sacred site in Minnesota.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Menominee Language and the Menominee Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Meskwaki Language and the Meskwaki Nation
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Mesquaki-Sauk Language and the Sac and Fox Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Metal Matrix - Custom Metal Art of George Gann
Metal art by George Gann, sculpture and fabricated design.

Metis Artists Christi Belcourt and Elder Wilfred Peltier
The collected works of Metis artist Christi Belcourt and the written words of Odawa elder Wilfred Peltier. Both artists live in Ottawa, Ontario.

Metis Nation
Dedicated to the preservation and rejuvination of the Metis People's history, genealogy and culture. Regular updates of First Nation and Metis Activities and News in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia (BC) and Canada.

Metis Nation in New England
Intertribal organization for Metis (mixed-blood) people in the United States.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Miami History
Information about the Miami Indians' language, lifestyle, names, sub-nations, and population.

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
Official homepage of the tribe, with history and culture information.

Michael Anthony Cheatham
Award-winning Cherokee jeweler working in silver and turquoise. Some information about the artist.

Michael Smith Gallery
Navajo and Pueblo weavings, pottery, southwest, California and northwest coast baskets, Southwestern and California Plein Aire paintings.

Michipicoten First Nation
Information, news, and links from this Canadian Ojibwe Indian tribe.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Micmac-Maliseet Institute
Department at the University of New Brunswick specializes in history, culture, language, and other studies related to the Micmac and Maliseet peoples.

Midwest Today: Gambling On A New Life
Newspaper article exploring some of the pros and cons of Indian gaming.

Midwest Treaty Network - contents
Alliance of Indian and non-Indian groups supporting Native American sovereignty and treaties in Wisconsin and the world. Defamation, actions, newswire, global environment updates, links.

Non-profit distributor of Native American art and craft. Information on individual artists, Black Mesa Weavers organization.

Mi'kmaq Indian Cinderella and the Invisible One
Micmac-French fusion legend, with critical interpretation by an Ojibwe author.

Mi'kmaq Indian Cinderella and the Invisible One
Micmac-French fusion legend, with critical interpretation by an Ojibwe author.

Mikmaq Language and the Mi'kmaq Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy. With a children's section.

Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection
The Nova Scotia Museum's collection of portraits and illustrations in various media, of the Mi'kmaq of Atlantic Canada.

Mi'kmaq Resource Centre
Assembles and preserves the cultural, political, economic, and social history of the Mi'kmaq people. Features history, band information, ethnographies, essays, treaty transcripts, oral histories, and links to related sites.
Web portal linking to Mi'kmaq arts, culture, language, history, spirituality, resources and a growing archive of news articles.

Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey/Education
Develops alternatives and promotes Mi'kmaq education, interests and rights and has jurisdiction in Mi'kmaq educational matters. Lists newsletters, its schools, contact information, Bill C30 and NS Bill 4.

Mimbres Fever Prod: Videos on Native North American and First Nations art, culture, and artists.
Independent producers and distributors of educational videos on Native North American and First Nations art, culture and artists.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Mingo Indians
Notes on the Mingo.

Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center
Information and support for Native American women, including chemical dependency programs, library, training, and employment opportunities.

Miss Northern Navajo
Photos and information about the current and former winners of the Northern Navajo beauty pageant.

Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation
MBC's Cree programming is received and rebroadcast to 29 communities in Manitoba on the Native Communications Network (NCI).

Mission Indians
Encyclopedia article overviewing the Mission Indians.

Mississauga First Nation
Anishinabe information and links from this Canadian tribe.

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Includes a time line of the tribe's history and information about culture, government services, tribal economics and enterprises, and investor relations.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Extensive information on Lumbee genealogy from a Lumbee-Jewish descendant.

Mni Sose Intertribal Water Rights Coalition
Over 25 tribes protecting reservations' water supplies along the Missouri River Basin. Guidebook, reports, resolutions, presentations, Document downloads in .pdf format, links.

Moccasin Telegraph Telecom
Links to Native sites.

Mockingbird Flutes
Native American style flutes using non-toxic oils. Offers custom made and concert tuned flutes.

Modo Gallery
Fine Works in Clay by American Indian Artists

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Mohawk Arts
Contemporary Native American flutes by Kirk Ahsoquata, also silver and gold flutes available. Online plans, and MP3s.

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
Community of 13,000 who's territory straddles the Ontario, New York State and Quebec Borders. History, maps, news, links, guestbook, events, and panoramnic view.

Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs
Administrative agency responsible for the social, cultural, and political integrity of the Mohawk People.

Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne
Mohawks north of the U.S. Canada border.

Mohawk Tribe
History and culture of the Mohawk tribe, historical documents, and current issues. With discussion board and links.

Mohawks Of Kahnawake
The official website of the Mohawk Council Of Kahnawake.

History of the Mohegan tribe.

Mohegan History
This site provides access to ancient and contemporary Mohegan histories.

Mohegan History
Information on Uncas, sacred Indian burial grounds, Turtle Island and the meaning of the name Mohegan.

Mohegan Tribe
Official site of the tribe in Connecticut (with a reservation on the Thames River near Uncasville), providing information on culture, history, government, economic enterprises, religion and events.

Mojave Drums
Offering handmade drums, also provides weekend drum-making retreats.

Mojave Indian
History, culture, and lands of the Mojave Indians.

Monacan Indian Tribe Home Page
History and culture of the Monacan Indians of Amherst County, Virginia.

Montagnais Language and the Montagnais Innu Nation
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Montagnais, Naskapi, and Attikamekw
Tribal history of these three related First Nations of Canada, by Lee Sultzman.

Article on the tribes' history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Montana Reservations
Tourism and background information about the seven Indian reservations of Montana.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Moondove's Spiral
Personal homepage of a Cherokee descendent includes family photos, hobbies, links, and language information.

Moonien Arts Studio
Custom designs and restoration as well as workshops to learn how to make/create sacred items.

Moose Cree First Nation
Programs, services, and information about the community of Moose Factory.

Mount Greylock
History and folklore about Abenaki Chief Greylock.

Mountain Spirit Flutes
Woodland style Native American flutes. Offering handmade wood and rivercane flutes, flutemaking demonstrations and performances.

MSN Learning & Research: Wampanoag
An Encarta Encyclopedia article on the tribe.

Munsee Delaware Nation, USA
This is a site telling about our family of the Munsee Delaware Nation. Included you will find information on our gathering, history and the teaching of our children.

Munsee Language and the Munsee Indian Culture
Language, culture, history, and genealogy. With a question-and-answer section for kids.

Muscogee Creek Nation
Official site contains tribal history, festival information, tribal members of note, and links to other Native sites.

Museum of The Red River
Display of Native American art and artifacts of the Caddo and Choctaw peoples.

Mushuau Innu Natuashish School
Innu cultural information, community photos, and student and teacher materials from the tribal school.

My Little Corner of Oneidas
Genealogy site of Oneida Indians in New York, Wisconsin, and Canada. Includes transcripts of tribal census and treaties.

My Skin is Not Red
Information about racism in sports mascots.

My Story
Life story, writing, and native links from an adoptee of Cherokee ancestry.

My Two Beads Worth
Online Native American Indian/First Nations/Indigenous news source with special features such as Native American Stories.

My World Of The Nisga'a Nation
Information on the language, history, and culture of the Nisga'a people.

Myths of the Jicarilla Apache
1898 recording of several traditional legends.

Nadya Kwandibens
An Ojibway woman's personal website featuring poetry, short stories, blog, photo-gallery, videos & website design.

Namgis First Nation
Includes information on band school and other resources.

Nanticoke Indian Museum
Cafe Locale article about the tribal museum in Oak Orchard, Delaware.

Nanticoke Indians Celebrate Heritage
Sussex County Online article about the Nanticoke Indians annual pow-wow in Millsboro, Delaware. (September 12, 1999)

Nanticoke Language and the Nanticoke Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history, and genealogy. With questions and answers for kids.

Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians of New Jersey
Official page of the state-recognized tribe includes brief information about tribal history, list of tribal officers, and information about the annual pow-wow.

Nanticoke Lineage
Genealogy of descendants of the tribal remnant in Sussex County, Delaware. Includes links to other Nanticoke genealogy sites.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Narragansett History
Compact tribal history from contact to present. Emphasis on King Philip's War.

Narragansett Indian Tribe
Their official homepage which has tribal history, current community programs, a newsletter and calendar, and other links and contact information.

Narragansett Indian Tribe
Official web site of the Narragansett Indian Tribe of Rhode Island provides accurate history of the tribe's past and the outlook of its future.

Narragansett Language and the Narragansett Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history, and links.

Narrangansett Indians' Teepee
Eclectic collection of comments purportedly by or about the Narragansett, presented by a white genealogy hobbyist.

Natalie Rostad Desjarlais Portfolio
From Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada. Stone sculptures mounted on driftwood. Photos.

Nathan J. Lefthand
Here you will see a piece of what a Navajo artist sees, through jewelry art.

National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)
Working to improve Aboriginal health from an Aboriginal worldview arising from community-based interests.

National American Indian Court Judges Association
A national voluntary association of tribal court judges. The mission of the association, as a national representative membership organization, is to strengthen and enhance tribal justice systems.

National Archives and Records Administration
Serves as the NARA's on-line information system. A good place for people to go who want to research American Indians.

National Coalition on Racism in Sports and Media
NCRSM is a coalition of individuals and organizations fighting to eliminate the use of Native American mascots in sports and media. Site offers faqs, links, newsletter, and other information.

National Coalition on Racism in Sports and the Media
Official website. Advocates against negative representation of all minority status groups. Actions, events, newsletters, board roster, FAQ, links.

National Congress of American Indians
Non-profit organization welcoming mixed-blood Indian people of all tribes.

National Congress of Indians
The National Congress of Indians provides national leadership on issues facing tribal communities throughout the United States. Services include legislative alerts and lobbying.

National Indian Education Association
The National Indian Education Association (NIEA) is the largest and oldest Indian education organization in the nation and advocates for Indian control of Indian education.

National Indian Gaming Association
Organization dedicated to the preservation of sovereignty and protection of economic rights in tribal gaming and economic development enterprises.

National Indian Health Board
The National Indian Health Board (NIHB)is a nonprofit organization representing tribal governments that advocates for improvements in health care for Indian communities.

National Indian Justice Center
The National Indian Justice Center (NIJC) provides training and technical assistance to tribal court personnel, law enforcement, government officials, tribal social services/victim assistance providers and tribal gaming commissioners.

National NAGPRA
Information, texts, and frequently asked questions about the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, provided by the National Park Service.

National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation
Information and resources on the prevention & intervention of addictions, alcohol, drug and solvent abuse, for First Nations and Inuit Communities.

National Tribal Environmental Council
Dedicated to working with & assisting tribes in the protection & preservation of the reservation environment. Native Americans have traditionally spoken for the land, water & air.

Native American Tribes: Information Virtually Everywhere

Native Access Program for Engineering
Developed by Aboriginal peoples and The Faculty of Engineering at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Native Access to Engineering
Dedicated to increasing Native Indian student participation in engineering coursework and careers, using learning modules, links and information for both students and teachers. Grades 3-12.

Native American and Métis Web Ring
For sites of Indigenous interest. Form to join and list of member sites.

Native American Art Ring
For commercial sites. Form to join and list of member sites.

Native American Art Secrets
Nice source of information on the cultural background for the art of Native Americans.

Native American Artist
Native American painter and photographer from the Northeast who tackles issues rangeing from every day life to her own feelings on being a young native in todays environments.

Native American Authors
Profiles of American Indian writers indexed by name, tribe, and book titles. From the Internet Public Library.

Native American Authors - Osage
Profiles and bibliographies of contemporary Osage authors.

Native American Authors - Osage
Profiles and bibliographies of contemporary Osage authors.

Native American Authors Project
Profile and bibliography of the 19th Century Ottawa/Chippewa author, Andrew J. Blackbird (Mac-ke-te-be-nessy).

Native American Authors Project
Profile and bibliography of the 19th Century Ottawa/Chippewa author, Andrew J. Blackbird (Mac-ke-te-be-nessy).

Native American Authors: Charles Eastman
Bibliography and links pertaining to the Sioux writer.

Native American Authors: Charles Eastman
Bibliography and links pertaining to the Sioux writer.

Native American Authors: Onondaga
Profiles of Onondaga authors Adelphena Logan, Oren Lyons, and Gail Tremblay, with links to their work.

Native American Authors: Onondaga
Profiles of Onondaga authors Adelphena Logan, Oren Lyons, and Gail Tremblay, with links to their work.

Native American Authors: Samson Occum
Brief profile of the Mohegan who lived from 1723-1792, along with online resources and list of titles by the author.

Native American Authors: Winona LaDuke
Profile of the Ojibwe author and activist.

Native American Authors: Zitkala Sa
List of books and essays by the Sioux writer, with links.

Native American Cancer Research Corporation
Based in Pine, Colorado, USA. Project overview, workshops, survivors' network, publications, statistics, events, links.

Native American Church Art
Online gallery of fine and ceremonial peyote religious art, including "The Peyote Ritual: Visions and Descriptions of Monroe Tsa Toke," and the work of traditional and contemporary NAC artists.

Native American Circle
Intertribal message board and powwow calendar.

Native American Conquest
These articles, written for teens, serve as a guide through North America before its Indian cities were destroyed by foreign diseases.

Native American Cultural Philosophy
A critique of Western European philosophical traditions from a native American point of view.

Native American Culture
Exhaustive portal to nearly every aspect of Native American Culture, updated monthly. Hosted by

Native American Culture and American Society
Essay on American attitudes towards Indians past and present, with a call to cultural respect.

Native American Culture: Languages
List of links to sources of information about many American Indian languages.

Native American Dating and Native American Singles Sites
Big East Native's list of Native American Dating and Native American Singles Sites. Here are links to Native American Dating, Singles Sites, of Course Big East Native Social Network is for friends too:)

Native American Documents Project
A demonstration project showing a way in which documents about the history of federal policy concerning native peoples might be more readily available.

Native American Education
Center of information and resources on Native American topics. Form to join and list of member sites.

Native American Educational Association (NAEA) of Tennessee
Strives to educate others about Native American Indian culture and history. Objectives, mission, and contact information.

Native American Embassy
Based in New Jersey, USA; working for Native American solidarity, awareness, and rights. Frames.

Native American Fine Art by Karen Noles
Paintings of Indian children and young women, from the Flathead Indian reservation in west central Montana.

Native American Fish And Wildlife Society
Working to keep nuclear waste off Indian lands.

Native American Forensic Artist Harvey Pratt
Cheyenne artist specializing in witness description drawing, skull recontruction, photo retouching, skull tracing and age progression.

Native American Genealogy
Different advice for Indians taken from their tribes as children, mixed-bloods searching for living relatives, and Indian descendants researching family trees.

Native American Genealogy
Collection of how-to articles focusing on tracing Native American ancestors.

Native American Genealogy
Pages of information on Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Melungeon, Narragansett, and general Native American Genealogy. Also with articles and links.

Native American Genealogy Group
Forum and resources for people searching for their American Indian roots.

Native American Genealogy Ring
This ring is for anyone researching their Native American ancestors, regardless of tribe. Form to join and list of member sites.

Native American Genealogy Webring
Online community for interested webmasters and researchers.

Native American Graphics Web Ring
Link for form to join and list of member sites.

Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act Archive
Documents related to NAGPRA reprinted on the Internet.

Native American Herbal Medicine Database
Native American Herbal Medicine Database, brought to you by Big East Native.

Native American History
Collection of original articles with an emphasis on the history of the Otoe tribe, their way of life, and where they are today.

Native American Images
Extensive stock photography of Native American nations, history, ceremony, crafts and artifacts, equestrians, landscapes. Samples.

Native American Images homepage
Publishers of full blood Cherokee artist Donald Vann. Contains all currently available posters, prints, lithographs and original watercolors.

Native American Index of Gaming
Hanksville Index of Internet sites of information concerning gaming

Native American Indian Art Information
The late Paula Giese's reviews, discussion, information, and examples of Indian beadwork, pottery, basketry, regalia and other art forms. Links to galleries.

Native American Indian Genealogy
Index of genealogical links, forums, rolls, and other information for several different tribes.

Native American Indian Genealogy Heritage
Collection of literary and historical excerpts and observations.

NAtive American Indian Resources
Site has 300+ web pages of Native American resource materials, original publications and organized links. Includes Reservation/Indian country maps, original Native literature, Native ar, herbal tradition, schools, and viewpoints.

Native American Indians by History Link 101
Links categorized in six areas: art, biography, daily life, maps, pictures, and research.

Native American Language Programs
Audiotapes and workbook for Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Kiowa, Sioux, Cheyenne, Diné, Apache, Muskogee/Creek, Mohawk, Lenape/Delaware, Ojibwe, and Passamaquoddy. Secure ordering, links.

Native American Language Resources
Native American Language Resources, brought to you by Big East Native.

Native American Legends
Selection of Blackfeet and Kiowa tales.

Native American Links
A data base listing of The Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory, 1889-1914. Also listed are the index to the Guion Miller, Wallace, Kern Clifton, Cooper, and McKennon Rolls.

Native American Literature
Repository for legends and traditional stories from hundreds of tribes.

Native American Literature
Repository for legends and traditional stories from hundreds of tribes.

Native American Marketplace
Gathering place featuring websites of Native individuals, businesses, and organizations which offer merchandise or services to the public.

Native American Mohegans
History, culture, events, news and links to Native American sites.

Native American Music
Directory of sites regarding Indian music, art, powwows, and languages.

Native American Music Ring
For musicians, bands, and music industry professionals. Form to join and list of member sites.

Native American Poetry
A compilation from various poets.

Native American Poetry by Single Woman
From the Tlingit Nation of Juneau, Alaska, USA. Slide show format.

Native American Pottery - Hand Crafted clay and metal
Using earth, fire, water and air, Ed Gray has interwoven his native culture to create images from his past. His work portrays ceremonial use by honoring the traditions they represent.

Native American Preservation Association of Georgia, Inc.
A nonprofit educational organization that preserves and promotes Native American culture, art and crafts through printed material and special events.

Native American Press/Ojibwe News
Independent Native American newspaper operating to expose corruption and demand accountability from tribal, state and federal government entities.

Native American Public Telecommunications
Organization dedicated to educational and public telecommunications programs and services by and for American Indians supporting tribal sovereignty.

Native American Religion in Early America
Essay with teaching suggestions from a scholar in American religious history. In "Divining America: Religion and the National Culture" from the National Humanities Center.

Native American Rights Fund
Providing legal representation to Native American tribes and villages, organizations and individuals to help untangle the maze of laws impacting their lives.

Native American Sites - Gateway
300+ web pages of Native American resource materials, original publications and organized links. Reservation/Indian country maps; original Native literature, Native art.

Native American Sites on the Internet
Indexed list of websites with descriptions and reviews.

Native American Sites on the WWW
Extensive categorized directory of Internet links, maintained by Lisa Mitten.

Native American Sports Council
A community based multisport member of the United States Olympic Committee. Includes news, participating sports, athletes and events, sports-wellness leadership programs, and outreach.

Native American Stories
Collection of Indian legends, mostly unattributed, from various tribal traditions.

Native American Stories
Collection of Indian legends, mostly unattributed, from various tribal traditions.

Native American Studies
Montana State University

Native American Studies
Dartmouth College

Native American Studies
University of Oklahoma at Norman

Native American Studies
University of New Mexico

Native American Studies
The Claremont Colleges, CA.

Native American Studies Books
Reviews on Native American Studies Books written by consumers at

Native American Support Group of New York City
Indigenous activist and Native American and Alaskan Native resource links. Current projects include international indigenous, and Puerto Rican native issues. Searchable.

Native American Tribes
Links to websites about individual tribes and nations.

Native American Tribes and Cultures
Indexed links for more than a hundred different nations.

Native American Trickster Tales
Four texts from different tribal traditions, with introduction and links.

Native American Women Playwrights Archive
Playwrights directory, bibliography, newsletter, mailing list, links. From Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, USA.

Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center
Nonprofit organization providing local, national, and international programs to combat domestic violence, AIDS, cancer, and fetal alcohol syndrome and promote wellness, adult learning, food pantry, environmental awareness and action services. With an online shop.

Native American Women's Intertribal Circle
Welcoming women of all Native American tribes located in the San Diego County area.

Native American Youth and Alcohol -- An Annotated Bibliography
Bibliographic reference source for the problem of alcoholism among American Indians.

Native Americans
Photographs of Anasazi, Cherokee, and Alaska native sites with historical commentary.

Native Americans and the Land
Collection of essays, including the effects of removal on American Indian tribes to what is now Oklahoma, and the near extinction of the American bison.

Native Americans in Film and Television
Annotated Bibliography of Materials in the University of California, Berkeley Libraries

Native Americans:Post-Contact:The Illinois
Historical overview of the Illinois tribes from the time of European contact.

Native and Turkic Art
We have unique Mammoth Ivory carvings and other unique carvings such as Ojibway totems. We have a wide selection of Native and Turkic arts and crafts

Native Art Network
Native American fine arts of the United States and Canada from the artists themselves. Native Art Network is 100% American Indian owned and operated.

Native Art, Bingorage and Other Stuff
Works-in-progress and finished projects of Broken Vulture Art (Ahnishnahbeh artist Eric Keast), including papier-mache, rattles, paintings, metalwork, masks and beadwork. Plus: items of interest in Native Art and First Nations culture/politics etc.

Native Child and Family Rights
A Dakota-Lakota-Nakoda perspective on interracial adoption and the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Native Circle Newsletter
Discover Indian teachings, traditions, crafts, music and current cultural issues through our newsletter.

Native Council of Nova Scotia
The history and programs of the Native Council of Nova Scotia. Established to serve the needs of off reserve Mi'kmaq/aboriginals in the province.

Native Design Services
Aboriginal-owned company providing computer graphics, desktop publishing, web design and hosting services. Specializing in Native entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations.

Native Dreams and Visions Web Ring
Promoting unity among all people, from many Nations of the Four Directions. Form to join and list of member sites.

Native Education Centre
Offers many different programs to Aboriginal students. Located in Vancouver.

Native Genealogy Webring
Native American Indian Genealogy Resources with thousands of web links.

Native History Magazine
A free online magazine for educators and students of history. Features primary source materials as well as lesson plans and other resource links.

Native Hockey Players
Tribute to Native NHL players by Shannon Valerio.

Native Interest Web Ring
For anyone who relates to the Native ways, or is Native American. One of the largest of its kind. Form to join and list of member sites.

Native Language Web Sites
Links to resources for many different indigenous languages.

Native Languages
Frequently updated list of American Indian linguistic resources.

Native Languages : Speakers of the Earth
Language learning programs in Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota Sioux, Navajo, Mohawk, Apache, Kiowa, and other Native American languages. Also cultural and shopping resources.

Native Languages of the Americas: Mohegan
About language, culture, history and genealogy of the Mohegan people. With a special question-and-answer section for kids.

Native Movement
Non-profit indigenous organization based in Alaska, dedicated to grassroots awareness, action, and advocacy.

Native Nashville - Tanasi News
Native news with emphasis on southeast, particularly Tennessee Indian affairs.

Native Networks / Redes Indigenas
Online information about film, video, and radio produced by indigenous peoples of the Americas and Hawaii.

Native News Online
Offers articles and attention to today's issues, along with links and resources.

Native North American Dot Net
Genealogy of a French-Abenaki-Pennacook family, also with wigwam pictures and links.

Native Peoples Magazine
On-line magazine, covering the arts, cultures and socio-political issues of all indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Native People's Web Ring
Native Americans, organizations for Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. Form to join and list of member sites.

Native Population in the United States
Raw number and percentage of total native population for the 30 largest tribes in the United States, according to the 1990 census.

Native Radio
Native American Music Via Streaming Online Radio.

Native Rock Art
Images of native rock art petroglyphs in New Mexico. Prints are available.

Native Traditions Search
Queries sites with native content, links, and chat area.

Native Training Centre
Community training seminars and workshops.

Native Tribute
A tribute to tribal history and life, with graphics and poetry.

Native Videos
Films and videos on the struggle of native peoples to preserve their land, heritage, culture and way of life; Narrated by Robert Redford and Joanne Woodward.

Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and misinformation.

Native Village Language Library
American Indian language resources.

Native Web Site Evaluation
Discussion of good and bad educational websites about American Indians, Indian history and spirituality.

Native Wolf
Graphics, music, poetry, recipes of interest. Form to join and list of member sites.

Native Women in History
Profiles of several historical American Indian women.

Native Women in History: Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte
Biographical sketch about the first American Indian woman physician.

Native American actors and other celebrities. Photos, bios, and interviews.

NativeCelebs: Raoul Trujillo
Profile page for the Apache actor and dancer.
A comprehensive portal site for Native American resources on the internet.

Cultural unity views, stories, poetry, and lore. Classified trader ads and news updates provided.

A topically organized educational web site emphasizing the Eastern Woodland Indians region, organized into categories.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Navajo Blanket Weavings
Provides a history of Navajo weaving with information on different types and methods used.

Navajo Central
Unofficial website featuring attractions, native guide services, a native font, FAQ, and links.

Navajo Indian Information
Information on Navajo Indian Language, History, Culture, Jewelry, Sand Painting, Rugs, Code Talkers, the Long Navajo Walk and many other subjects.

Navajo Nation Bar Association
Provides information on the Bar; a calendar of events; directory; examination subjects, dates and requirements; and bylaws.

Navajo Rugs
The traditional Dineh art of weaving from Marilou Schultz.

Navajo Times Online
Tribally owned and operated weekly newspaper. Located in Window Rock.

Navajo-Churro Sheep Association
Conservation and promotion of a breed that still provides wool for Navajo artists and provides food in many Southwestern United States homes.

Resources by and about the Abenaki people of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Quebec.
News resource that promotes awareness about Native American athletes competing in a wide variety of college and professional sports to the public and native community. Includes profiles, chat room, photo gallery, FAQs, schools, newspapers, and Hall of Fame.

Nonprofit organization established to explore the history and culture of the indigenous people of Maine.

Ne-Do-Ba - History & Culture Web Sites
Abenaki and Wabanaki links including history, stories, maps, language, and culture.

Ne-Do-Ba Genealogy
Genealogical and historical resources to help those researching their Abenaki ancestors. Also with FAQs and helpful articles.

Neela BearComesOut
Personal homepage of a Cheyenne student at the University of Montana.

Traditional Blackfeet beadwork.

Neto Hatinakwe Onkwehowe
Native American Arts and Cultural Organization

Nevada Native Story-Telling
Several Paiute and Shoshone legends, with lesson plans for using them in the classroom.

New Age (and Other) Ripoff Sites
Listing of sites that are clearly using Native American imagery, spiritual symbols and "noble savage" stereotypes for profit

New Jersey Sand Hill Band of Lenape and Cherokee Indians
A not-for-profit cultural organization dedicated to the native peoples of New Jersey. Recognized by the Delaware Tribes of Oklahoma and the Keetoowah Society of the Cherokee Nation.

New Mexico Indian Culture
Overview of New Mexico's Pueblo cultures, their art and way of life.

New Mexico's Pueblos and Reservations - Navajo Nation
Provides history and background on the Nation, information on visiting tribes, appropriate etiquette, attractions, and events.

New York Native American Indian Heritage Parade
Press photos of the first annual event held in Madison Square Park, sponsored by the Cherokee Blackfeet Nation of New Jersey.

News from Native California
Quarterly print magazine by, for, and about the California Indian world. Searchable site; subscription, back issues and submission information, event calendar, links.

News, culture, and events of American Indian Tribes
Daily updates of American Indian Tribal and individual news with links to original news media sources. Updates of cultural events.

Newz and Viewz by Native American Students
Native American online newspaper for Native students to communicate and congregate. Student reporters cover tribal communities and colleges.

Nez Percé
Brief history with some links, from

Nez Perce
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Nez Perce History
Brief overview from the University of Oregon Linguistics Department.

Nez Perce Indians by Cameron
Student's report.

Nez Perce National Historic Trail
History, photos, and other information about the historic trail the Nez Perce fled down in 1877.

Nez Perce Tribal Homepage
Official site of this Indian tribe offers information on tribal government, programs and departments, history, celebrations, businesses, and reservation.

Nez Studios - Native American pottery
Renowned for his exquisite pottery. Exquisite style and craftsmanship. An elite class of authentic Navajo Pottery.

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
NVIT is an Aboriginal institute, offering post-secondary programs that meet the needs of First Nations communities in four theme areas: The Land; Wellness; Economic Development; Governance.

Information and links on Blackfoot culture, history, language, and genealogy.

Northern Cheyenne
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Nipmuc History
Compact tribal history of the Nipmuc from contact until now.

Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut
Nonprofit membership organization promoting preservation of Nipmuc Indian and Native American history, culture, crafts, language, and sacred and historical sites. With news, links, and a community calendar.

Nisga'a Lisims Government
The definitive source of information regarding the Self-Government of the Nisga'a Nation.

Nisga'a Ts'amiks Vancouver Society
Association of members of this tribe living on the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Contact information, upcoming events.

Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
Centred at Nelson House, this nation (also known as Where Three Rivers Meet) is located in northern Manitoba and is governed by an elected chief and six councillors. Includes information on economic development as well as events, links, news and events.

NNDT Powwow Listings/Events
Listing of powwows and special events, designed to easily print in 97 Word.

Nokus Rakko - Knapped Stone
Handcrafted arrow heads, spear points, and knives made from stone by a Florida Muskogee (Creek) artist.

Noles Fine Art
Art depicting the Native American lifestyle with an emphasis on women and children.

Noqoìlpi, the Gambler
Dine myth about a wager between Navajo and Pueblo gods.

North American Indian Women
Essay by a Lakota author on women's roles in Native societies past and present.

North American Indigenous Games
Contains news items, a description of aboriginal culture, links, venues, and sports coverage. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

North Georgia Cherokee
Historical and biographical articles.

North Georgia History: The Creek Nation
Overview highlights the Georgia culture and history of these Native Americans.

North Georgia History: Trail of Tears
Summary of the Cherokee forced march from Georgia.

North Van Canoe Club
Traditional West Coast Native war canoe racing. Picture galleries, background material, and information on sporting events.

Northeast Tribes: Delaware
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Northeast Tribes: Huron/Wyandot
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Northeast Tribes: Iroquois
Basic information about the confederation's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Northeast Tribes: Micmac
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Northeast Tribes: Ottawa
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Northeast Tribes: Passamaquoddy
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Northeast Tribes: Shawnee
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Northern Art Impressions
Gallery of Inuit and Indian art in the Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory
Homepage of this Missouri state tribe.

Northern Cheyenne Net
Tribally owned Internet Service Provider for the Northern Cheyenne Nation.

Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council
Contact information, representatives roster, and meeting schedule.

Northern Paiute
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Northern Plains Studio
Online portfolio of Northern Arapaho artist, Jackie Sevier. Work includes pastels, embossed paper and miniature traditional shirts and dresses.

Northern Plains Tribal Arts
Serving as a representative voice of the thirty-three Northern Plains Tribes by promoting cultural awareness of their distinctive heritage and traditions through art.

Business providing healing techniques including Essene and Native American ceremonies such as firewalks, rebirths, sweatlodges, and weekend retreats.

Northwest Indian College
Provides educational programs and services to native Americans in the north-western United States. Located in Bellingham, Washington. Offers an overview of admissions and financial aid, department and program descriptions, and an events calendar.

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
Assists treaty Indian tribes with biologically-sound fisheries and advocates for management issues. Newsletter, calendar, employment opportunities. Data, downloads, and links.

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board
Health statistics and general fact sheets about 40 member tribes, descriptions of programs, committees, and workgroups. Local events and employment opportunities.

Northwest Territories Aboriginal Head Start Program
Preschool program funded by Health Canada for First Nations, Inuit and Metis children and their families living in urban centers and large northern communities.

NPS Tribal Preservation Program
The United States National Park Service assists Indian tribes in preserving their historic properties and cultural traditions with training, grants, and publications. Links to tribal information.

Numuukahni/Comanche Lodge
History, genealogy, stories, message board, chat room, and a virtual museum.

Nuniwarmiut Piciryarata Tamaryalkuti [NPT] (Nunivak Cultural Programs)
Non-profit cultural heritage office of the Cup'ig Eskimo village of Mekoryuk, Nunivak Island, Alaska.

Nuxalk Nation
The four major villages that make up the Nuxalk Nation come from South Bentick - Taliyumc, Kimsquit - Sutslmc, Kwatna - Kwalhnmc and the villages in the vicinity of what is known as Bella Coola.

Occaneechi Saponi Spring Cultural Festival
Article on Powwow held at Carrboro, NC, with many pictures.

Occaneechi Town
Description of the archeological finds of a North Carolina dig. Tells something of the Occaneechi Saponi. Mentions impact of disease on the Piedmont Native Americans.

Occaneechi-Saponi Indian Heritage
A personal family history website with background information on the Occaneechi Saponi.

Of Glooskap's Birth
Deconstruction of a 19th-century folklorist's embellishments to the Glooskap myth cycle.

Office of Tribal Justice
The Office of Tribal Justice has ensured communication by serving as a permanent point of contact between the Department of Justice and federally recognized Indian tribes.

Oglala Lakota College
Provides education and training to members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Located on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Includes an overview of courses, student handbook and assistance programs offered.

Ohio History Central: Ottawa Indians
Brief article from the Ohio Historical Society provided as an educational resource, with links to related information.

Ohiyesa (Dr. Charles Alexander Eastman)
Writings of the Santee Sioux author.

Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation
Official site of this California Indian tribe contains history, current events, and political information.

Ohwejagehka - Hadegaenage
Organization to preserve and nurture the Iroquoian languages, songs and dances. Includes audio samples and dance descriptions, message board, CD ordering, and links.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Ojibways of the Pic River First Nation
An Ojibway community located along the north shores of Lake Superior in Ontario.

Ojibwe (Chippewa) Language and the Ojibway Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history, and genealogy.

Ojibwe History
Ojibwe tribal history from the First Nations Histories.

Ojibwe Oral Tradition
Seventeen traditional stories from the Chippewa tribe.

Okanagan Indian Band
Official site contains information on administration, public health, education, and other topics.

Okanagan Nation Alliance
The tribal council for the Okanagan First Nations, located in Westbank, BC, Canada.

Okla Chahta Clan of California
Group of Choctaw descendents in California dedicated to the study of their heritage, history, and language.

Old Indian Legends
Traditional stories from 20th-century Dakota author Zitkala-Sa.

Olympic Peninsula: Makah
Information and tourism fact sheet on the tribe from the Olympic Peninsula website.

Omaha Indian Music
A description, with links and soundclips, of material in the Library of Congress.

Omaha Literature
Two Omaha Indian quotes, one from Chief Big Elk and one from a warrior song.

Omaha Tribal Council
Includes information about government, climate, culture, economy, and community services.

On This Date in North American Indian History
3,000+ historical events, tribal name meanings, alternate names, Indian moon names, and over 6000 links to other sites

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Oneida Indian Nation
Official website of the New York tribe, with cultural, government, tourism, and business information.

Oneida Nation Arts Program
A Native American Indian tribal arts agency for visual, literature, music, dance and drama or performing arts of ethnic peoples.

Oneida Nation Legislative Operating Committee
Informational and research tool where you can find our laws, LOC Council Member pages, public hearing notices, minutes and other important legislative information.

Oneida Nation of the Thames
Describes the unique history and culture of this progressive Canadian community and provides a tour of its services, facilities, and business development.

Oneida Radio, 89.5 FM, "The Eagle"
Information, news, and links from this First Nations owned, operated, and supported radio station.

Oneidas For Democracy
The Oneidas for Democracy peacefully uphold the traditional values of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy), in contrast to the current leadership of the Oneida Nation of New York, Inc.

Links to Oneida Nation resources, from the Kahon:wes's Iroquois Confederacy Index.

Onoda'gega: People of the Hills
An overview of the tribe written by Kanatiiosh, with historical references to the Hiawatha belt and clan lineage.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Onondaga Books
Commercial offering of several books about the Onondaga from

Onondaga Nation School
Official site of the school, which accommodates children in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Includes a brief history of the tribe and of the school.

Links to Onondaga Nation resources, from the Kahon:wes's Iroquois Confederacy Index.

Links to Onondaga Nation resources, from the Kahon:wes's Iroquois Confederacy Index.

Oregon Flute Store
Offers Native American flutes, cases, instructional materials and songbooks. Also has stands, accessories and flute history resources.

Origin of Disease and Medicine
A traditional Tsalagi folktale.

Orrin Lewis
Personal homepage of a Cherokee man, with links to essays about native issues and information about native languages.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Osage Indian Heritage
Historical, cultural, and social review provided by the city of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

Osage Resource Guide
Guide to Osage genealogy research. Includes publication names and addresses.

Osage Tribe: Division of Lands and Funds
Online transcription of the 1906 U.S. treaty with the Osage tribe of Oklahoma Territory.

Article on the Seminole leader from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Otoe: Sample Entry
Alan H. Hartley's mock-up of how "Otoe" would appear in the Oxford English Dictionary, with variant spellings and historical citations.

Otoe-Missouria Genealogy
Genealogy database of ancestors and descendants based on the 1891-1906 allotment schedules for the Otoe-Missouria tribe of Oklahoma.

Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma
Official website of the Tribe, designed primarily to aid members of the tribe and to assist visitors to the area.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Ottawa Bibliographic Sources Project
Guide to reference works about the culture and history of the tribe, their encounters with Europeans, and their chief Pontiac.

Ottawa History
Comprehensive historical and cultural treatise of the Great Lakes tribe, from pre-history to their migration to Kansas and Oklahoma.

Ottawa Language and the Ottawa Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Oujé-Bougoumou Cree Nation
Based in Quebec. History and culture, environment, economy, tourism packages. Color catalog; phone and email orders. Exhibit archives from Expo 2000 in Hanover, Germany. Links.

Our World - Our Way of Life
Virtual exhibit exploring the similarities and differences between the Inuit and the Haida, highlighting the diversity of aboriginal culture.

Outaouais Lubicon Solidarity
Organization dedicated to a fair land claim settlement for the Lubicon Cree First Nation of Northern Alberta. Timeline, background information, and what you can do to help.

Oyate Underground
Dedicated to creating awareness, diologue and empowerment among the indigenous people of Eastern South Dakota through the recognition of Lakota, Dakota, Nakota sovereignty rights.

Pacific Editions Limited
Works by artists of the northwest coast of British Columbia and the woodlands of Ontario.

Pacific Northwest Coast Art at Coastal Arts
Gallery of masks, prints, carvings and totem poles by artists of the Pacific Northwest coast. Includes an introduction to mythological and artistic themes.

Pacific Northwest Coastal Indians
Describes the daily life of the Puget Sound Indian tribes in prehistoric times.

Pala Band of Mission Indians
Official homepage has information about the tribe's history, current events, and gaming.

Pamunkey Indian Homepage
This official website features information on the tribe's history, fishing and pottery.

Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics
Operates and maintains the Canadian portion of the North Warning System on behalf of the Department of National Defence (DND). PAIL is 100% owned and controlled by the Inuit in the four Inuit land claims settlement regions of Canada,

Pascua Yaqui Tribe
The official web site, and Internet gateway for all tribal government transactions, services, and information. Covers everything from their history and culture, to current news and job listings. Spanish language version included.

Pascua Yaqui Tribe - ITCA
Features historical milestones, community information, council members listing, gaming information, and tribal events.

Named after a Chickasaw Corn soup. Chickasaw humor, recipes, stories, family history, songs and a personal journal.

Passamaquoddy Genealogy Mailing List
Discussion list for genealogy and history related to the Native American Passamaquoddy tribe. Biographical sketches, cultural history, personal or informational web sites, are encouraged and most welcome. Discussions can range from the very early human settlement to present day.

Passamaquoddy Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy. With a children's section.

Passamaquoddy Literature
Stories, legends, and poetry of the Passamaquoddy.

Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point
People of the Dawn tribal links, economic development, programs, departments, crafts, artists and committee information provided. Located in Perry.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Passing of Elders
A tribute to Truman W. Dailey, the "last fluent speaker" of the Otoe-Missouria language, who passed away on December 16, 1996, at the age of 98.

Paths to Living History
North American Indian and Indigenous People: A collection of historical documents, essays, and articles on various topics of Native American history.

Pathways & Crossroads
Chickamauga Cherokee genealogy research in the Arkansas Territory. Free rolls and census lookups, query systems and mailing list.

Patrick Scott Feather Fans
Ceremonial, peyote and pow-wow fans of macaw, pheasant, and parrot feathers; snakewood peyote gourd rattles by Navajo Artist.

Paugaussett Indians
Collection of articles on the history and culture of the Connecticut Indians, from 1630 to the close of the Indian Wars.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
Official homepage of this tribe includes history, traditions, political information, an online store, and links.

PBS: Chief Joseph
Biography of the Nez Perce chief also known as Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt.

Peace 4 Turtle Island
Writers, artists, and photographers promoting culturally sensitive and accurate information about the Iroquois, or Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse). Articles, images, homework help.

Peace 4 Turtle Island Iroquois Indians
Providing a path towards Respect, Peace, and Gentle Harmony by providing information about the Iroquois, or as we prefer to call ourselves the Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse).

Peaceful Spirit
Native American and New Age links.

Peltier Freedom Ring
Sites in support of Leonard Peltier. Form to join and list of member sites.

Pennacook History
Compact tribal history of the Pennacook from contact until now.

Pennsylvania Powwow List
Listing of Native American events in Pennsylvania and some surrounding states.

Penobscot Language and the Penobscot Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy. With a kids' section.

Penobscot Museum
Tribally owned and operated museum in Maine.

Penobscot Nation
Official website of this Indian tribe includes political and business information, articles, and the Penobscot Museum.

People of the Colorado Plateau: Ute Indians
Essay on the history of the Ute tribe.

People of the Colorado Plateau: Ute Indians
Essay on the history of the Ute tribe.

People of the Three Fires Native Genealogy
Census data, tribal histories, and queries for the Ojibwa, Potawatomi and Ottawa tribes.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Peoria Tribe of Oklahoma
Official homepage of the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Pequot History
Compact history of the Pequot from contact until now.

Pequot Literature
News, links, and historic photographs related to the tribe.

Peterson Gallery
Northwest Coast Native American art gallery. Presenting native artists and art work from the Puget Sound.

Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians
News, information, and background articles from the Chukchansi.

Pictou Landing First Nation School
Located in Trenton, Nova Scotia.

Pictures of the Cherokee Nation
Includes pictures of the Heritage Center, Cherokee Capital, Tahlequah, and Lake Tenkiller.

Piitas Ceremonial Drums
Indian-style drums, rattles, and pipes for sale by Peter Vanderkooy (non-native).

Pipe Keepers
International organization teaching the significance of pipes and quarrying the stone for making them. History, membership, events, photos.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Blackfoot
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Cheyenne
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Comanche
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Crow
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Kiowa
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Kootenai
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Nez Perce
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Omaha
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Osage
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Pawnee
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Sarcee
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Sioux
Basic information about the Sioux tribes' traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Spokane
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Tonkawa
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Wichita
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains and Plateau Tribes: Yakima
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Plains Indian Costume
Sketches of Crow and other Indian traditional attire.

A balanced account of the Powhatan woman's life, with attention to different versions of her story.

Pocahontas (Matoaka)
Biography of the 17th-century Powhatan peacemaker.

Pocahontas Chronology
Timeline of the Powhatan girl's life.

Pocumtuc History
Compact tribal history from contact until now.

Pokagon Band of Potawatomi
Official homepage of this Michigan band offers basic information about the tribe and its members.

Pola Lopezm - Chicana Artist New Mexico
Ethnic Native Art by Award Winning Pola Lopez.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Pomp: The True Story of the Baby on the Sacagawea Dollar
The famous infant's later life as an adventurer in the American West.

Ponca Tribe
Government, history, culture development, transportation and housing within the area. Located in the northeastern region of Nebraska.

Biography of the Ottawa war leader and chief.

Portait and links regarding the Ottawa leader.

Biography of the Tewa medicine man, and links about the Pueblo Rebellion.

Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe
Official homepage of the tribe includes culture and history, government, and business information.

Post-Contact Social Organization of Three Apache Tribes
History with special emphasis on Mescalero, Chiricahua and Western Apache social organization before their conquest. By James Q. Jacobs.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Potawatomi History
History of the tribe from the First Nations Histories.

Potawatomi Language and the Potawatomi Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Potawatomi Web
Presents various materials pertaining to Potawatomi language and culture, particularly as it relates to the Prairie Band.

Pottery by Native American Women
An art gallery that highlights pottery artwork from Native American women of the west.

Pow Wow Calendar
Schedule includes California, the Dakotas, Minnesota, New Mexico and other western states.

Pow Wow Traditions
Detailed descriptions of dances, regalia, etiquette, from a dancer's perspective. Photos and links. Cursor following animation.

Pow Wows Around The World
Pow wow directory and information, as well as poetry, recipes, and a message board.

Powerful People
Profiles of nine historical and contemporary American Indian leaders.

Powhatan Confederacy
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Powhatan Language and the Powhatan Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history, and genealogy. With a special question-and-answer section for kids.

Powhatan Renape Nation
Official page of this Indian tribe of New Jersey, offering articles on history, culture, events, and opinion.

Native American owned and operated company which lists Pow-wows events across the eastern United States and sells American Indian videos, books, and music.
Online community featuring pow wow Calendar, drum database, chat, photo galleries, and links.

Prairie Band of Potawatomi
Homepage of this Kansas tribe includes cultural, historical, and government information, a section about the casino, and links.

Prairie Region Indian Costume
Shawnee, Arikara, Miami, and Illinois dress at or about AD 1800.

Private Pierre Cruzatte
Biography of the French-Omaha voyager on the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Protecting the Civil Rights of American Indians and Alaska Natives
Article explaining and informing about the legal rights of Native Americans and how to attain them.

Pseudo Native American Tarot Decks
Article by a tarotist about the problems inherent in inauthentic American-Indian themed tarot cards. With pictures.

Pueblo Cultural Center
Fact sheets on area Pueblo communities, calendar of events, online gift shop and education programs.

Pueblo Indian
A website covering the history of the Pueblo Indian civilization, also featuring resources and a discussion forum.

Pueblo of Sandia Home Page
Official page offers information on this Indian tribe's government, history, and culture, information about the casino, and the tribal newsletter.

Pueblo Pottery of the Southwest
Exhibition of pottery vessels and figures from twelve pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona.

Purcell Chickasaw
News, support and information for Chickasaw living in four central Oklahoma counties.

Pyle Mountain Holsters
Thanks for your interest in Pyle Mountain Holsters - our mission is to provide excellent service, and quality holsters at an affordable price

Quanah Parker
Photographs and biographical sketch of the Comanche statesman.

Quanah Parker
Biography of the Comanche political and religious leader.

Quanah Parker: A Texas Legend
Biography of the last Comanche chief and his leadership of the tribe.

Quebec History Encyclopedia: Algonkin
1907 article on the tribe from the Bureau of American Ethnology.

Queneesh Studios Inc.
Jewelry, carvings, and other art by Richard Krentz, a Coast Salish artist of the Shi'sha'lth (Sechelt) nation.

Querencia Woodwinds
Specializing in handmade, concert tuned, performance quality Native American style flutes.

Quinault Indian Nation
official site includes news and information on government, culture, services, and recreational opportunities for the Nation, located in the Pacific Northwest.

Quoddy Loop: Passamaquoddy Tribe
Information about the tribe in Downeast Maine and New Brunswick.

Navajo textiles, pottery and artifacts.

Rainbow Dancers
Information about the organization and calendar for five annual intertribal pow wows in Illinois, USA.

Life and work of Kumeyaay artist Kenneth Banks.

Rainmaker Art Gallery
Contemporary Native American art and jewelry.

Raising Our Collective Voices
Opinions and resources linked for and about the mascot issue.

Raoul Trujillo Fanclub
Official website and fan club for the Apache/Ute artist and actor.

Raven Flutes
Hand crafted Native American style flutes in a variety of hard and soft woods and in many keys. Custom made to order.

Raven Publishing: Northwest Coast Native Indian art books
Northwest Coast Native Indian art styles and designs.

Raven Song Flutes
Native American style flutes designed and made by Gerry Ouellette.

Raven's Eye
The aboriginal newspaper of BC and the Yukon.

Raven's Tsa-La-Gi Page
Cherokee language and culture basic information and links.

Ravenstail and Chilkat robes by Canadian First Nations weaver Ann Smith
Northwest Coast, Indian art, aboriginal Chilkat weaving, Ravenstail weavings, tribal fabric art, ceremonial robes

Contemporary Fine Art, Artifacts, Traditional Native American Art available for purchase. Includes work by Northwest, Western and Southwest artists.

Reader's Companion to American History: Crazy Horse
Biography of the Teton Sioux military leader.

Rebellion: John Horse and the Black Seminoles
Web documentary on John Horse and the Black Seminoles, maroon allies of Seminole Indians who led the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history.

Rebuilding the Cherokee Nation
Speech by former chief Wilma Mankiller.

Red Cloud
Biography of the Oglala chief.

Red Cloud
Biography of the Oglala leader.

Red Cloud
Ohiyesa's (Charles Eastman's) recollections of the Sioux leader.

Red Cloud Indian School
Information about the Pine Ridge Jesuit school.

Red Cloud Indian School
Information about the Pine Ridge Jesuit school.

Red Earth, Inc
Red Earth, Inc. is an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote, preserve, and promulgate the rich traditions of American Indian history and cultures. .

Red Hawk Woman
Navajo woman's personal page with chants, quotes, information, and links to Indian shopping.

Red Lake Nation
Official homepage of this Chippewa nation, representing the four villages of the Red Lake Reservation, Little Rock, Red Lake, Redby and Ponemah.

Red Lake Net News
News, information, and opinions from the Red Lake Ojibwe Nation.

Red Nation Of The Cherokee
Cultural and spiritual organization accepting mixed bloods of all nations or tribes.

Rediscovery International Foundation
Cultural and natural heritage programs for youth of all ages; based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Welcome to Redwebz. Our goal and vision at Redwebz is to bring together a Takatche' maka wigwa (council house) type community for all Native American Indians and those interested in preserving the heritage and lifestyle; a place where resources are available and you may seek help in a cause, or voice your opinion on what is happening in the world.We also seek to offer news updates, resources and information on animal rights and our enviroment.

Reference Resources: Native Americans
Indexed kid-friendly links about dozens of tribes.

Regat Studio
Alaskan artists Jacques and Mary Regat work in bronze, lithography, wood, and oils focusing on wildlife, native legends and stylized people.

Remember Wounded Knee
Endeavors to "mend the Sacred Hoop that was broken" at the massacre in 1890. Provides historical records and links to additional information.

Respect = go-hi-yu-hi
Archives about cultural theft and its effects on native people.

Rezident Junction Co.
100% Aboriginal apparel company, all of its products are NAFTA friendly, sweatshop free and of high quality, each unique design reflect the rich and diverse cultural background of Native Americans and First Nation members. Rezident Junction Co. did not want to offer "gift shop" type products since it felt that it didn't represent true cultural clothing styles and wished to bridge this gap. By offering a more urban type apparel with true Aboriginal flair, these are styles that appeal to the masses regardless of nationality.

RiCaL Wood Flutes
Native American style wood flutes in a variety of woods and styles. Custom, one of a kind available for order.

Ritual Writings
Links and reprinted articles on various American Indian topics.

River of Song: Meskwaki Culture
Overview of the Meskwaki of Iowa, including an interview with an older Meskwaki woman about her culture.

Riverwalk of the Ancients
Personal page with family photos, stories, poems, and links.

RNH Arts
Renee New Hejazeen, acrylic painter of primitive wildlife/tribal dream art; originals and giclee prints.

Rob Wesley
Stories, pictures, biography, and career information from an Ojibway systems administrator.

Robin Polhamus, Osage Artist/Muralist
Robin Polhamus offers you her murals and paintings on a full line of products. From cards to brief cases. Find photos of many of her most famous murals, paintings, and logos.

Rock Art Images
Specializing in reproductions of prehistoric Native American rock art of the southwesten U.S. utilizing natural sands and mineral pigments from southern Utah.

Rock Art Petroglyphs
Petroglyphs photographed at southwest rock art sites accurately carved into stone for wall or shelf display in your home or office.

Rock Art Pottery by James Q. Jacobs
Photorealistic representations of prehistoric rock art glyphs.

Rocky Fork Powwow
Two-day powwow in Southeastern Ohio. Drumming, dancing, story-telling, arts, foods and demonstrations.

Rocky Mountain and Plains Indian Fur Trade
The impact of European explorers, fur traders, and mountain men on native people.

Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota
Official site of the Rosebud Sioux (Sicangu Oyate Lakota), offering a view of the land, people and projects of the tribe.

Rough Rock Community School
K-12 school serving the students in the Navajo reservation of Arizona. Information on administrators and different grades, as well as a photo gallery.

Running Deer Flutes
Handmade, custom flutes of Aromatic Red Cedar and other woods from around the world. Recorded flute music.

Running Strong for American Indian Youth
Helps Indians meet their immediate survival needs while implementing and supporting programs that create opportunities for self-sufficiency and self-esteem, particularly for tribal youth.

Russell Means
Homepage of the Lakota activist with politics, biography, and quotes.

RV Flutes
Native American Flutes handcrafted by Russ Venable. Custom made single barrel, drone and contra bass models available.

Biography of the teen-age Shoshone interpreter and guide.

Biography of the Shoshone woman who helped Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition.

Biography of the young Shoshone woman who traveled with the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Sacagawea - Guide to the West? article on the Shoshone explorer.

Sacagawea: Her Life and Death
Captive, Indian Interpreter, Great American Legend: The truth behind Sacagawea's courage, her life, and her controversial death as documented in the original historical records.

Story of the teen-aged Shoshone who interpreted for Lewis and Clark.

Sacred Journey of the Nez Perce
Script of the Idaho Public Television program about the 1,600-mile journey and struggle for survival of the tribe.

Sacred Journey of the Nez Perce
Script of the Idaho Public Television program about the 1,600-mile journey and struggle for survival of the tribe.

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan
Official site offers information on government, culture, education, and gambling.

Here you will find images of my carvings of Hopi Kachina Dolls and Clowns.

Salish and Neighboring Languages
Conference reports on Salish and other languages. Some links given.

Salish Kootenai College
Tribal college located on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Pablo, Montana. Includes calendar, course schedule, student message board, and staff and faculty directory.

Salish Pride Carving Gallery
Coast Salish carvings (masks, totem poles and plaques) by Coast Salish people.

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
Brief community and council information.

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
Includes information about both tribes, contact addresses, and links.

Sampson Woodland Flutes
Handcrafted Native American flutes and accessories.

Samson Occom Papers
Biographical sketch and information on scope and content of materials available at the Connecticut Historical Society on Samson Occum of the Mohegan tribe.

Samson Occum's House
Drawing made c.1836 of the Montville home of Mohegan preacher and teacher, Samson Occum.

Samuel's Memory
The story of the Trail of Tears, from the perspective of a 9-year-old boy who survived the journey.

Santa Cruz, California Chapter of the Nastao Nation
Native American medicine society promoting culture and social issues. History and principles, local and general information, links.

Saponitown: Descendants of the Fort Christanna Indians
Tracing Eastern Siouan ancestors, also called Eastern Blackfoot, who originated in the NC/VA area, including Occoneechi, Monacan, Eno, Tutelo, and Saponi. Historical information and forum for sharing research.

Sarah Robertson, Cherokee
A descendant sharing and searching for information.

Sarah Winnemucca
Biography of the Paiute woman who tried to bring peace to her people.

Saskatchewan Indian
A collection of selected full text articles from the 1970's to the 1990's.

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies
Offering training and education programs to First Nations adults in Saskatchewan.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Sauk and Fox History
Compact tribal history from contact until now.

Sawols: Catalog of Art from Indigenous Groups of California
Information on the art, culture, history, and creation stories from the Indigenous Groups of California: Pomo, Hupa, Miwok, Tongva, Yurok, Karuk, Maidu, Ajachmem and Ohlone.

Schaghticoke Tribal Nation
Official site. History, status of efforts to obtain US federal government recognition, and press releases on current issues.

SCNweb is the official website of the Southern Cherokee Nation. The site contains a variety of information from enrollment related to information on Southern Cherokee history.

SCNweb is the official website of the Southern Cherokee Nation. The site contains a variety of information from enrollment related to information on Southern Cherokee history.

Searching Bear Flutes
Handcrafted custom made Native American style wood flutes. Concert and recording quality.

Searching for Saponi Town
Historical information and forum for descendants of the Piedmont of Virginia and North Carolina: Saponi, Tutelo, Occaneechi, and others.

Biography of the acclaimed chief of the Puget Sound Salish tribes.

Secwepemc Shuswap Nation
A nation of 17 bands occupying the south-central part of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. The ancestors of the Secwepemc people have lived in the interior of BC for at least 10,000 years.

Seeds of Strength and Hope for Zuñis
Article on agricultural science recovering and strengthening indigenous farming. Reprinted from Seedling 1993.

Selling American Indian Spirituality: Cheating Us, Cheating Them
Essay on the recent commercialism of American Indian spiritual tradition, by Pte Cante Winyan.

Semiahmoo First Nation
Website of this Straits Salish people on the Canadian side of the border.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
Official site for Oklahoma Seminoles with information on government, services, education, Seminole Days and other news and events.

Seminole Nation, Indian Territory Genealogy
History of the Seminoles, biographies, treaties, genealogical resources, and links.

Seminole Tribe of Florida
Official home of Florida Seminoles with information on government, history, culture, tourism, tribal events and news.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Seneca Indians
Portal for learning about the Seneca Indian culture, its place in the League of Iroquois Nations, legends and folklore, and resources you can find on the Web.

Seneca Indians: Stories and Legends
Traditional tales from the Seneca Nation.

Seneca Nation Library
Hours, location, and contact information; also provides links on the Seneca.

Biography of the native Cherokee linguist.

Biography of the Cherokee man who developed a system of writing for his people.

Biography of the inventor of the Cherokee syllabary.

Serenity Flutes
Handcrafted Native American style flutes, crafted mostly from cedar.

Setting the Record Straight
Site debunking various Internet myths about American Indians, from incorrect assumptions about Indian languages through theories about alien landings.

Seven Generations Education Institute
A certificate, diploma and degree granting institute.

Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development, Inc.
An intermediary foundation and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the uniqueness of Native Peoples and our nations.

Shako:wi Cultural Center Rattles Exhibit
Photographs and descriptions of turtle, horn, and deer toe rattles used by the Iroquois.

Native advocacy, tributes, photos, and biographies of selected leaders from a part-Cherokee woman.

Shamanic Art:
Drums and rattles made in a traditional way.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Shawnee History
Compact tribal history from contact until now.

Shawnee Language and the Shawnee Indian Culture
Language, culture, history, and genealogy. With a special question-and-answer section for kids.

Shawnee Traditions
Language, culture and ethnohistory of the tribe.

Shelby County Ohio Historical Society - Miami Indians
Gives the reasons for the decline of the tribe and describes the events leading up to their removal from Illinois.

Shenks Ferry -The Lost People
Archaeological evidence of the native inhabitants who preceeded the Susquehannocks in central Pennsylvania.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Shiprock Trading Company
Located in Shiprock New Mexico, dealer in Native American arts and crafts.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Shoshone Bannock Tribes and the Fort Hall Reservation
Short article by Angler, with links.

Links to Seneca Nation resources, from the Kahon:wes's Iroquois Confederacy Index.

Shundahai Network
Shundahai Network an international network of activists and organizations bridging the gap between the environmental, peace and justice and indigenous land rights communities.

Shuswap Nation Information Sharing Network
ISN's main goal is to create a user friendly internet access meeting place where people of the Shuswap Nation can share ideas, news, information, or even the latest word on the rez.

Sierra Gaming Alliance
Offering tribal gaming consultants, Indian gambling training, NIGA internal controls, and other assistance for tribal gaming.

Siletz Cemeteries
Combined enumeration of six Siletz Indian cemeteries including Paul Washington, Riverside VFW, Rock Creek, Logsden, Lower Siletz and Nortons.

Silver Moon Traders
Source for southwestern and tribal fetish, pottery, and jewelry.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Sitting Bull
Biography and quotations from the Hunkpapa medicine man and chief.

Sitting Bull
Biography of the Hunkpapa chief and holy man.

Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotanka)
Biography of the great Lakota leader.

Sitting Bull In Memory
University of California scholar provides testimonials of Sitting Bull's kindness toward whites and contrasts these with the media's slander.

Six Nations Adoptees
Search and support for adoptees, (lost birds), birth parents and birth siblings of the Iroquois Nations.

Six Nations Adoptees
Search and support for adoptees, birth parents and birth siblings of the Iroquois Nations.

Six Nations Polytechnic
An Aboriginal human resource center addressing Aboriginal needs and issues. SNP offers programs in partnership with government, industry and commerce. There is an emphasis on developing and promoting the culture and language of Hodinohso:no/Rotinonhshonni.

Skidegate Repatriation & Cultural Committee
Volunteer organization bringing home human remains, grave goods, and cultural objects to Haida Gwaii from museums worldwide. Several hundred ancestors have been brought home and reburied. Includes photographs of ceremonies.

Sky Lite Stencils
Stencil art, stories, and family photographs of Kwakiutl Indian Buster C. Wilson.

Gallery of artwork by a Blackfeet/Umatilla artist. In English and French.

SkyHawkFireHeart Website
Blackfeet artist SkyHawk's unique vision of his people and of other peoples all around the world

Skyview Flutes
Handmade Native American style flutes in hardwood or aromatic cedar. Custom orders also taken.

Slocum - RI to PA
Genealogy of the Slocum family and their Miami Indian roots. Special Report: An Ugly History
Investigation shows that the US government had detailed knowledge of fraudulent practices that allowed energy companies to cheat impoverished Native American Indians out of vast sums over dozens of years. Second of a two-part series. (December 7, 2004) Special Report: Fraud in New Mexico
Investigation shows that the US government had detailed knowledge of fraudulent practices that allowed energy companies to cheat impoverished Native American Indians out of vast sums over dozens of years. First of a two-part series. (December 3, 2004)

SmithDRay: Nancy Ward
Biography and links for the last Beloved Woman of the Cherokee.

Smoke Signals Enterprises
Marketing and communications consultants, web design and hosting to the Native American community. Based in Anadarko, Oklahoma.

Smoke's Native Fine Arts Open Studio
Prints, sculpture, fine arts produced by Native artist Randy P. Smoke.

Soaring Eagle
A Northern Cheyenne charity founded by Father Emmett Hoffmann provides an assisted living center, a child day care, a Montessori school and a cultural heritage project in Ashland, Montana.

Social Development Resource Centre
The SDRC provides training, health, career, government, and social development information for First Nations Bands across the Province of BC.

Soda Creek Band - Xatsu'll First Nation
Part of the Great Secwepemc Nation.

Canadian project to install and support Information Technology systems and computer networks for Inuit and First Nations communities.

Some Letters of Alexander McGillivray
Text of historical letters by the Muscogee chief.

Somers Mountain Museum of Natural History and Primitive Technology
Educational resource offering programs and workshops in Native American culture, nature and Native technology. Somers, Connecticut.

"So Sings the Blue Deer"
by Charmayne McGee. A simple page about a book on the Huichol people of Mexico.

Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations
Tribal history, education and employment programs, treaty information, band administration, culture and traditions, canoe journey, and a traditional pit cook.

Sota Iya Ye Yapi Weekly Newspaper
News of and for the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota nation

South Carolina Indians - The Yuchi
Basic information about the Yuchi, including their history and current status as well as their dwellings, food, clothing, and tribal beliefs and practices.

South Dakota Oral History Center
American Indian students, organizations, and studies program at the University of South Dakota.

Southcentral Foundation Health Information
Resource for Alaska Natives and other Native Americans to gain health information. Includes facts about drugs, therapy, traditional healing and combination medicine.

Southeast Tribes: Caddo
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southeast Tribes: Calusa
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southeast Tribes: Cherokee
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southeast Tribes: Chickasaw
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southeast Tribes: Chitimacha
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southeast Tribes: Choctaw
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southeast Tribes: Creek
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southeast Tribes: Natchez
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southeast Tribes: Quapaw
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southeastern Native American Alliance (SENAA)
A 501(c)(3), nonprofit, Native American cultural organization dedicated to protecting and preserving Native American historical, sacred, and burial sites; raising public awareness of human rights violations perpetrated and perpetuated against Native Americans by the United States government; and fighting for equal rights for Native Americans of all tribal affiliations.

Southern Cherokee Tribe & Associated Bands in Texas
History, focus and contacts for this Texas community.

Southern Cheyenne
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Southern Manitoba First Nations Repatriation Program
Reuniting First Nations adoptees (including those in long-term foster care) with their birth families.

Southern Paiute
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Southern Ute Indian Tribe
Official homepage has information about the tribe's government, culture, businesses, and symbols.

Southwest Indian People : The Papago
Short description of this group's ancestry, history, and current status in Arizona, including a map of reservations.

Southwest Indian People : Yavapai
Ancestry and recent history of the group.

Southwest Indian People: Yaqui
Short discussion of recent history.

Southwest Indian Peoples: Hualapai
Tribal overview and ancestry.

Southwest Tribes: Havasupai
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Hopi
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Mojave
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Navajo
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Papago - Tohono O'odham
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Pima
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Pueblo
Basic information about the tribes' traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Yaqui
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Yavapai
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Yuma
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Tribes: Zuni
Basic information about the tribe's traditional gender, sex, and societal roles.

Southwest Web Ring
Essays related to southwestern Native American history, pre-history, and contemporary issues. Includes photo galleries of ancient southwest ruins.

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute
A National Indian Community College located in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sovereign Nations
Announcement of Native American educational museum and yearly benefit pow wow. Links.

Soza Warsoldier Bill - Apache/Cahuilla
Native American Artist and political activist.

SPECTRUM Biographies - Sitting Bull
Brief biography that explains Sitting Bull's nickname, Hunkesi, and his predictions.

Spirit Of A Child Foundation
Non-profit charitable organization dedicated to supplying educational, winter and holiday goods to reservation children in Minnesota and the upper midwest.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii, by Bill Reid
Explanation of the human and mythological characters crowded into a canoe in this famous sculpture.

Spirit Of The Woods Flutes
Recording quality, hand crafted and custom made Native American flutes. Made by Ed Hrebec.

Spirit Songs Native American Flutes
Hand-crafted Native American flutes. Includes a brief history of flutes, instruction on care and on playing.

Spirit Web Design
Navajo-owned website design company.

Spirit Wind Love Flutes
A variety of Native American flutes. Instruction book, recordings, and flute cases available. Pow Wow schedule.

Spirit Wrestler Gallery
Representing sculpture and graphics by master Inuit and Northwest Coast Indian artists.

Spirits of the North
Masks, totem poles, bowls, carved wall plaques, rattles, bentwood boxes, and talking sticks, along with prints and paintings by renowned artists.

Spiritual Commodification and Misappropriation
Essay on Native American beliefs about religious exploitation, with quotes from many prominent American Indians.

Native American style flutes by flutemakers from Australia, as well as the Outback Sax and other woodwind instruments.

Spokane Tribe
Official homepage of this Indian Nation presents news, history, culture, government and business information, and links.

Spotted Hawk
Personal homepage of a member of the Edisto Tribe of the Natchez-Kusso.

SpruceRoots Magazine
Covers issues that affect natives and non-natives on Haida Gwaii, including logging, tribal rights, and local government. Includes articles, photographs of scenery and cultural objects, and editorial cartoons.

Squamish Nation
Official site of this Coast Salish tribal group includes events, timeline, language, news, and media.

Article about the English-speaking Indian who helped the Pilgrims.

Squanto (Tisquantum)
Biography of the Wampanoag translator, guide, and emissary for the early Plymouth Colony.

Squaxin Island Indian Tribe
Tribal history. Current government and projects.

St George's Bay Mi'kmaq
Newfoundland Mikmaq news, history, and links.

Stan Hill's Carvings
Bob D'Alimonte's personal site with a tribute to the work and life of Stanley R. Hill, Sr.; his bone carvings and the short film "Carving Out a Legend."

Stellar Flutes
Handcrafted Native American style flutes made in different keys and most woods. Includes a heavy wool carrying case, fingering chart. Also offering kits and sound samples.

Stereotyping of Native Americans at the 2004 Grammy Awards
Petition requesting an apology for OutKast's "redface" performance.

Stockbridge-Munsee (Mohican)
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Stockbridge-Munsee Community
Official site for this band of the Mohican (Mahican) Nation, including tribal government, history, family services, education, and news and events. Reservation in Wisconsin.

Stockbridge-Munsee Community - Mohican Nation
Tribal council, news, legal information, and information about the casino and other tribal businesses. In Wisconsin.

Stone Child College
Located in Box Elder, Montana, United States. Dedication, historical information, mission, accreditation, and a fact sheet.

Stone Edge Archery and Knapping
Charlie Acuna makes bows, arrows, and knapped stone arrowheads, spearpoints and knives with traditional methods and materials.

Storyteller Flutes
Handcrafted Native American flutes, made from various woods. Also offering original CDs, as well as books.

Storyteller's House
Haudenosaunee artist Natasha Smoke Santiago's gallery, with her paintings, pottery, sculptures and crafts.

Storytelling of the North Carolina Native Americans
Lumbee, Cherokee, and Occaneechi traditional storytelling and stories.

Straight Arrow Publications
Eastern Native American history and research - American Indian nations include Shawnee, Cherokee, Delaware, Wyandot, Miami, Seneca, Mohawk, Chickasaw, Seminole, Choctaw. Indian blood traditions.

Stroud Flutes
Videos and books on how to make a flute. Native American style flutes, recordings, kits and accessories.

Sun Heart Flutes
Hand crafted native flutes using cedar. Double and quads available.

Sunrise Park Resort
Trail maps, employment listings and daily ski report. Located in Greer.

Suquamish Tribe
Official website presents cultural information, a speech by Chief Seattle, and a section on the Tribal Center.

Susan LaFlesche Picotte
Profile of the pioneering Native American doctor.

Susan LaFlesche Picotte
Biography of the Omaha Indian who became a physician and public health expert.

Susan Point @ Deschutes Gallery
Susan Point of the Salish speaking Northwest Coast Natives. View Susan's glass carvings, prints and wood work at Deschutes Gallery.

Susquehanna River Rock Art
The story of the ancient Safe Harbor petroglyphs in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, believed to be the work of the Susquehannocks' predecessors.

Susquehannock History
Comprehensive historical and cultural treatise of this Eastern tribe, from pre-history to their demise in the 18th Century.

historical and archaeological information concerning the Susquehannocks, early inhabitants of Spanish Hill, located in South Waverly, PA.

Speaking the Language of Spiders: a First Nations virtual contemporary art.

Tachi Yokut Tribe
Official website has an archive of unratified treaties between the US government and California native tribes, history and culture of the Tachi Yokut, and information on the casino.

Native American traditions as told by a Sioux descendant.

Tale'awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation
Providing small business financing and support to Aboriginal entrepreneurs in the traditional Coast Salish Nation territories of British Columbia. Corporation history, program details, applications, newsletter, and FAQs.

Tales from the Totems of the Hidery
Nineteenth-century collection of Haida legends.

Tales of the North American Indians
1929 collection of Indian legends and stories.

Tanasi Máterá Indigenous Circle
Protecting and preserving burial and otherwise sacred sites in Tennessee.

Tantoo Cardinal
NativeCelebs profile of the actress.

Tapestry - The Institute for Philosophy, Religion, and the Life Sciences
Nonprofit institute that facilitates, promotes, and carries out collaborative research and scholarship.

Tarhe, Grand Sachem
Biography of the Wyandot leader.

Links to Tuscarora Nation resources, from the Kahon:wes's Iroquois Confederacy Index.

Teaching Indigenous Languages
Articles on teaching, revitalizing, and stabilizing indigenous languages, indigenous language policy, dropout prevention and teacher training.

Teachings from the Medicine Wheel
Five traditional stories in English, Micmac and Maliseet.

Tears in the Sand
Tribal historians and descendants tell the story of the Sand Creek massacre.

Biography of the Shawnee war chief and pan-tribal political leader.

Tecumseh's Speech at Vincennes
Text of the Shawnee leader's famous 1810 oration.

Southern Ontario's oldest Native news weekly.

Ten Cultural Respect Guidelines for Y-Indian Princesses and Others
Suggestions from a Cherokee man about learning about American Indians respectfully.

Tennessee River Band of Chickamaugan Cherokees
A confederation of families of Cherokee descent, the site includes membership information and links.

TerryLee Whetstone- Native American fine art artist, flute player and painter
TerryLee Whetstone showcases his Native American artwork, limited edition art prints, Native American flute music.

Texas Indians
Information on history and origins, religion and ceremony, oral literature, territories, and treaties of the 25 Native American tribes of Texas. Also a curriculum for teachers and information for children.

Texas Indians: Alabama-Coushatta
Overview of the tribe, including a legend and an interview with the tribal chief.

Texas Indians: Caddo
Information about the tribe's culture and history from the Handbook of Texas Indians.

Texas Indians: Tonkawa
Brief overview of the Tonkawa, their culture and history, with a link to a book on the Tonkawa for sale. From the Texas Indians series.

Thatched Ohlone Style House
An experimental archaeology project to reconstruct a traditional Ohlone dwelling, using both ancient and a few modern tools. Includes photographs.

The Abenaki Perspective on Storytelling
Author Joseph Bruchac on his tribe's oral tradition. Three traditional folktales are also presented.

The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society (AMMSA)
Canada's leading Aboriginal communications provider includes Windspeaker, Alberta Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan Sage,Raven's Eye, AMS and CFWE-FM radio.

The Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada
Promotes aboriginal health care for aboriginal people.

The African - Native Genealogy Homepage
Celebrating the Estelusti, The Freedmen, Oklahoma's Black Indians of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations.

The Algonquian Confederacy of the Quinnipiac Tribal Council
Providing a history of the Quinnipiac people of Connecticut and information about ACQTC and Native American events, issues, and news.

The Algonquin Indians
Brief essay on Algonquin culture.

The American Indian in Tennessee
Traces the last 15,000 years of Native American occupation of Tennessee, using artifacts from the McClung Museum's extensive collections. Includes the Duck River Cache, considered the greatest find in Tennessee archaeology, dating from the Late Mississippian period (ca. AD 1450).

The Arapaho Tribe
From the Omaha Public Library, historical information and links to a photo gallery and the original Secretary's Report from TransMississippi Expedition.

The Art of Janet Kierstead
Acrylic paintings of Native American subjects done in a contemporary style.

The Art of M.S. Hollis
Paintings of American Indians and western wildlife.

The Baseball Reliquary: The Story of Louis Sockalexis
Biography of the first American Indian ballplayer and pictures of his shrine.

The Canadian Aboriginal Festival
Canada's largest Aboriginal festival. Held in Toronto, Ontario.

The Cherokee
Site about Cherokee traditional storytelling.

The Cherokee Observer
An independent newspaper. Features articles, archives, language guide, and subscription information.

The Chickasaw People
Historical information.

The Chiricahua Apaches
Biographies of the three Apache chiefs Cochise, Geronimo and Mangas Coloradas.

The Choctaw Indian Nation
Information about Choctaw history, language, mythology, and modern life.

The Choctaw Trail of Tears
Features a description of the Choctaw lands geography and climate, origins, culture, government, economy, religion, and history after contact with white men.

The Coeur d' Alene Tribe
Official webpage of this Indian tribe, also known as Schitsu'Umsh, with cultural, political, and environmental information.

The Cradleboard Teaching Project
Native American curriculum and cross cultural exchange.

The Crucible of American Indian Identity
Essay on the conflict between traditional native and European ways of determining identity, and the imposition of the blood quantum.

The Cultural Conservancy
A Native American non-profit organization working to preserve traditional cultures, empowering the application of traditional beliefs and practices on ancestral lands.

The Dakota Society of Minnesota
Homepage of this historical fellowship, open to anyone with an interest in the history and culture of the Dakota people. Information about the Society and a list of recommended resources.

The Death of Sitting Bull
L. Frank Baum's 1890 editorial on the Lakota leader's death, ending with a call to exterminate the surviving Indians.

The East Tennessee Indian League
A non-profit, non-political, educational organization to promote the culture of Native Americans. We are also the host of the Knoxville, TN powwow.

The Eastern Door
A community based newspaper serving the Mohawk of Kahnawake.

The Elkus Indian Papers
The California Academy of Sciences Library's collection of over 3,300 documents related to Indian affairs over the period 1922-1963, from the estate of Charles de Young Elkus.

The Eric Schweig Gallery
Inuit crafts of the talented actor and artisan, Eric Schweig ... "Uncas" in "The Last of the Mohicans." Features Schweig's Inuit Spirit Masks and links to Mohican Press

The Existential Indian
An interview with Indian rights activist Russell Means.

The Fire This Time
Examining the cultural/political links between black and indigenous Americans.

The Flag Arapaho of Wyoming
The Arapaho flag on the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming. Includes a history.

The Flag of the Blackfeet Nation
Photograph and history of the flag.

The Flag of the Comanche Nation
Picture and explanation of the flag, with background about the people.

The Flag of the Fort McDowell Yavapai, Apache & Mojave
Picture of the flag and explanation of its history and symbolism.

The Flag of the Iowa of Oklahoma
Photograph of the tribal flag, with an explanation of its symbols.

The Flag of the Oneida Nation of New York
Photograph of the tribal flag, with a brief history of the tribe and explanation of its symbols.

The Flag of the Otoe-Missouria
Photograph of the tribal flag, with a description of the clan totems.

The Flag of the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma
Photograph of the tribal flag, with a brief history of the tribe and explanation of its symbols.

The Flag of the Passamaquoddy
Picture and information about the tribal flag.

The Flag of the Pawnee
Picture of the flag with an explanation of its symbolism and history.

The Flag of the Quapaw
The Quapaw flag and an explanation of its history and symbolism.

The Flag of the Yosemite Miwok
Picture and description of the flag of this Miwok band and its symbolism.

The Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States
Pictures and descriptions of flags used by US Indian tribes. Sites doesn't feature flags for sale.

The Flathead Tribe
History of the Flathead (Salish) Indian tribe with photographs.

The Flight of the Nez Perce
Looking Glass and the Nez Perce war of 1877.

The Gentle Survivalist
Native and Creator-centered news and views, denouncing the selling of spirituality by both new agers and fake medicine men, and offering the teachings of prophets, grandfathers and wise earthkeepers written to confound curiosity seekers.

The Golden Hill Indians of the Paugussett Indian Nation
Extensive information on the tribe, its history, members, activities and vision.

The Great American Foot Race
Documentary about Andy Payne, a 20-year-old Cherokee man, who won the longest foot race in history.

The Gwich'in of Alaska and Canada
The people of the caribou occupy the southern slopes of the Brooks Range, brief history, photo, map, traditional management practices, and international caribou agreement.

The Hawk's Next
For all Native American Indian tribes. Form to join and list of member sites.

The History of Tisquantum
Story of the Patuxet man credited with the first Thanksgiving.

The Huichol Indians
Some rudimentary information about the Huichol and their artwork from an online seller of Amazon Indian art.

The Hupa
Ethnohistory and artifacts of this California tribe.

The Illini Confederation: Lords of the Mississippi Valley
Scholarly resource on the Illinois Indians, also known as the Illiniwek or Illini Confederation.

The Illiniwek & Shawnee of Southern Illinois
Concise history of both the Illini & Shawnee, developed by a group of highschool students studying ethnobotany.

The Image Makers
Paintings by Canadian Native artists.

The Indian Fur Trade
Effects of the fur trade and interaction of explorers, traders, and mountain men on Native Americans between 1804 and 1843.

The Indigenous Circle
The ultimate source for finding Native American information on the World Wide Web.

The Indigenous World Webring
For Indigenous and Native Americans of North, South and Central America.

The Inn At Halona
Tribally licensed inn that is also an outlet for Zuni arts and crafts.

The Innu Nation/Mamit Innuat
This official website represents two of the three Innu organizations, the Innu Nation and Mamit Innuat (the third is Mamuitun). Information on history, culture, political situation, land rights, and women's issues.

The Jicarilla Genesis
The Southwest Indian creation myth cycle as recorded by James Mooney.

The Lakota Fund
The Lakota Fund is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping the Lakota people of South Dakota. The site aims to raise awareness and sell crafts.

The Language of Literacy
Canadian resource directory of Aboriginal literacy programs.

The Last Stand of Crazy Horse
Article on the military career of the Lakota leader, originally published in Wild West magazine.

The Lodge in the Redwoods
Pomo family's website includes family photos, regional information, and links.

The Long Walk of the Navajo
The infamous emigration of Navajo Indians by the US government from their homeland.

The Lost Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri, Inc.
Promotes revitalization of the Cherokee culture among the descendants of Cherokee people who hid their origin to remain in Arkansas. Organization information, membership application, news, and related links.

The Lumbee Indians
Detailed bibliography of offline information about the Lumbee.

The Makah Tribe: People of the Sea and the Forest
Essay describes the tribe's history and traditional and contemporary culture. Intended for K-12 teachers and students.

The Matses - Indigenous People
The Movement in the Amazon for Tribal Subsistence and Economic Sustainability (MATSES) is a non-governmental organization whose mission to provide support to the Matsés Indian communities

The Mi'kmaq (Micmac)
Heritage, politics and other information on this Nation.

The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
History, culture, and tribal information from this Minnesota-based band.

The Minnesota Chippewa Tribe
Federally recognized tribe comprises six member bands. Map, mission statement. Explanation of how tribal government interacts with other forms of government. Organizational chart, information on services. Requires Java.

The Mission Indian Federation
Historical information and ongoing research concerning the Mission Indian Federation, California Mission Indians, Southern California Reservations and related issues.

The Mohicans of the Upper Hudson Valley
Overview of Mahican history and culture from a Mahican woman, with a compendium of links.

The Mound Builders
The Mound Builders were Native North American peoples who built earthen mounds for burial, residential, and ceremonial purposes. This list is for discussion of information pertaining to these ancient peoples.

The Muwekma Ohlone Website
Official website of this California Indian tribe. Includes news, history, and the group's pursuit of federal recognition.

The Nanticoke/Lenape Tribe Of New Jersey
Unofficial page with tribal background and powwow photos.

The Nanticoke-Lenni Lenape Tribe Of New Jersey
Unofficial page with tribal background and powwow photos.

The Narragansett Indian Tribe
Brief article on the tribe from the state of Rhode Island.

The Native Adoptee
Resources, stories, and articles to help Indian children in search of their birth families.

The Native American Journal
Native American news, hard hitting articles, traditional women's medicine, a Powwow Calendar, and support for Leonard Peltier and the Dineh.

The Native American Village
Indigenous articles, news, and links.

The Navajo Code Talkers
Recognition of the 400 Navajo Code Talkers who fought in World War II.

The Navajo Creation Story
Recounting of this traditional Diné myth.

The Navajo Creation Story
Unattributed recounting of the Diné origin myth.

The Navajo Nation
Provides press releases, employment availability, special projects, and Council news.

The Navajo Silversmith
Dine artist Dennison Tsosie and his silver artwork.

The Neshnabe Institute for Cultural Studies
Educational organization focusing on the culture and languages of the Neshnabek (Algonquian Indians).

The New Hualapai Tribe Police Department
Information on the department, the application process, the people and the reservation.

The North View: Natives
Virtual exhibit on the Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi peoples of Northern Ontario. In English and French.

The Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council
Representating 14 Nuu-Chah-Nulth (Nootka) First Nations of the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

The official site of Bill and Traci Rabbit, Rabbit Studios
The official site of Bill and Traci Rabbit, Rabbit Studios, beautiful indian art, gilee's, gift items, limited editions and signed prints, framed reflections

The Ohlone Indians
From the Kids' Guide to Historic Oakland, a series of educational articles about California's native tribe.

The Oneida Indian Tribe of Wisconsin
Information and history of the tribe. Includes a chronology of their relocation to Wisconsin.

The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
Official website of this tribe feature cultural and clan information, government, history, and statistics.

The Online World Of Bobby Kayetennae Crowwolf
The artist studio /gallery depicting the American Indian culture, also depicting the wildlife in the pointillist style. Included is a small sample of crowwolf's fantasy illustrations.

The Osage Tribe
Official website, sponsored by the Osage Tribal Council, includes history, newsletter, and contact information.

The Otoe-Missouria Nation
A history of the tribe, provided by the Standing Bear Foundation of Northern Oklahoma University.

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe's Approach to Language and Literacy Development
A paper by Octaviana V. Trujillo. It contains an overview of the efforts of the Tribe to develop a tribal response to the language development needs of its people.

The Penacooks
Discussion list for genealogy and history related to the Native American Penacook tribe. Biographical sketches, cultural history, personal or informational web sites, are encouraged and most welcome. Discussions can range from the very early human settlement to present day

The Peopling of the Americas
Article on the synthesis of linguistic and genetic data with particular reference to Joseph Greenberg's "Amerind" theory.

The Pocahontas Myth
The Powhatan Nation's version of Pocahontas' story.

The Pow Wow Trail
Explains the history and cultural significance of the Pow Wow in native culture.

The Powwow Editions
Contemporary photographic portfolio of Powwow dancers in full regalia.

The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting
A Tsalagi legend recorded by James Mooney.

The Real Pocahontas
Biographies of the historical figures that inspired the Disney movie.

The Sauk
Culture and history of the Sauk.

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians
Information on programs and services as well as the Tribe's history.

The Semiahmoo People
The Semiahmoo People once dominated the region on the US/Canada border at Washington State and British Columbia, from Boundary Bay in the north to Birch Bay in the South. This site provides some background on the Semiahmoo People.

The Seneca Nation of Indians
Official website of this Indian tribe includes information on the Reservation, Seneca Nation government and education programs, genealogy, and cultural topics.

The Senecas Of The Sandusky
Description and history of the Mingo of the Sandusky region.

The Shoshone Indians
History and legends of the Shoshone. With links and an online forum.

The Significance of Wampum to Seventeenth Century Indians in NewEngland
Included in this essay are the Narragansett.

The Sovereign Miccosukee Seminole Nation
Official homepage of this nation, which claims to be the only truly sovereign Indian nation in North America.

The Stone Heart
A Winnebago Indian legend by Nahum Herson.

The Story of the Bear and His Indian Wife
Nineteenth-century recounting of a Haida legend.

The Te-Moak Shoshone
Commemoration of the 1863 signing of the Ruby Valley Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the Western Shoshone Indians and the United States Government. Includes a speech made by Chief Frank Te-Moke Sr (1903-1994) in 1965 and a link to the original treaty.

The Trail of Tears
Examines the issues faced by the Cherokee before removal and covers the Trail of Tears itself.

The Trail Where They Cried
Overview of the Trail of Tears from the Cherokee of California.

The Tribal Court Clearinghouse
Providing information to people working in Native American tribal courts. Sponsored by the Tribal Law and Policy Institute.

The Tsalagi Ring
Ring for sites of Cherokee interest.

The Ute Mountain Ute tribe
Official site has information on the tribe's history, legends, childrens stories, government and future plans.

The Walam Olum of Constantine Rafinesque
Discussion of the Delaware Walam Olum and whether or not it was a forgery.

The Wampanoag
The Children's Museum, Boston, and Wampanoag Indian Advisors offer teacher's resources on Wampanoag Indian culture, history and heritage. Includes suggested activities, readings, and examples from the Museum's collection.

The Wampum Chronicles
New research into Mohawk history, based on historical documentation, secondary sources, and Mohawk oral tradition.

The Wampum Chronicles: A Website of Mohawk History
New research on the history of the Mohawk Indians who moved to the St. Lawrence River.

The Wooden Flute Case Shop
Native american wooden flute cases, adorned with native american designs.

The World of Carmen Tsabetsaye
Photography, hobbies, education and work history. Links.

The Wounded Knee Massacre
History of the Ghost Dance and the slaughter of its native practitioners.

Eagles, hawks and assorted raptor links. Plus family and friends.

Thomason Tribal Cemetery
Including the diary of William P. Thomason and information on the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians.

Through Apache Eyes....PurpleHawk's Nest
Apache Indian facts on their life, culture, history, folklore, war, warriors. Child Safe for educational purposes.

Through Cherokee Eyes
Collection of Native American images compiled by John Runningwolf.

Thunder Bear Flutes
An array of Native American style flutes made mostly from aromatic cedar.

Thunder People
Digital Art, Poems, Native American Culture, Music, Metaphysical and Articles from Bear Thunder and Friends

Thunderbird Art Gallery
Native American, southwestern and western art, pottery and artifacts.

Thunderbird Gallery
Original oil paintings, carvings in wood, stone, bone, as well as precious and semi-precious metals.

Historic and modern pictures of tipis plus links to manufacturers and published articles.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Tlingit National Anthem: Alaska Natives Online
Online cultural center presents Alaska Native and American Indian history, art, culture, flags, celebrities, music, storytelling, dance, photographs, languages, radio, and media.

Todd Baker
Squamish Nation Indian of the Bear Clan, Grandson of Chief Khat-la-cha (Chief Simon Baker),and son of Ronald Wallace Baker of the Squamish Nation.

Toe Knee Stanger
Original Native American portraits by artist T. Stanger.

Tohono O'odham (Papago)
Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Tohono O'odham Community Action
Non-profit organization dedicated to creating cultural revitalization and sustainable community development on the Tohono O'odham Nation.

Tongva Nation Tribal Council
Official homepage of the Tongva or Gabrielino Indians. With community and environmental information, news, links, and a page about native dance.

Tonto Apache Reservation Community Profile
Prepared by the Arizona Department of Commerce, and featuring population and economic statistics. File format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat.

Tony Sawyer Flutes
Offers Native American style flutes, music and bags.

Tony's Page
Pictures and information about a Marine of Yurok descent. Online games, hobbies, and reading list.

Totem Poles: Art From the Pacific Northwest
Information about the most well known type of art made by Pacific Northwest Natives, the totem pole.

Town Creek Indian Mound
Information and historic site resources for the Pee Dee Culture at Town Creek, a regional expression of South Appalachian Mississippian Tradition, A.D. 1200-1400.

Traditional Navajo Jewelry
Frederick Ted Henry, maker of traditional Navajo jewelry in Canyon de Chele, Arizona.

Traditions and Languages of Three Native Cultures
Lesson plans, background information and links on the Tlingit, Lakota, and Cherokee peoples.

Trail of Tears
Historical accounts, paintings, and links telling the story of the great Tsalagi tragedy.

Trail of Tears
History and maps of the infamous forced removal of Cherokee, Choctaw, and other peoples from the southeastern region to Oklahoma.

Trail of Tears Association
Non-profit organization promoting awareness of the forced removal of 1838-1839. History, photographs, and trail maps.

Trail of Tears Association - North Carolina Chapter
Photos and map of route, membership information, event schedule, and links.

Software packages for archiving and teaching indigenous languages.

Treaties Between the United States and Native Americans
The Avalon Project from Yale University Law School. Searchable by keyword or title.

Treaties Map index
Canada index map shows areas covered by 1850-1900's Canadian treaties. Links to some fulltext treaties, treaty policies and area summary. Links to some English pre-1763 treaties for Maritime tribes.

Treaty with the Apache, Cheyenne, and Arapaho, October 17, 1865.
From the Avalon Project, Yale Law School.

Treaty with the Iowa, 1824.
August 4, 1824, treaty pertaining to lands ceded to U.S., reproduced from "Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties" published in 1904.

Treaty with the Oto and Missouri
March 15, 1854, treaty pertaining to lands ceded to U.S., reproduced from "Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties" published in 1904.

Tribal Glass Art
Native American Stained Glass and custom stained glass.

Tribal Government Web Ring
For Native American Nations' sites. Form to join and list of member sites.

Tribal Land Claim Meets Resistance in Illinois
Gives the history of the lands taken and possible reasons for the tribe wanting the lands back. (February 13, 2001)

Tribal Sovereignty
Essay about the sovereignty of the Penobscot Nation, by tribal member Mark Chavaree.

Pictures, legends, quotes, poetry, and other native tributes from a part-Cherokee woman.

Tseshaht First Nations
Located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Learn interactively about the people, the culture, and the art, through sound, text, and photography.

Tse-tsehese-staestse Literature
Links to Cheyenne stories and other sites of general tribal interest.
Traditional Tsimshian art and carvings such as: totempoles, masks, headdresses, paddles, canoes, boxes, rattles, plaques, bowls, etc. 20 years of woodcarving experience and knowledge of tsimshian art and culture.

Tsunami Flutes
Woodlands style, 5 hole Native American flutes, traditionally crafted. A variety of soft and hardwoods are used. 20 sizes available.

Tulalip Indian Reservation
Information and links about the Tulalip tribes including a map, photos, the mission school, and links to personal homepages of tribal members.

Tulalip Natural Resources Program
Homepage of this tribal committee features information on treaty rights, resource management, and also some cultural links.

Tulee v. State OF Washington, 315 U.S. 681 (1942)
A 1942 U.S. Supreme Court case about fishing rights for the Yakima Indians.

Turtle Island Flutes
Flutes inspired by the Native American Culture from Al Cleveland Turtle Island Flutes

Turtle Island Native Network
Canada's Aboriginal news and information network.

Turtle Island News
Native newspaper serving the Six Nations and surrounding areas.

Turtle Island Produictions
Métis-Ojibwe owned and operated video and web production company with an emphasis on Native American production and content.

Turtle Mountain Community College
Academics, student affairs, administrative, classes, news, and events.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Tuscarora and Six Nations
Current news, related links, and Iroquois information.

Tuscarora Native Peoples News
A Native American newsletter distributed by Trader Don. On this site you will find the latest copy of, Tuscarora Native Peoples News along with a complete archive of all back issues.

Twin Territories
Oklahoma-Indian Territory Project.

Two Towers Flutes and Instruments
Native American flutes, handcrafted with cedar and hardwoods in many different shapes, sizes and musical keys. Photo gallery, song books and audio samples.

U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Profile and accomplishments of the mixed-blood Cheyenne politician.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Umatilla Perspective on Kennewick Man
Presentation by an Umatilla religious leader on why ancestral human remains must be reburied rather than scientifically studied.

Union of New Brunswick Indians
Resources for and information about the Mikmaq and Maliseet of New Brunswick.

Union of Nova Scotia Indians
Tribal council incorporated under the Nova Scotia Societies Act on 3 July 1970 to provide a unified political voice for the Mìkmaq people. Seven of the thirteen Mìkmaq Bands in Nova Scotia are represented: Eskasoni, Membertou, Wagmatcook, Waycobah, Chapel Island, Shubenacadie and Acadia.

United Houma Nation
official website of the state-recognized Louisiana tribe. With history, culture, and government information.

United National Indian Tribal Youth
National network promoting personal development, citizenship and leadership; headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Program and event information, staff roster, links.

United Native America
Working toward a Federal holiday for Native Americans; also racial exclusion in the arts, media, and athletics. Petition, press releases, membership information, links. Opening animation and cursor trails.

United San Antonio Pow Wow
United San Antonio Pow Wow purpose is to promote the traditions and culture of the American Indian in the most positive manner possible.

United States Indian Tribes: Index by State
Clickable map for state reservations, tribal web links, general information. Nonstatus tribes included by states.

United States Returns Sacred Land to Indians
1996 report about how a marijuana grower's land was seized and then eventually returned to the Karuk.

United Tribes Technical College
State chartered, non-profit organization that is owned and operated by area reservations offering accredited degree programs. Located in Bismarck, North Dakota. Contains school mission, history, and accreditation information.

Unofficial Choctaw Nation Homepage
History, genealogy, research, and links to other Choctaw information on the web.

Urban Legend: Chief Seattle's Environment Speech
An urban-folklore newsgroup discusses the famous "web of life" speech, written not by the Suquamish leader but by a 1970's playwright.

Article on the tribe's history and culture from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Ute Indian
Learn about the Ute Indian tribe, its culture, history and folklore. The site also features a discussion board and a list of resources.

UWEC American Indian Studies Program
Program description, class materials, faculty, and resources from this University of Wisconsin native studies department.

Vaughnda's Home page, Native Dance
Vaughnda Hilton, Artistic Director of NNDT, a non-profit incorporation, Founded in 1991. Bio and resume information attached.

Vicky Littleleaf's Native American Links
Sites listed with reviews or personal messages from the author.

Victor Rocha's news digest
Native news, emphasis on casino issues. Headlines with pointers to full story on other sources.

Viki's Little Corner of the Web
A resource for Chickasaw and other Native American genealogy.

Virginia First Peoples
Discussing the history and contemporary issues facing Virginia's indigenous people.

Virginia's Indian Tribes
Description of both the (reservation) Mattaponi and the (non-reservation) Upper Mattaponi.

Voices From the Gaps
Instructional Web site focusing on the lives and works of North American women writers of color, with profiles, links, and writing samples from each.

Voices from the Gaps: Gertrude Simmons Bonnin
Biography of the Sioux writer and activist.

Voices from the Gaps: Winona LaDuke
Biography of the White Earth Ojibwe journalist/politician.

Voices from the Trading Post
Oral history interviews with over fifty Indian traders of the southwest United States. Contains slide shows, with a focus on Navajo, Hopi, Zuni reservations, culture, and artifacts.

Waasa Inaabidaa/We Look In All Directions
Campion website for the Emmy winning 6-hour PBS documentary series about the history, and culture of the Ojibwe people in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Wabanaki Confederacy
History and links about the nations of the alliance and their languages.

Waban-Aki Nation
Official homepage of the Grand Conseil representing the two Abenaki First Nations of Quebec, Odanak and Wolinak.

Text page delinating five generations of Mdewakanton Sioux leaders in Minnesota from 1656 to 1876.

Waccamaw Siouan
Unofficial homepage of this southeastern Siouan people includes a brief overview of the tribe, an opinion page, and links.

Waking Spirit
Handcrafted Native American style flutes offered in many different woods, styles and keys.

Walam Olum
Excerpt from the controversial Delaware "Red Record" of Rafinesque.

Walt Laforet
Offers Native American flutes, songbooks, accessories and CDs. Features pictures, FAQ, and care information.

Wampanoag Cultural Survival
History and some comments on the current generation; from the museum, Plimoth Plantation.

Wampanoag History
Compact tribal history from contact until now.

Wampanoag Language and the Wampanoag Indian Culture
Language, culture, history, and genealogy. With a special question-and-answer section for kids.

Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head
News, events, programs and services, plus store and links to related sites.

Wapashaw History
Rootsweb page concerning the history of the Minnesota-area Dakota band led by the Wapahasha chiefs.

Wappinger History
Compact tribal history from contact until now.

War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality
Declaration from tribal elders, reprinted from an undated handbill.

War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality
Lakota stance against the theft and exploitation of traditional native spirituality and religion.

Warrior Wind Flutes
Flutes crafted from PolyVinylChloride. Virtually indestructable and affordable.

Was Ishi the last of the Yahi?
University of California 1996 news release suggesting that Ishi's life story was more complicated than originally believed.

Waseskun Healing Circle
A unique community healing centre which offers services to Aboriginal communities throughout eastern Canada.

Waste Management in Indian Country
The EPA official guidelines on implementing and managing waste programs, landfills. Publications, regulations, news, links.

Water Politics and the History of the Fort McDowell Indian Community
Essay about the Yavapai Indians of Arizona, and how water politics has influenced the course of their recent history.

Water Politics and the History of the Fort McDowell Indian Community
Essay about the Yavapai Indians of Arizona, and how water politics has influenced the course of their recent history.

Wayana-Aparai Indians
Some rudimentary information about the Wayana-Aparai and their artwork from an online seller of Amazon Indian art.

We Are Still Here
Indian politics and issues, addressing racism and stereotypes, environmental destruction, and historical revisionism.

Welcome to the Nest of the Snowwowl
Personal page with links and writing about native and other eclectic topics.

West Coast Originals
Handcrafted figures based on west coast First Nations history and culture.

Western Art by Michele Zarb
Native artwork, Indian portraits, oil paintings. Stories of aboriginal culture and history.

Western Cherokee
Official website of the Council that separated from the Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri. Officially led by Chief Jerry Summers.

Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri
A man in Oregon who claims himself to be the Oregon State Office of the Western Cherokee Nation of Arkansas and Missouri affiligned with Lola Scholl who was removed from the Nation for fraud and theft.

Westvision Gallery
Cynthia West's paintings, prints, photography, shrines, pottery, dream arts, book arts and poetry.

What Became of the Mikmaq after 1755?
Genealogical and cultural resources on the Mikmaq people.

Where are the Susquehannock?
Brief history and comment on the once-powerful Pennsylvania tribe, and their tragic fate.

Where are the true Yellowknives?
Argument for treaty recognition for an aboriginal band called the Yellowknives who were listed under treaty 8 but are not recognized as a legitimate band today.

Whirlwind Studios
Native owned gallery of Native American flutes. Several flute makers represented and exotic flutes are pictured here. Native American flute music, flute kits, art, and show schedule. Color brochure.

Whispering Eagle
Story of a Lummi woman adopted out to a white family as an infant. Native and adoption links.

Whispering Wind Magazine
A bi-monthly magazine featuring crafts, culture, powwows, and history of the American Indian.

Whistlingwind Flutes & Music
Native American flutes, also offering music, performance schedule and photos of the flutemaker.

White Bear Creations
Native American inspired handcrafts, fetishes, medicine bags, and Renaissance items.

White Bison
Offering sobriety, recovery, addictions prevention and wellness resources to the Native American community nationwide. Contains information about their projects, products and conferences.

White Crow Flutes
Quality crafted and concert tuned Native American Flutes offered in many keys, woods and styles. Options include single, double and triple flutes.

White Earth Band of Chippewa
Profile of this Minnesota Ojibwe tribe, with facts and contact information.

White Earth Land Recovery Project
Aims to recover lands stolen from the White Earth Reservation, through purchase and donation, while protecting the environment and culture. Site includes information on history and current projects and an online store for organic food and Ojibwe art.

White Mountain Apache Tribe
Information about the tribe's culture, history, and government. Also includes job opportunities, health services directory, and related links.

White Wolf's Medicine Page
Native American Medicine and Crafts

Whitefish Lake First Nation
Events, services and contacts for this band which is Located 15km south west of the city of Sudbury, Ontario and has approximately 673 members.

Whitepath Flutes
Hand crafted Native American style wood and bamboo flutes. All pieces signed and dated.

Why Mount Shasta Erupted
Traditional folktale of the Shasta.

Why the Bat Hangs Upside Down
A Lipan Apache legend.

Wichita and Caddo Nation, Oklahoma Territory GenWeb
Official USGenWeb and OKGenWeb site for the Wichita and Caddo Nations of Oklahoma Territory. Particular emphasis on the years 1867-1902, during the reservation period under the Wichita Agency.

Wichita Indians
Encyclopedia article about the Wichita from the Handbook of Texas Online.

Wikwemikong Indian Band
Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve No. 26 stretches across both Georgian Bay and Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. It is recognized as Canada's only Unceded Indian Reserve.

Wild Wind Creations
Hand carved traditional Miqmaq Native American style flutes, using no power tools. Books, and original Native arts and crafts.

Wildlife Art by Kent McBride
Handcrafted wildlife carvings, mandalas, shields and walkingsticks by Metis Artist Kent McBride.

William Gutierrez Flutes
Native American flutes crafted from red cedar and other exotic woods. Flute stands, and recorded music.

Wilma Mankiller, 1945-
Brief profile from The National Women's Hall of Fame.

Wilma Mankiller, Former Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Biography and other information about this powerful woman.

Wind Dream Web Ring
Sites that explain culture, heritage, and provide learning on related issues or topics. Form to join and list of member sites.

Wind's Song Flutes
Includes flutes tuned to traditional minor scales. Offers a forum, workshops, links and tips.

Winds that Whisper
Providing Indian news, information, and youth programs.

Windspeaker On-line
Canada's leading aboriginal news source and communications provider.

WindWalker Music
Flute Magic book,an introduction to the Native American flute, and CDs by Tim R. Crawford.

Wings To Fly With Publishing
Poetry from Migrations creator Carol Snyder Halberstadt and other guest poets.

Article on the tribe's culture and history from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Winnebago History
Compact history of the tribe from contact until now.

Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
Official site with history, tribal news, and contacts.

Wiyot Language and the Wiyot Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Wiyot Tribe
Official site offers tribal news, history, a sacred site fund, and information about social services.

Wiyot Tribe of California Table Bluff
News, events, and information about the Wiyot Indian Table Bluff tribe and community.

Wolf Denz
Artwork, family photos, and favorites from an Oklahoma Lenape woman.

Wolf Drums
Australian maker of drums. Also manufactures rims and rawhide. Information about drum care and workshops.

Wolf's Den - Native Crafts and Fine Jewelry
Chokers, earrings, breast plates, buffalo lances, rattles, pipes, dance staffs, jewelry in gold, sterling, and gemstones. All items are handcrafted.

Woman Spirit
Biography of the Shoshoni guide Sacajawea.

Woman Spirit
Portrait and biography of Nanyehi, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee.

Woodland Cree First Nation
Based in Cadotte Lake, Alberta, Canada. Portal to administrative departments and auxiliary services. Contact information, news and photos. Links.

Woodland Native Art Gallery
Featuring Native art prints

Woodland Voices
Hand crafted Native American woodlands style flutes. Digitally tuned, guaranteed, and unique designs in a choice of keys and woods.

Woodpecker Creations
Custom carved, woodland style Native American flutes by Billy Crowbeak.

Native American flutes using a variety of woods with options available on designs and totems.

Woodstock First Nation
Official homepage of this Maliseet tribe of New Brunswick.

Words of Wisdom
Native art, quotes, recipes, and cultural information, and a Leonard Peltier page.

Worldwide Friends
Native American and First Nation inmates looking for a pen-pal. Also support for indigenous projects. English with some German.

Site in English and German dedicated to Native American issues, particular focus on developing penpal relationships with Native prison inmates.

Biography of the Paiute prophet and his religious movement, the Ghost Dance.

Biography of the Paiute religious leader who developed the Ghost Dance.

Wovoka: The Paiute Messiah
Story of the Indian religious leader and the forcible suppression of his Ghost Dance.

WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
An index of several thousand organized links to Native American and related websites, for both academic research and personal uses.

Wyandot Nation of Kansas
History of the tribe, treaties, lifestyle, language and related websites.

Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma
Includes history, current chief and other members of the Wendat Confederacy.

Yahoo! Groups : IowayOtoeClub
Discussion group for members of the Ioway and Otoe Tribes [requires Yahoo! registration].

Yahoo! Groups : IowaysOnline
Discussion group for members of the Iowa Tribe [requires Yahoo! registration].

Yahoo! Native American Poetry Club
Showcase for aspiring Native American writers. Chat, calendar, forum, links.

Yakima Forest Products
Based in White Swan, Washington; ecologically sensitive and native-owned. Virtual tour of the mill and video of the equipment in operation. Cross country railroad shipment rates, industry links.

Yaqui Flag
A drawing, description, and detailed history of the Yoem Vanteam, which dates back to the 1600's.

Yavapai-Apache Nation
Tribal Council roster, newsletter downloads in .pdf format, event calendar, photos and contact information. Yavapai-Apache creation story and Ft. Verde Indian history.

Yavapai-Apache Nation
Description of the area, history of the reservation, local attractions, and tribal goals.

Yavapai-Apache Nation
Background information, tribal council roster, newsletter downloads in .pdf format, event calendar, photos and contact information.

Yavapai-Prescott Indian Community
History, board of directors listings, and area attractions.

Yazzie's Indian Art
Navajo-owned gallery in New Mexico offers jewelry, pottery, and artwork by Southwestern Indian artists.

Yellowhead Tribal Council Education
Working with established universities, colleges and programs, the YTC education department offers an array of educational opportunities.

York Factory First Nation
Information on history, community and services of this Manitoba Cree band.

York Factory First Nation #304
A profile of the Cree community of York Landing, Manitoba. History, local businesses and organizations, photo album, and community event calendar.

Yuma (Quechan)
Article on the tribe's culture and history from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.

Yurok Language and the Yurok Indian Tribe
Language, culture, history and genealogy.

Zicahota Tales and Legends
Traditional stories from several Indian nations.

Zitkala Ca
Biography of the Yankton Sioux author, musician, and political activist.

Zuñi Folk Tales
Frank Hamilton Cushing's 1901 collection of legends and stories.

Zuni Fetish Carvings
Fetish carvings from various Zuni artists.

Zuni Pueblo
Article on the tribe's culture and history from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians.


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