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Big East Native Drum Prices

    These are the hand drum sizes we most often make, and usually have in stock
    Contact Us  to see if the drum you would like is immediately available.

    • The Big East Classic    13.5 inch Elk/Pine $160 + S&H  Estimate Shipping

    • The Bigger East drum  15.5 inch Elk/Pine $200 + S&H  Estimate Shipping

    • Each drum includes a drum stick.

    You can also have a drum custom made to your specifications, the process can
    take up to 2 weeks before completion, We mostly work with Elk and Pine, though
    arrangements can be made to use other types of skins and woods.

    Contact Us  for purchases make sure to include:

    • Number of Drums

    • Drum Sizes

    • Your shipping address

    • And Method of Payment (Credit, Check, or Money-Order)

    • We accept all major credit cards through PayPal,

    • We accept checks and money orders (Checks take 2-3 weeks to clear)

    After you have placed your order, we will send you a confirmation email with the
    total price including shipping & handling, address verification and a Secure
    Online payment form if paying online or other payment procedures. Place order now

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Listen To Drum Samples
3 Native American Indian Drums

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