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Big East How To Care For An Animal Skin Drum

    Elk Rawhide is moisture sensitive, thus the drums sound different in a drier climate as opposed to a damper one. Ideally your drum should be put away when not in use, and should never be left on the ground or in an unattended car for long periods of time. If your drum becomes dull sounding and you need to tighten your drum over heat, make sure the heat source(fire, stove, hair-dryer, etc.) is not hot enough to burn your own skin. If it is, then it is definitely too hot for the skin on the drum. Over heating a drum can actually cause it to loosen over time. On the other hand if your drum becomes to high pitched, like on a dry or hot day, a slight sprinkle of water rubbed into the head will help tone it down.

    Your drum is a very special instrument and should be treated as such. We cannot even begin to emphasis the importance of respect that a drum must be given. This is not only physical but across all levels. Never "Smack" your drum, this makes them sound terrible and will greatly reduce their life. If your drum sounds like chopping wood, play it lighter. Usually a moderate tap is all it takes and your voice will harmonize and be carried further.

    It is impossible to make two drums sound the same, just like it is impossible for two people to sound the same. Learn your drums limits in different enviroments, some drums can be played in high moisture for hours, while others go flat after a few minutes. Practice harmonizing your voice to your drum, you'll be surprised with the tones and inflections you can produce, and the beautiful music you can make.


Listen To Drum Samples
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